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After unprecedented and challenging times in March, astrologer Rachel Lang offers both lessons learned and steps for moving forward this month, according to each sign.


As a fire sign, you do best when you are in motion. At the same time, stillness is a gift. It helps you to realign to your goals and center yourself on your path, which you’ve done in the past several weeks. As the world comes back online this month, you will start to see the beginning of a newly emerging storyline for your life this month as the Sun moves through your sign.

The full moon on April 7 asks you to take space from relationship worries and woes. Embrace relationship change. This is a time when you can smooth out any rough spots in your partnership or open yourself to the possibility of love if you are single. Relationships can bring out our greatest hopes and fears. Whether or not you feel entirely ready, this is a favorable time to make a greater commitment to your partner. 

If you find yourself rising to frustration more easily, take a deep breath and relax. Your ruling planet, Mars, is in rebellious Aquarius, giving you a fiercely independent streak. 

Your competitive side is moving you to accept a challenge or enter a competition. Show the world who you are from April 13-15. Stand up and take a bow. This could mean having a stronger social media or fearlessly pursuing a job lead. Follow your ambition, and don’t allow fear to stand in your way. You have what it takes to win. Do not allow others to deter you from realizing your dreams.


You have arrived at a new peak point in your life. Goals for which you have been striving are now coming to fruition. Enjoy this harvest time and take calculated risks, professionally and personally. You can affect change in your life, for better or for worse. Therefore, stay grounded in knowing what you want and have faith even in the midst of wild uncertainty. 

These are revolutionary times, and you are being called a stand up as one who is helpful in shining the light of hope, whether to family and friends or to a broader audience. Helping others can help you maintain equilibrium, as it allows you to move beyond your fear.

On April 19, the Sun enters your sign and shines a spotlight on you. Your dedication, determination, and strength will pay off, and others will notice your brilliance. You could see glimpses of the future you’re creating on April 26 when the Sun conjoins Uranus, the planet of unexpected surprises. Trust that everything that is unfolding for the purpose of progress, personally and professionally. There's a point to all of your recent life events. 

Mars in your sign amplifies your ability for recognition all month. Saturn, the planet of stability and structure, helps you stay focused through any tests of faith or career challenges. You will find hope shining through around the time of the New Moon on April 22. Venus in Gemini from April 3 through the end of the month can help illuminate new financial possibilities.


Last month's events brought everything to a standstill at a time when you were starting to gain more momentum. Fortunately, you're adaptable. In fact, the slower pace was likely a welcome shift after an intense start to 2020. This month, you will feel movement in your life again, especially around the Full Moon on April 7, when you have access to your full creative potential. Saturn, the planet of structure, can help you to stay focused and determined. Keep your mindset on your goals, and pursue them vigorously.

On April 19, as the Sun moves into Taurus, you could be led to start a spiritual practice or find new ways to connect with the earth. Try to spend more time outside for inspiration. This is a time when you have visionary insights and ideas.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into feisty Aries on April 10, and this influence sharpens your wit and compels you to speak your mind. Keep this in mind during conversations with friends or colleagues. If you can't say something nice, bite your tongue or change the subject. Also, it would be wise to limit gossip or negative talk. Find productive ways to express yourself.

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is in your sign from April 3 to the end of the month. Her influence inspires romance even if you have had relationship challenges. You could have a greater sense of confidence, which leads to self-love. Use this influence to bring more beauty into your life.


After last month, you probably have a whole new appreciation for home and family. The North Node, our destiny point, has been in your sign since late 2018, and these themes have been punctuated for all of us but especially for you. You have mastered lessons on the importance of self-nurturing and family bonds. You’ve come home to yourself. Now, you have greater clarity about how to maintain a state of peace. 

After the full moon on April 7, you’re invited to shift gears and prioritize your professional life. Consider updating your personal brand or advertising your services in a new way. Make changes to your online profiles, and if you are a job seeker, lean on your social network. After the Sun enters Taurus on April 19, you could establish new connections. Step out of your comfort zone and shine your light in new ways to attract the right kind of attention. 

The new moon on April 22 could inspire a vision for your future that will allow you to better understand the spiritual significance of recent challenges. In light of these insights, you could discover ways to use your experiences to make more of a contribution to the world. 

In personal relationships, you are realizing what shifts you can make to experience more reciprocity and support. Communicate clearly, let go of resentment, and assert yourself with your significant other. If you allow unspoken upsets to create a division, you could miss out on some opportunities for enjoyment. On April 14-15, surrender to joy. 


