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This month, Jupiter moves through Aquarius and the sun enters Virgo. Find out how these events and more will impact your sign in August. 

Aries (March 21-April 19)

With the sun in fiery Leo, you start the month with a surplus of energy. See it as fuel and focus it with care. What projects want your enthusiasm? What relationships excite and energize you? Dedicate yourself to these people, places, and things. The new moon on August 8 inspires a fresh idea. Create space for the new, even if it means letting something go.
The astrology of this month inspires invention, and it could lead to a professional breakthrough. Jupiter is moving through Aquarius and shining on relationships, making it a favorable time for networking. Who are your helpful people? And how will they find you? Jupiter in Aquarius, the sign of technology, is a strong indicator of supportive virtual connections. Take a risk to reach out to new friends, fans, and followers.
Romance is a highlight early in the month, but it's up to you to relax and enjoy it. Your partner will take your lead. Reinforce boundaries with work to honor personal time. If you're single, this month's astrology could motivate love or at least help you see what limits the flow of it.
If you've been feeling critical, how can you open to more grace? Self-love grows from self-acceptance. Fall in love with your flaws, as they are often the shadow sides of your strengths. Rigidity is a shadow side of self-discipline. Arrogance is a shadow side of confidence. At the full moon on August 22, integrate the light and shadows for a fuller experience of love and abundance in all ways.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Home. It’s the emotional bonds of family, a sense of warmth and comfort, and a feeling of security that follows you wherever you go. What does home mean to you? And how can you feel more at home with yourself? The sun shines in Leo and illuminates these questions. In answering them, you can rediscover what it feels like to find home within yourself. The new moon on August 8 pulls you into reflection on your roots—the emotional ties that enrich your life. As the sun enters Virgo on August 22, it highlights the possibility for new beginnings in your home life, especially if you’ve considered welcoming a little one into your family or adopting a pet. 

With all of the emphasis on your personal life, your public life might not be your top priority. Work demands don’t need to stress you out; you get to choose your responses to life’s events. The full moon on August 22 shows what’s been missing in your career. Maybe it’s a work/life balance. If so, remedy that as soon as possible to set healthy work habits in place before Jupiter goes back into Pisces next year. That could be a busy time. 

Mars in Virgo indicates passion in love. At the same time, Virgo discerns and critiques. Be careful not to overanalyze your relationship to the point it no longer feels enjoyable. Relax and enjoy. If possible, take your partner on a getaway, but leave your inner critic behind.  

Gemini (May 20-June 20)

In mythology, messenger Mercury could venture into the Underworld and return unscathed. So, it's no wonder your sign's ruling planet was named after this versatile god. Like him, you are wired to follow curiosity when it strikes, no matter what rabbit hole it sends you down. This month, your mind wonders (and wanders). Let it lead you to incredible discoveries about yourself, others, and the natural world. Then, rest. I mean, give into relaxation. The mind is like a muscle. It needs as much recovery time as it needs strength-building exercise. On August 8, the new moon urges you to think before speaking, especially when sharing new ideas.
Home is where the heart is, and you'll find it a place of nourishment early in the month when Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, helps you find comfort there until August 15. On August 23, the sun enters Virgo, and you might start to notice dust on the baseboards, smudged windows, or minor repairs you have overlooked. Deep-cleaning can be a ritual experience if you set the intention to clear all stagnant energy. Every witch has her broom, after all.
You're pulled between an urge for exploration and the commitments of home and work life. Make time to explore new destinations in whatever ways you can, especially at the Aquarius full moon on August 22. This lunation emphasizes belief, faith, and wonderment. Open your mind to younger peoples' ideas and see them as helpers in the next evolution of your spiritual growth.  

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Emotional security and financial stability go hand in hand for you. When financial fears rise into conscious awareness, your confidence seems to ebb and flow like the tides. Before August 23, the Leo sun shines a spotlight on all aspects of money, from saving to spending and everything in between. How will you assuage your fears and create opportunities for yourself? What dreams do you long to revisit? On August 8, the new moon pulls you inward for reflection on these matters. Expect a breakthrough by the full moon on August 22. 

Your intuitive gifts excel this month, and they could lead you to discover an investment opportunity. As Jupiter moves back through Aquarius, it highlights the possibility for securing a line of credit, refinancing, or solidifying a real estate investment. Stay focused on your long-term goals, and trust your gut with the details. 

Mars and Venus move through Virgo at the beginning of the month, and your mind is sharper than usual. You can succeed in any communication or marketing activity if you're willing to be bold in how you express yourself. Your critical skills are functioning well. Make sure you use them for tasks like editing or proofreading and not for criticizing others, especially after August 11 when Mercury enters Virgo. If you own your own business or work in a creative field, market yourself to new audiences after August 23. Use catchy phrases and sound bites in your social media. 

In your relationships, you're discovering the interplay between giving and receiving, thanks to Saturn's placement in your horoscope. If you find it's uncomfortable to receive, ask yourself why you fear being vulnerable. Then, practice in both small and big ways. Your people love you; give them the gift of letting them show you! 

