workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Wisdom From Beyond the Veil


Aug 4–6, 2023


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Standard: $370.00

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Discover the collective spiritual wisdom that comes from communicating with departed loved ones, with four expert mediums as your guide.

Psychic medium Karen Noé shares 10 things your departed loved ones want you to know.

Explore the veil between worlds in this weekend workshop with four renowned mediums and psychics. Open up to the wisdom of angels, departed loved ones, and even the knowledge of your higher self about future and previous lifetimes.

Taught with fierce humor and heartfelt grace, these world-class teachers show you how to harness wisdom from beyond the veil to empower your life today.

Learn safe methods to communicate with departed loved ones and:

  • Explore a past life that has information you need to know
  • Discover the healing power of angels and the afterlife
  • Enjoy a live gallery reading with a professional medium

Please note: Teachers are subject to change.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 4–6, 2023

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Wisdom From Beyond the Veil

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  • Karen Noé

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    Sunny Dawn Johnston

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