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While this is a year of detours for many of us, see what path is opening up for you this month, starting with the full moon on August 3.


In a year of detours, this month gives you an open road, metaphorically speaking. What will you do with the momentum? How you direct your energy will be important because it is the last month before your ruling planet mars goes retrograde in September. It is a time to gain momentum, take care of business, and check off some of the more daunting tasks on your to-do list.

If you have experienced delays with construction projects, home renovation, or travel, this month offers a green light for forward motion. Venus enters Cancer on August 7, making it a favorable time for a home beautification project that makes your space feel more like a sanctuary. This influence also helps to heal family conflicts and harmonize those relationships.

The full moon on August 3 invites you to share your talents with the world. Discover how good it feels to rise into leadership in a heart-centered way. It is also a more social full moon, making it a favorable time to connect, even if those connections are limited to virtual spaces. If you have been thinking about speaking, teaching, or sharing your writing, consider this a nudge from the universe. 

After August 22, you could have more awareness about how you can best use your talents to contribute to the world. This year has taught lessons in surrender and acceptance, and it has offered you an opening to welcome new opportunities in love and life. Step forward in courage to face the unknown.


We start the month in the dog days of summer. To the ancients, this was a time when Sirius, the dog star, rose with the sun. This fixed star is associated with ambition, luck, and prosperity. Let it be your symbol as we start this month. In what ways can you rise to meet your potential? How can you overcome doubts to reach a professional or personal goal? Source motivation from within and keep going.

The full moon on August 3, offers key insights about how to experience more career fulfillment. Perhaps, a new creative idea calls you? Collaboration with others will fuel your drive to succeed. By August 19, you will see practical action steps to take to fulfill your goals. 

On August 7, your ruling planet, Venus, moves into Cancer, inviting you to pamper yourself. It helps you stay balanced during a time of competing obligations. It will be important to carve out time and create space for self-care. Otherwise, you could feel depleted as we have until September.

The sun enters Virgo on July 22, helping open your heart and expand your capacity to love. The last few months gave you experiential lessons in loneliness and connection. In the process, you learned to open yourself to receive support from others. Now, you are ready for that warm gooey feeling of love. Even if you have been settled in a relationship for a long time, you could have new experiences of love this month


The truth will set you free. You have been sorting through a barrage of information and discriminating fact from fiction. In the process, you’ve learned which sources you can trust. While this is a collective theme for all of us for the next year, you get a head start this month, especially after August 4. Tune into your bodily sensations to gain a greater awareness of your inner yes and no. Do you feel yes in your gut? No in your chest? Fine-tune your ability to sense your intuition. Then, rely on this guidance system when you hear mixed messages. Learn to become your own guru, as the full moon on August 3 helps you access the wisdom needed for this time in your life. 

Venus, the planet of beauty, style, and romance, enters Cancer on August 7, inviting you to see self-care as an investment in your future. Give yourself permission to rest and recharge. You will see a relationship between your well-being and professional success. 

This month offers you a chance to share your thoughts and ideas with others. In doing so, you can shine your light more brightly in the world. Accept and welcome opportunities to write, teach, or lead. The new moon on August 18 lends inspiration to your words. It also stirs a restless desire to travel. If it doesn’t feel safe to leave home, find other ways to experience adventure, perhaps by exploring new ideas. Allow your mind to revel in possibilities, and then ground that mental energy after August 22. 


In the past two months, you’ve done a deep dive into your past and integrated aspects of your psyche that have been in the shadows. You’ve made some remarkable discoveries in the process. Life has pushed you to the limit, and you’ve met challenges with grace and strength. In facing difficult decisions about your life’s mission and purpose, you’ve awakened your creative potential. Now, expect inspiration to move you forward to more fulfillment this month. 

At the beginning of the month, Mercury is in your sign, helping you finish home-related projects and bring more order to your life. This influence helps you work through financial tasks, like budgeting expenses. The full moon on August 3 highlights solutions to financial challenges you may have encountered, and you could be open to experiencing more abundance in your life. Practice gratitude as a start. If you feel any feelings of scarcity or lack, get outside and experience earth’s bounty in nature.

The sun enters Virgo on August 22, just in time to prepare for back-to-school season and the coming months ahead. You feel a strong sense that you need to be prepared—ready for anything life presents. Follow that urge. 

Communication is also a theme. Realize that silence may have been a safe option before, but now, you are called to speak. This message also applies to your personal relationships. If you have been holding back, express yourself. You could inspire a breakthrough if you have the courage to voice what’s on your mind. 


