workshop Rhinebeck, NY

The Healer Training: Levels 1-5


Aug 16–25, 2024


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Open your heart to the healing within you and bring the power of healing to others with David Elliott's breathwork and energy healing.

Join healing artist David Elliott for this 7-minute guided breathwork session.

Empower the healer within as you learn to bring the healing experience out into the world in this rare 9-day, 5-level training program with author, teacher, and breathwork healer David Elliott.

The Healer Training Level 1
Practice the 2-stage pranayama breathwork meditation, the foundational tool of David's healing work. Learn why the breath is used the way it is in clearing your mind and body of stuck energy.

Exercises and partnered breakout sessions develop your connection to intuition, boost confidence around your gifts and talents, and open the heart to the power of self-love. The Level 1 class includes training and guidance with all of David's healing tools and extensive discussion about what it means to heal yourself and others. This level is the first of five that prepare you to work with others and lead breathwork circles.

The Healer Training Level 2
Level 2 gives you a greater understanding of how to do healing work as a business. David holds discussions around the topics of self-love, exchange, value, worth, and money. This level has wide application and gets to the root of where you are stuck in life, exposing areas where you may hold volatility and feel under-appreciated.

You continue to practice the basic breathwork and further refine your technique as a healing artist.

The Healer Training Level 3
Gain the skills necessary to lead groups and understand group dynamics. David leads group breathwork sessions each day and shows you his moment-to-moment process to:

  • Work with the energy of the group, even in the weeks prior to getting together
  • Create class topics
  • Lead and close a group
  • Manage conflicts

Groups have a tendency to stir up discomfort and unresolved trauma from childhood, which can cause apprehension. We work on bringing this awareness to the surface and clearing it in the breathwork.

The Healer Training Levels 4 & 5
These classes are the final step in receiving certification from David as a trained Healer. The flow of the Level 4 class is structured around answering deeper questions about the healing work and situations that may arise while working with clients and groups. Many examples are given about how to stay clear and how to work at even higher levels of awareness.

David shares all of his approaches to the work, such as:

  • How he sets up and uses an altar
  • Deeper application of the tools
  • Specific ways to develop your intuition

Level 5 covers a deeper awareness of what people hold in the body and some of the root causes of holding emotion, abuse, and trauma in the body.

Please Note: This training provides full certification with 64 hours. You will receive a certificate after the training.

There is a conscious focus and intention to create a safe container and experience for all of the participants in this training. This healing work will take you very deep in your own personal healing process, as well as continually bridge into compassionate and empathetic ways to use your experiences in life to help others.

More Information

Prior to the start of the course, the following books are required reading:

  • The Reluctant Healer by David Elliott
  • Healing by David Elliott

This workshop begins Saturday at 8:45 a.m. (arrive Friday). 

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 16–25, 2024

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The Healer Training: Levels 1-5

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    David Elliott is a healing artist who uses breathwork and energy work to help others.