workshop Rhinebeck, NY

The Way of Miracles

Accessing Your Superconsciousness


Jun 16–18, 2023


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Raise your consciousness, cultivate the ability to address health symptoms, and make way for miracles with nutritional therapist Mark Mincolla.

In the new film The Way of Miracles, Mark Mincolla describes the human body's ability to regenerate and heal.

Join an adventure for the mind, body, and spirit that begins with the premise that, according to Mark Mincolla, miracles don't randomly happen—we create them. By learning to see beyond the material aspects of the body, we can open to healing on all levels, including spiritual, emotional, and mental health.

A nutritional therapist and quantum energy healer for more than three decades, Mark used his own techniques to cure himself of a life-threatening illness. In this weekend intensive, he shares experiences, documented research, and interactive exercises to raise consciousness so you can become empowered to play a larger role in your own path to wellness. The way that we think, the way that we feel, and our level of consciousness have an important influence on our health and wholeness.

Throughout the weekend, Mark guides you in conscious elevating meditations, teaches you how to identify and develop a greater awareness of the mind, body, and spirit connection, and helps you cultivate the ability to listen deeply, correct imbalances, and access nature's intrinsic capacity for healing.

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Everyone who registers will receive a copy of Mark's new book The Way of Miracles: Accessing Your Superconsciousness and a DVD of the film.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 16–18, 2023

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The Way of Miracles

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  • Mark Mincolla

    Mark Mincolla, PhD, is a nutritional therapist and quantum energy healer.