workshop Rhinebeck, NY


Divine Energy Healing


Jul 28 – Aug 2, 2024


Member: $355.00

Standard: $395.00

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Discover VortexHealing® —an energy healing art that accelerates spiritual evolution—and transform your system with Lorraine Goldbloom.

VortexHealing® is a healing modality that addresses our physical, emotional and psychological issues, says Lorraine Goldbloom.

The VortexHealing® Foundational training is a spiritual evolution toward awakening to our essential nature, the truth of our being—that we are always connected to the oneness of creation. Join VortexHealing teacher Lorraine Goldbloom in an immersive experience that will transform your health and awaken magic in your life.

In this weeklong retreat, participants develop a better understanding of our complex human energy systems. You learn to:

  • Develop a heart-centered energetic structure to channel VortexHealing energies on yourself and others
  • Discover healing for both the physical body and the subtle energy systems
  • Bridge awareness into everyday issues such as anxiety or depression, helping you to break entrenched patterns and to transform those issues

Experience the grace of the Merlin lineage and the transformational power of VortexHealing.

More Information

Enrollment is limited for this program; register early.

Student Responsibility Agreement:
Every student of VortexHealing is required to sign this agreement. You do not need to sign or return this copy; you will be asked to sign an identical waiver on the first day of the workshop.

A certificate of completion is given out at the conclusion of the training.

Things to Bring

Quartz or Amethyst Crystal
In the class you will be taught a meditation that requires three VortexHealing students. You can do this meditation with just one other student using a crystal that has been prepared by a VortexHealing teacher. If you like, bring a quartz or amethyst crystal (minimum size: 1½ inches long).

Lying on the Floor
There will be some lying on the floor. Chairs or yoga backjacks will be available and may be used if lying on the floor is uncomfortable. Feel free to bring extra padding.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 28 – Aug 2, 2024

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  • Lorraine Goldbloom

    Lorraine Goldbloom teaches VortexHealing® Divine Energy healing classes all over the world.