Your sign is ruled by the sun, and as it shines in your sign this month, you get to experience the full potential of this heavenly body shining like a giant spotlight in your direction. The sun symbolizes our vital energy and how we shine our light for others to see. You most embody the energy of the sun when you allow your heart to lead. The full moon on August 3 inspires charisma and fuels your passion, helping you more fearlessly share your gifts and talents with others. 

Mercury enters your sign on August 4, offering you a strong mental focus to finish tasks and take care of business. You have a powerful way with words up until August 19. Use them wisely. You could discover new ways to market or promote yourself, for example, or you could complete a creative project. Professionally, you have greater clarity about your goals and how to achieve them.

You start the month with more confidence, and the influence of Venus makes you a magnetic attractor capable of drawing new people into your life. It sets the tone for the rest of the month. Use this influence to expand your social network, or, if you are single, discover new ways to connect with other singles. The Leo new moon on August 18 opens a chapter in your life, and if you open yourself to a deeper connection with others at the beginning of the month, this new chapter could be full of love in all its forms.


If 2020 felt like an uphill climb, you are in for a reprieve later this month. Imagine yourself at the top of a mountain with the summit in view. Just a few more steps and you’re there. Keep climbing, and you will see success. The sun enters your sign on August 22 and gifting you with the momentum you need to reach your top personal or professional goals. Have faith in yourself, even if you have let yourself down in the past. Life gives you a new beginning every day with fresh opportunities to seize.   

The full moon on August 3 invites you to prioritize your physical health and wellness. Focus on boosting your immune system, exercise to relieve stress, and meditate to still your mind for relaxation. You will recognize a connection between your mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing, and the success you are able to achieve in other areas of your life.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters your sign on August 19, making the end of the month favorable for writing projects, focused work, and productivity. It is a time to express what otherwise may be difficult to articulate, as you can do so with grace. Take advantage of this influence to present an idea, work on a proposal, have a difficult conversation, build a website, or finish a project. By this time next month, you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment for all you’ve done this year, despite the limitations we’ve all felt in this time of COVID-19.  


This month, look beyond yourself and connect with others. This has been an introspective year, but now, curiosity calls you to discover what others can teach you. Likewise, self-discovery has perhaps inspired you to share your wisdom with others. Be both student and teacher to expand your awareness about a range of subjects, especially at the beginning of the month.

The full moon on August 3 highlights new ways to establish yourself as more of a leader in your professional life or in your community. To accept the challenge, let go of any fear keeping you tucked into a comfort zone or afraid of using your voice. Now is the time to speak up in a way that allows you to be heard.

The new moon on August 18 brings an awareness of possibilities for your life. Embrace an expanded vision of your future and begin manifesting that dream through a step-by-step process. Through much of the month, you are in preparation mode as you adjust your schedule and navigate the uncertain months ahead. These activities require your practical and logistical mindset. Yet, you are also keenly aware of the bigger picture of your life that will unfold beyond 2020. Ground yourself in the midst of this inner tension by returning to the present moment. 

Love can also be a grounding force for you at this time. In relationships, voice concerns before they create inner conflict. Renew interest in your partner by making time to have fun. With a little creativity, you will find space for discovery.    


Tennis players make small adjustments in their footwork to ensure proper aim. It’s those little movements, and not giant leaps, that make the difference. Likewise, you are being asked to make small adjustments in your day-to-day life this month. You have more information about back-to-school and work schedules. With this knowledge, you can better plan for the next several months and prepare for what’s ahead. The full moon on August 3 shines in a way that helps you more clearly identify a path forward in these uncertain times. 

Your career is in focus during most of the month, and you are discovering a greater sense of purpose in all you do. The new moon on August 18 helps you connect with your life’s mission. If you don’t feel fulfilled, take a spiritual approach to your questions about the next steps to take. The influence of Mars motivates you to implement new habits to help you feel more purposeful in all you do. When Mercury moves into Leo on August 4, your words have more influence, making it a favorable time to articulate ideas, brainstorm, or make a sales pitch.  

The sun enters Virgo on August 22, spotlighting your social life and encouraging you to expand your social circle in whatever ways you can. Discover online groups or join a professional organization. This influence also inspires your humanitarian spirit and fuels your drive for social justice. As a result, you could feel more driven to be a change-agent at this transformational time in history.   