You have been laying groundwork, establishing a foundation for future success. Your dedication will pay off. In the meantime, be patient with your progress. Think about that one issue in your life you wish was different. This month, set an intention for a peaceful resolution. You are in a place of manifestation. Have faith, and expect favorable results, especially at the full moon on April 7.

With Venus in playful Gemini after April 3, your social life comes back online after last month’s social distancing. The downtime gave you a chance to reevaluate some of your key relationships. With that in mind, discern which friendships best enrich your life and foster a sense of unconditional support. If you feel as if you have to prove yourself to someone, perhaps you can create some distance in that relationship.

After April 19, the Sun in Taurus amplifies your awareness of professional challenges or roadblocks to career success. Toward the end of the month, you could discover exciting new opportunities. Right now, you have more visibility in your career. So, take advantage of this time and pursue leads that excite and energize you. Follow your heart, especially on April 26.

In your love life, commitment is a keyword. Overcoming conflicts with your partner leads to growth. Have fun and nurture your relationship by enjoying time with one another, especially if resentments surface. If you are single, you could feel a stronger desire for a committed relationship right now. Trust in divine timing.


This year started off at a fast pace because you had the momentum to make things happen. You’ve seen a lot of personal growth and professional opportunity. Last month, as we all slowed down as part of our global response to the pandemic, you may have had a chance to take a break. Though we’re getting back online this month, try to maintain an emphasis on self-care. Namely, honor your time and energy. Be discerning about how you spend your time and with whom. The more centered and intentional you are, the better you’ll be able to focus your vital, creative energy, especially between April 14-15. After all, this is a peak period of potentiality in your life. 

The Sun enters Taurus on April 19 and shines favorably on you. At the end of the month, you could be ready for travel or adventure. If you encounter restrictions, try something new and venture out of your comfort zone to make the most of this influence. Your mind is open to unexplored possibilities. Allow curiosity to lead. If it leads down a rabbit hole, you could discover a professional new beginning. Allow yourself to go there; be led. 

The full moon on April 7 illuminates financial matters. If you’ve had concerns about investments, frustrations with income, or fear about the economy, you could discover ways to restore a sense of inner peace. Use your imagination to discover clues about how you could solve any challenges. This full moon also helps you stay organized for tax time.


Ordinarily, you have pretty strong immunity from fear, but last month was different. You might have felt it creeping in your day-to-day life, presenting itself in unusual ways. Congratulations on facing those fears and overcoming them. This month, realize you have a choice. If you want to break free from a fear-oriented mindset, focus instead on gratitude, love, and the positives in your life, especially from April 7-15. 

The full moon on April 7 helps you overcome people-pleasing tendencies, and you could master the art of saying no. You will have greater clarity about which activities in your life no longer support your purpose. If you feel pulled in different directions or become indecisive, tune into your heart to discern which path to choose.

On April 19, the Sun moves into Taurus and shines a light on financial matters. At this time, you might regain some balance after last month's shock when the markets dropped and a sense of inner peace about it all. Professional opportunities are opening for you; accept the invitation. 

If you have been questioning aspects of your relationship, you will find resolution after April 15. Until then, be mindful of how you might try a different approach. If you have become aware of ways in which you might be inadvertently sabotaging a good thing, you can gain clarity about how to stop that pattern. Commit to self-love, and make that your focus. On the other side of a challenging time, you have the counterbalance experience of grace and ease. 


After last month, you have a better understanding of how to protect yourself from viruses and boost your immune system. This month, focus on your spiritual immunity and emotional wellbeing. Social distancing in this context means refraining from engaging in negative or vitriolic conversations, keeping your thoughts clear from obsession, and guarding yourself from any gloom weighing you down. Use the influence of the Full Moon on April 7 to fortify yourself through meditation, affirmations, and uplifting conversations. In doing so, you will strengthen your capacity for goodness in all areas of your life. 

Mars in Aquarius activates your inner rebel. You could become a disruptor in the best possible ways. Speak your mind, but do so with care for how others might receive your words. This influence reduces your concern for others’ judgments and makes you brave enough to take a risk. Start a blog, pitch to a prospective client, or enter a competition. Stand out rather than fit in. 

On April 4, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin for a big astrological event. This alignment encourages you to take ownership of your life and discover ways to become more of a leader in your community. 

After April 19, your love life steals your focus. If you are single, a friend could make an introduction or you could meet someone online at the new moon on April 22. Any new beginning in love will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. If you’re in a relationship, step out of your routine and find new ways to have fun together. 


