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Sukha Wong

Sukha Wong

Sukha Wong is a premier massage therapist, dedicated to the relaxing and spiritually nourishing art of Thai yoga massage. From a traditional Chinese background, she has mastered the spectrum of massage practices including Swedish, sports, reflexology, ashiatsu, and fascia therapy. Her first love is Thai yoga massage, which she believes is a deep and meaningful philosophy that washes away the stresses and strains of everyday living.

Sukha’s ongoing commitment to the integration of body and spirit, and her passion for Tae Kwon Do, compels her to inspire others through her teachings for Thai yoga massage. As a senior instructor at Lotus Palm, Sukha brings a friendly sense of balance and inner peace to stretching, compressing and energy work. Sukha develops courses for Lotus Palm, applying a holistic life science and life strategy approach that helps her students reach their full potential.

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