Yogishri Sudarshan Kannan


Yogishri Sudarshan Kannan

Yogishri Sudarshan Kannan is a philosopher, spiritual master, Himalayan yogi, and management expert. He has a background in vedanta, business management, psychology, mathematics, yoga, and music. He has dedicated his life to full-time research of philosophy and spirituality. Yogishri has been honored by the Chairman of Brisbane Council with the Global Visionary/Life Transformation award.

For the past three decades, Yogishri has been conducting regular discourses based on various ancient scriptural texts, including the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads, inspiring people to experience life in totality and progress towards their ultimate purpose. Scores of people have immensely benefited by his teachings.

Yogishri’s has conducted transformative corporate seminars for organizations worldwide. A significant aspect of his seminars is that he provides an opportunity to pause and think, to enhance personal growth with an emphasis on creating long-term effects.

Yogishri has revived the ancient meditation technique of Yoga Sankirtan®, a closely guarded secret of the Himalayan yogis, wherein cosmic sound vibrations are used to completely heal one’s body, mind and soul. He is the founder of Infinite Wings, which aims to serve humanity by imparting the subtler techniques of living.