William Donius


William Donius

William Donius is author of New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller, Thought Revolution: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius. He has spent nearly a decade conducting research with hundreds of test subjects to show how his methodology for unlocking innovation, intuition, and creativity can be applied to problem solving and help people live more intentional, happier lives.

For most of his life, Donius was a left brainer. The left hemisphere is known as the place where linear, analytical, and logical thinking occur. But two decades ago, Donius discovered how to tap into his right brain and it revolutionized his life.

After having spent 30 years in corporate America, working in a number of industries—including health care, television production, and banking—he became chairman and chief executive officer of Pulaski Bank in St Louis. Curious if his approach could apply to others, Donius departed banking and began interviewing hundreds of people to determine if they could apply his methodology to break through barriers and gain insights about both their personal and professional lives.

William Donius also has adapted the methodology from the book into a strategic ideation process he deploys to help both small and Fortune 500 companies produce innovative solutions. He has taught his creative problem solving method to many high level teams, including Walt Disney Studios, Nestle, Northern Trust, and Kawasaki. He also has appeared as a guest on numerous national and regional shows, seminars, and conferences. 

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