Thorald Koren

Thorald Koren is a voice and behavioral coach, multi-instrumentalist, member of the brother duo Fransansisco, and part of the writer/producer team Bråves.

Along with his brother Isaac, as a part of the Brothers Koren and The Kin, he toured the world as both a headliner and alongside the likes of P!NK, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, and Rod Stewart. Their bands’ music was featured in major movies, led to an appearance on Conan, and got them signed to Interscope/Universal Records. Now, their mission has shifted to one that seeks to include many voices, as they listen and study the transformative effect of music on human well-being. 

During his early career, Thorald experienced critical obsessive compulsive disorder, which debilitated him and his ability to be fully present in his life. After hitting bottom, Thorald slowly found a pathway through the madness. He created “voice as a whole body instrument” as a response to what he discovered. His experience has given him an intimate knowledge of the workings of the human brain and the emotional body.

As a vocal producer, Thorald coaches people on forming a new relationship to their brain, body, and voice, guiding them to become "comfortably uncomfortable" with their own biological alarm systems, therein allowing themselves to be radically free to express themselves fully and powerfully, and be present to the experience of singing.