As a freedom-seeking Sagittarius, you are open to adventure. Travel can be a spiritual practice for you— it expands your worldview and helps you experience the art of surrendering to the unknown. So, you have had to be more creative in how you support your spiritual self while also facing the limitations of this time. The full moon on August 3 spotlights these themes, and you could feel a buildup of restless energy. To remedy this, change your routine, and explore new ideas. Realize that freedom is a feeling you can embody despite COVID-19 restrictions. 

This month, the truth comes into the light. You might discover something that shifts your perspective about a matter in the news or your life. It’s important to ask questions and remain curious. We are all learning lessons on how to access our inner wisdom this year, and you have had a head start. Tune into your body for clues if something feels off. The new moon on August 18 offers revelations. 

The sun enters Virgo on August 22 and shines a light on your career. What is your life’s mission? Is your day-to-day work experience contributing to that mission? If not, you can make adjustments this month to open yourself to new possibilities. If you have faced economic setbacks this year, you could discover ways to overcome them after Mercury enters practical Virgo on August 19. Remain optimistic, and it will help you stay in a positive creative flow despite any challenges you face.  


This month feels more like a game of chess than checkers. Your strategic mind is working overtime, helping you to establish concrete action steps to take to reach your goals. Saturn, your ruling planet, is retrograde, supporting you in rethinking decisions you made throughout the year. If you feel lost, go back to the basics and develop a mission statement for your life. Then, assess whether or not your current daily activities support this mission. If not, discern which ones you can eliminate, or shift priorities. On August 24, when Mars forms a challenging square aspect to Saturn, access the courage you need to break through emotional barriers to success.

This month, money is a key theme, especially at the full moon on August 3. If you have faced economic hardship this year, you may be considering taking out loans, liquidating assets, or refinancing. Even if you do need assistance at this time, with your mind focused on the bigger picture, you will bounce back in no time. The new moon on August 18 provides the inspiration you need to experience more abundance in your life.

The sun moves into Virgo on August 22, and under its rays, you could spark a romantic connection. With mercury in Virgo after August 19, you can more easily express your feelings to those close, especially your partner. Open up and be honest with yourself and others, especially if something concerns you. Let this influence help you break through any barriers to communication barriers to experience more love in your life. 


This month’s influences give you a stage upon which to stand and speak. If you feel pressured to act or behave a certain way to belong to a group, recognize it as a simple test. Will you compromise your individuality? Will you hide your light? Be willing to stand apart, and you will rise as a leader. 

The full moon on August 3 illuminates possibilities for recognition. Pitch your ideas, share your thoughts on social media, or submit articles for publication. With Mars moving through your communication sector, your words have power and can influence others. It is also a favorable time to use your voice as an advocate for social justice. Discover different ways you can make a difference, and draw inspiration from fellow Aquarians like Frederick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, and Rosa Parks. 

As the sun enters Virgo on August 22, you will enter preparation mode, and you may need to navigate new schedules and logistics in light of these changing times. Think strategically to plan for the months ahead, considering the worst-case scenario but hoping for the best. 

Relationships are a primary focus this month, and with the sun in your opposite sign, you are more aware of challenges to address with those closest to you. With Uranus stationing retrograde on August 15, any issues within your relationships will lead you on a quest for freedom, and you might need more you time as a result. The new moon on August 18 offers hope for new beginnings in love. 


As a Pisces, your emotions are the keys to your internal guidance system; they help you access your intuition. This month, allow them to flow like water and ride the waves. Let your heart be filled with love until it overflows. Become overwhelmed with gratitude, and let happy tears fall. A period of uncertainty is over, and you feel relief this month.

You have learned important lessons in trusting yourself, others, and the universe. Now, with some mastery, you can move forward with professional opportunities that have been delayed or held in question. This month offers you clarity, especially after August 22.

Venus, the love planet, enters Cancer on August 7. If you are in a relationship, it is a favorable time to harmonize any differences. If you are single, this influence helps with self-acceptance, which is a foundation for romantic love. This influence also emphasizes self-care and self-nurturing. One of the ways you might consider doing this is by engaging in a creative outlet. The act of expressing yourself in this manner is a good way to deepen self-awareness, not to mention having fun. Who knows? You could surprise yourself with hidden talents.

On August 22, the sun enters Virgo, your opposite sign. Open your heart to others, without fear of possible hidden motives or manipulation. Because you have learned about how to trust yourself, you can better trust others. You are masterful at seeing the best in others and seeing their potential. Expect that relationships will work out and go in without fear.

© 2020 Rachel Lang

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