On a road trip, you wouldn’t dream of turning around right before reaching your destination. Yet, the last few miles before your final stop can seem long and tedious. The beginning of this month could feel like this. Don’t give up; keep going. You’re about to reach another milestone. The full moon on April 7 inspires your creative vision, and by April 15, you could have an expanded perspective of that vision. You will be ready for good news. 

On April 4, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin in Capricorn—a significant astrological event that will be a predominant theme throughout 2020. This is your invitation to experience your power to change your life circumstances for the better. Take charge of your future, which might mean taking a step toward making a career change. Financially, you have learned to be resourceful. Now, take it to the next level and be intentional. State your goals and objectives with authority, and claim them. 

After April 19, the Sun in Taurus helps you embrace a new routine to support some of those goals. Start simple. Small habits made over time can make a tremendous difference in your life. 

Venus enters Gemini on April 3, and its influence could make you playful when it comes to love. Have fun and flirt, whether you’re single or involved. Bring new life to a troubled relationship by finding ways to balance your need for freedom with your desire for connection. Mars in Aquarius invites you to communicate from your heart and experience more joy.


After last month’s pandemic, market volatility, and global response, you likely lost some of the momentum you had at the start of 2020. This is still your year, and you can make up for lost time this month. 

On April 4, two of our powerhouse planets, Jupiter and Pluto, will conjoin in your sign. This is a significant astrological event for all of us, but especially for you, when your dedicated efforts meet with good fortune, or luck. In light of this, be prepared to seize opportunities should they arrive. Have your pitch materials ready, for example.

Pluto’s influence throughout the month suggests you could rise into a new leadership role. If challenging conversations arise from April 7-14, assert yourself while also remaining compassionate toward others. It’s a fine balance to exercise your authority with kindness, but if you master these lessons now, you’ll be ready for a promotion in the near future. 

Pluto’s influence helps you rise to the top and achieve your goals with vigor. Tenacity leads to success, especially with the full moon on April 7. Avoid being bogged down with fear or worry.
You are in a significant growth phase, and if you can't see what that means for your life right now, trust that a bigger storyline is unfolding.

After April 19, the sun in Taurus helps open your heart to romance. Your creativity reaches a peak at the new moon on April 22. Use this influence to brainstorm new ideas, plan a romantic getaway, or enjoy play time with your children. 


Mars moves through your sign all month long, motivating you to take action. Its influence activates your inner rebel, allowing you to access the courage to speak your mind, Whether you wish to become more involved in the political scene, enter a competition, or express your feelings for someone, Mars will help you push the limits of what you thought was possible for yourself.

The full moon in Libra on April 7 shines a light to help you see ways in which fear might manifest in your life. Subconscious fears can finally come to the surface for you to face and overcome. This is a highly creative time, and your thoughts will matter. Focus your energy on what you want to create instead of what worries you.

After April 19, the Sun in Taurus spotlights your family and personal history, and you could feel more inclined to explore your ancestral roots. Some of this awareness could arise because of extra time for reflection or as an attempt to understand personal challenges within familial relationships. The New Moon on April 22 facilitates healing. 

Last month, you may have discovered some of your bigger relationship challenges. Now, you have awareness to discern how best to honor both your need for independence and your desire for healthy relationships. Find ways to have a good time with your special someone. If you are single, Mars and Venus shine favorably on you this month, making it a likely time to see some movement in your love life. 


Think about the bamboo tree. It sways and bends in the breeze. It weathers tough storms because of its flexibility. Apply this metaphor to your life and become more like bamboo. As a mutable sign, adaptability is one of your key assets. Up to April 14, rely on this special skill. Go with the flow. Afterward, you’ll be able to look back and gain perspective. 

With Mercury in Pisces until April 10, make time for creative outlets and hobbies, as you can better develop new skills or improve existing ones. Brainstorm new ways to generate income, especially around April 3. Financial matters will be top of mind at the beginning of the month, especially on April 7, when the full moon shines a spotlight on both challenges and opportunities. Its influence can help you work through any tax issues as well.

On April 19, the Sun enters Taurus and invites you to connect with others, especially in response to last month’s social distancing. At the time of the new moon on April 22, you could meet someone significant through neighborhood activities or community involvement. Find ways to get involved—even virtual connections count. 

On April 4, two powerful planets, Jupiter and Pluto, conjoin in a significant astrological event. This influence could inspire a new vision for your future or enable you to see a current dream more clearly. Own your power, step into your purpose, and embrace your soul’s calling. Don’t allow distractions to deter you from fulfilling your life’s work. 

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