Suzane Northrop

Suzane Northrop

Suzane Northrop had her first experience with a deceased person at the age of 13, when her grandmother, who had just died, came to visit her. “I often wondered,” she writes, “why others had such difficulty with something that seemed so natural that I didn’t even think to question it.” Northrop has been working as a trance medium for more than 30 years and is considered an expert in psychic phenomena. She has worked and lectured widely on bridging the gap between the world of the living and the spirit world.

Northrop works with what she calls “DPs,” or members of the “Dead People’s Society.” Her aim is to help others validate their own connections with loved ones who have passed over in order to work out unresolved grief, anger, and guilt.

Suzane Northrop is author of Everything Happens for a Reason, A Medium’s Cookbook, The Seance, and Second Chance. Her show, The Afterlife with Suzane Northrop, can be seen on here! television; her weekly radio and Internet program, The Suzane Northrop Show, can be heard on Blog Talk Radio; and her column, “The Medium Is In,” appears in Inner Vision magazine.

What People are Saying About Suzane Northrop

"Her work and her dedication to her field as a medium has allowed her to help countless thousands in understanding that life and love are eternal."
—John Edward, host of Crossing Over With John Edward