William J. Kaplanidis


William J. Kaplanidis

William J. Kaplanidis, LAc, MS, MA, is the founder of The Acudragon® Wellness System and has worked in the healing professions for over 30 years, dedicating his life to helping people find the insight and courage to transform their lives and move towards true freedom and happiness.

As an expert in his fields and licensed acupuncturist with a private practice in New York City, William treats a variety of physical and emotional complaints and assists people in coping with many of life’s challenges. He specializes in the connection between the mind and body and how emotional wounds manifest physically and affect our ability to reach our full potential.

William developed The Acudragon® Wellness System, a fusion of eastern and western approaches, to rapidly and safely assist people on their paths to healing and transformation. William also created a line of self-help products including five proprietary Acuformulas®, topical blends of essential oils, herbs, and homoeopathic dilutions. Individual sessions combine eastern modalities like acupuncture, acupressure, tui na, herbs, moxibustion, cupping with western mind-body therapies like the Sandlin Technique, hypnotherapy, counseling, and aromatherapy.

As a master instructor, William has helped thousands through his individual treatment sessions as well as through his in-person classes and lectures nationwide as well as instructional videos on the various modalities mentioned above in addition to T’ai Chi (Tai Ji) and Ch’i Gong (Qi Gong).