workshop Rhinebeck, NY

The Unafraid Storyteller

Share the Authentic Story of You

With John Roedel.

Jun 9–11, 2023


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Open journal and cup of coffee

Embrace your personal story with authenticity and unashamedly share it with others guided by poet, writer, and comedian John Roedel.

In his poem, 'The Anatomy of Peace,' John Roedel says he spends more time with his gut, who kind of serves as his unofficial therapist, after his heart and brain divorced.

Life is meant to be unfiltered, messy, adventurous, and a bit chaotic, says poet, writer, and comedian John Roedel, adding that this is exactly what makes being alive the best game in the universe.

Join John in this high-energy retreat as he guides you to tell the authentic story of your life. With his trademark comedy and emotive, interactive style, he shows you how to:

  • Let people see past your Instagram filter and straight into your often untidy heart
  • Appreciate and own the miracle of your uneven adventure
  • Tell your story without fear of what the world will think of you

Note: This program is suitable for all writers, storytellers, or others who want to share their stories with more authenticity.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 9–11, 2023

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The Unafraid Storyteller

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    John Roedel

    John Roedel is a comic, writer, and poet. He is the author of the best seller Hey God. Hey John.