Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson, LAC, founder of the Condor Journey, is a seasoned practitioner of shamanic arts who focuses on assisting clients to live fully and to die consciously. She is passionately engaged in the path of love and service and in helping to midwife the world’s new creation stories and myths.

Johnson was a senior teacher and chair of faculty for eight years at the Four Winds Society, an international shamanic training and research organization. 

Johnson has been fully initiated into the traditions of the Q’ero medicine people of Peru, having studied with them for over ten years. She holds certifications from the Four Winds Society in several areas, and is one of very few Four Winds certified Medicine Wheel Trainers in the world. 

Johnson holds a Master's degree in oriental medicine from the National College of Oriental Medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist. She has been mentored by Jean Houston, and has advanced certifications in BodyTalk, Reiki, and craniosacral therapy. She is also a former attorney who served both as a special agent for the FBI and an assistant United States attorney.

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