Loch Kelly


Loch Kelly

Loch Kelly, MDiv, LCSW, is a graduate of Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary, where he was awarded a fellowship to study Buddhist meditation in Sri Lanka from 1981 to 1982. He also studied Insight Meditation at Theravada monasteries, contemplative meditation with Father Bede Griffiths, and Dzogchen with Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche in Nepal.

A practicing psychotherapist for 25 years, Kelly has counseled family members and survivors of 9/11, and spent 10 years establishing homeless shelters and community lunch programs in New York City.

Recently, he has been collaborating with neuroscientists at Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, and New York University in the study of awareness training and its effects on well-being. He is founder of the nonprofit Open-Hearted Awareness Institute and author of Shift Into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness, which was named in the Top 10 Best Books of the Year by Spirituality & Health Magazine.

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