Tina Zhang

Tina Zhang, an instructor at Wu Tang PCA, is founder of the Qi Gong for Health Program and author of Earth Qi Gong for Women and The Three Treasures. She also is coauthor of several internal martial arts books, including Classical Northern Wu Style Taijiquan and The Whirling Circles of Baguazhang.

She experienced martial arts and Chinese folk dance throughout her childhood and youth, while growing up in China, and studied with some of the most respected internal martial arts grandmasters. She also studied at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Diagnostics, mentored by one of the most famous TCM doctor Kong Si Bo, Beijing.

Tina Zhang moved to the United States in the 1980’s, where she trained as a lineage master, professionally teaching martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medical Qi Gong in New York City and in workshops around the world. She continues to run a TCM clinic in New York City that has helped thousands of people each year.