workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Uncover Your Light

Clear Energy That Blocks Your Intuition & Calling


Jun 7–9, 2024


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Letting light in through a window

Learn to release the blocks to your soul's light in this guided journey with intuitive healer Wendy De Rosa.

Wendy De Rosa, founder of the School of Intuitive Studies, previews her Uncover Your Light workshop.

Do you feel disconnected from your soul? Is stress taking over instead of soul connection, intuition, and confidence? As intuitive energy healer Wendy De Rosa explains, we all carry conditioning that has helped us survive, belong, and coexist in an evolving world. Underneath is your light that is meant for this world. The central channel in the energetic system is the center of this light.

Discover the healing and inspiration that occurs when you release the blocks to your soul's light in this guided journey with Wendy. In this workshop, you:

  • Release survival conditioning that no longer serves you
  • Explore the power of your central channel as the dwelling place of your soul
  • Experience guided energy clearings to release embedded patterns in your body
  • Gain access to your inner light, deeper truth, joy, and intuition

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 7–9, 2024

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Uncover Your Light

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  • Wendy De Rosa

    Wendy De Rosa is an intuitive energy healer, speaker, author, and founder of The School of Intuitive...