Tana Amen


Tana Amen


Tana Amen, RN, BSN, is an inspirational speaker and fitness and nutrition coach and the author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Body Cookbook and Get Healthy With the Brain Doctor's Wife: A Cookbook & Coaching Guide. She has appeared on Martha Stewart Living on Sirius Radio.

Working as a trauma and neurosurgical intensive care nurse, Tana Amen observed firsthand the negative effects of poor lifestyle choices. She also saw the critical need for special nutrition for patients healing from brain injuries and other traumas.

Amen’s passion for health and fitness is also driven by her own former health challenges when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 23. That was when she began to further her education about nutrition and the role it plays in one’s overall well-being.

Tana Amen works closely with her husband, Daniel Amen, author of 29 books, including the New York Times best seller, Change Your Brain, Change Your Age, to show people how to change their diets to improve the health of their brains and bodies.

Her book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body Cookbook, is a compendium of recipes based on Daniel Amen’s findings on how to improve the functioning of one’s brain and how to decrease one’s risk of obesity, depression, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Tana Amen is also the author of Eat Healthy With the Brain Doctor’s Wife Cookbook.