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Wayfinder Experience

An outgrowth of the Adventure Game Theater, which has facilitated workshops at Omega Family Week since 1986, the Wayfinder Experience is an experiential organization that creates a safe environment in natural landscapes to explore teambuilding, cooperative gaming, and improvisational theater. Their rigorously trained staff, comprised of workshop instructors, camp counselors, and community coordinators, weave together extensive experience and talent in theater, art, athletics, writing, and play.

The Wayfinder Experience runs summer camps, school programs, and workshops for teens and adults. They provide an opportunity not only for entertainment, but also for a deeper understanding of communication skills, active conflict resolution, and imagination. Their program is unique because it first trains participants in effective leadership skills, and then places them in real-life situations where they can use them. By applying these skills to character development, status exercises, movement, mask-work, and play, an epic experience is achieved that serves to enhance life skills as well as personal and communal awareness.

Wayfinder Experience at Omega