Wendy Kram

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Wendy Kram

Wendy Kram is a respected, active producer working with hundreds of writers through consultations, and securing studio and network deals for them.

Kram has developed and produced projects with Oscar-winning talent for Walt Disney Studios, Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, ABC, CBS, NBC, USA, HBO, Showtime, and Lifetime networks.

Her credits also include Mad Money with Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, and Katie Holmes; Making Mr. Right with Dean Cain for Lifetime; and the award-winning miniseries Sally Hemings: An American Scandal for CBS.

Kram is also the founder of L.A. for Hire, a consulting company for international screenwriters, filmmakers, and production companies seeking development expertise and Hollywood connections to sell their projects.

Creative Screenwriting magazine ranks Kram as one of the film industry's Best Script Consultants. Known for her sharp insights about the marketplace, strong creative instincts, and extensive industry relationships, Kram provides insider tips and the right tools to help screenwriters advance their projects and careers.

Kram is responsible for selling projects to Hollywood’s top production companies and securing high six-figure deals for her clients. Additionally, she offers lectures and conducts workshops and seminars at Harvard University, NYU Tisch School of Film & Television, The New York Film Academy, Inktip Writers Summit, and The Great American Pitchfest.