workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Wisdom From Beyond the Veil

Connect With Departed Loved Ones


Aug 5–7, 2022


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Discover the collective spiritual wisdom that comes from communicating with departed loved ones, with six expert mediums as your guide.

Psychic medium Karen Noé shares 10 things your departed loved ones want you to know.

Many cultures around the globe have traditions focused on communication between this world and the spirit realm. This almost universal human need to contact loved ones who have departed, as well as other beings in spirit form, has existed for centuries.

During this special weekend retreat guided by psychic mediums Karen Noe, Garnet Schulhauser, and other experts in mediumship, clairvoyance, spirit guides, and angelic communication, we take advantage of the collective spiritual wisdom that exists for us beyond the veil of our physical world. Together we:

  • Learn safe methods to communicate with departed loved ones on the "other side"
  • Connect with pets and animal helpers who have crossed over into the afterlife
  • Discover automatic writing techniques for communicating with the spirit realm
  • Explore a past life that has information you need to know
  • Meet one of your spirit guides or angels
  • Enjoy a live gallery reading where a professional medium reads and melds the seen and unseen worlds in a way that is celestial yet down-to-earth

Feel more empowered in your life and work as you discover and harness the wisdom  from departed loved ones, cherished pets, and spirit beings, such as angels and even your higher self.

Please note: Teachers are subject to change.

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Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 5–7, 2022

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Wisdom From Beyond the Veil

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