Tracy White

Tracy White

Tracy White is a motivational speaker, cancer coach, and writer.

She is living proof of the power of the 9 healing factors highlighted in Dr. Kelly Turner's book Radical Remission. After a 20-year career as a NYC media executive, White was diagnosed with recurrent cervical cancer. Her condition was deemed incurable and her prognosis dire. Desperate for hope, White discovered Radical Remission in a late night search, and embraced the 9 factors as a roadmap for her own healing journey.

Tracy changed every part of her life to achieve her own radical remission, including pivoting her corporate career to pursue a higher calling. Having defied medical expectations, White has catapulted her recovery journey into a platform to help others.

Today, she provides hope to cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and health providers worldwide leading the Radical Remission Project and helping stressed-out, workaholic parents manifest more wellness and joy in their lives. White has inspired countless people with her platform: a treasure trove of remedies she discovered to heal mind, body and spirit.

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