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Your ruling planet is a luminary—the sun. When other people see you, they see this light. So, you do not need to feel insecure or less than. Your birthday is a time when the sun is back at the same degree it was at the time of your birth. The full potential and power of the sun—a primary source of energy—is at your disposal. What will you create? What will you do with this energy? Hopefully, something that inspires joy and fuels a feeling of purpose.
With two full moons in your opposite sign, Aquarius, a recent one on July 23 and one on August 22, relationships are in focus. At the beginning of the month, you learn lessons in loyalty. You may have to discern whether you are pleasing others at the expense of yourself. If so, shine that spotlight right back on you. Feed your light with your power.
Mars moves through Virgo and motivates discoveries in self-worth. What are the driving forces in your life? If you know your core motivation, you can put systems into place to stay on track with health-related, financial, or professional goals.
More than anything, though, this is a month for luxuriating and relaxing. It is in those still times of life when creative genius arises. After the sun enters Virgo on August 22, you're more focused on responsibilities and tasks. Until then, inspiration will find you in flow states of relaxation during a beach walk, napping in a hammock, or through a relaxing conversation with a friend. 

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

At the beginning of the month, you might feel a sense of urgency about what you feel you should be doing. Instead of letting stressful thoughts worry you, use this time to recharge, especially the new moon on August 8, when relaxation benefits your well-being. The sun enters your sign on August 22, helping your ideas take flight.
Neptune, the planet of wonderment, is retrograde. If you feel foggy about the future, don't try to push against resistance or force change. Let it flow. It is a time to integrate the past and present to resurrect unfulfilled dreams and envision new ones.
We start the month with Venus, the planet of balance, in your sign. What polarities and oppositions do you need to harmonize in your life right now? It can be easy to think of in black or white terms—seeing life as a set of compromises. However, these ideas are changing and now you can see what you couldn't before. Your possibilities are endless. Open yourself up to all the ways your creativity wants to express itself. You can be a writer and a dancer, for example. You can be a fashionista and an accountant. Bring artistry into all you do and your professional work will excel beyond measure.
With romance planets Venus and Mars in your sign, love is a definite highlight this month, but start with self-love. Venus in your sign until August 15 highlights confidence, and you look as good as you feel! Accept the compliments. 

Libra (September 22-October 22)

Oh, the places you'll go in this adventure of a month. Even if your calendar is set, try to keep some room in your schedule for spontaneous visits, trips, or events. In other words, be open to the magical and mysterious; it wants to surprise you and remind you of the sacred connections, both visible and unseen, of which you're a part. On August 8, the Leo new moon reveals divine sources of guidance all around.
The sun moves through Leo all month long, igniting passion and giving you an elegant way with words. It's time to market yourself and to reach out to new audiences. You're establishing yourself as more of a guide of others—a leader in your field. Be brave in conversations, especially on August 22, when the full moon invites you to be bold in expressing yourself. Reach out to local establishments and build more of a network where you live.
Venus, your ruling planet, moves into your sign on August 15, helping you appreciate your beauty and see how you can share more of yourself with the world. The light of Venus shines favorably on relationships of all kinds, but especially romantic ones. Allow the voice of criticism to quiet and let love lead to discoveries.
It's been a year of exponential growth, and you've discovered all the facets of your beauty. You have overcome fears, and now you are ready to take on new commitments even if you have butterflies in your stomach just thinking about it. Trust and allow. 

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) 

There are myriad ways to draw attention to yourself. You boost your social media presence, wear bolder colors, or advertise yourself. You could even stir up a little trouble. As a Scorpio, you're no stranger to being a disruptor when it's important to spark a movement or initiate a change. This month, the light is shining on you. How will you be known? How do you want to appear?
The sun in Leo shines a great big spotlight on your professional life. The new moon on August 8 highlights laying a foundation for professional growth. With Mars illuminating your career sector, you're motivated by a drive to succeed. However, it's also a time of year when things feel slower, and the world wants to take a break. It's your job to balance these urges. The full moon on August 22 asks you to take a break. Allow yourself to sink into relaxation. Be with your loved ones and bring harmony into familial relationships through a shared experience of joy.
On August 22, the sun enters Virgo. You might be busy with new work and home schedules. It is an excellent time to work out the details of your daily routine. Your social life could become more active in the process, especially with Venus, until August 15. It's a good time to host a fundraiser or party for a worthy cause.
Neptune retrograde rekindles memories of past romances. Stay present to your current love life and recognize the gifts while also working through the challenges.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

This summer, you have had more questions than answers. It's been a time of going deep, digging in, and connecting with some of your soulmate friends. Now, you have laid the groundwork for some incredible things to manifest. So, what will they be? You're only limited by your imagination! Often, our intentions manifest when we least expect it or when we're looking the other way. So, the new moon on August 8 can be a time of relaxation to let go and invite divine participation. Let goodness flow.
The sun in Leo loves sunshine. For the first part of the month, relax and think of the sun's light beaming down into the darkest corners of your life. Have faith in the possibilities that emerge after you release fear and become a more powerful creator of your life experience. With Mars shining in Virgo, you are motivated to make career changes that enable you to feel more purposeful in what you do. Reach out to others for support. Until August 15, Venus in Virgo helps move through resistance. Work can be pleasureful.  
When it comes to your love life, make relaxation a priority. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or on the verge of a breakup, the sun in heart-centered Leo will help illuminate the next steps to take. There's hope for harmony in this area of your life. By the time the sun enters Virgo on August 23, you will have a greater awareness of how love can meet adventure. 

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Your ruling planet, Saturn, has a lot to say about money. These days, it's probably putting pressure on you to make smart financial choices, even if it means sacrificing an immediate want for a long-term need. Saturn in Aquarius can help you understand the value of money as a vehicle for freedom and a means to help others. Rather than thinking about how much you want to make, think of what you most enjoy. Joy is the solution to financial fear.
The new moon on August 8 encourages you to look at how you can become more comfortable in asking for help. Open yourself to receive, and goodness will flow to you in surprising ways. 
Mars is moving through Virgo, motivating your sense of adventure. Will you accept the call? Travel is a possibility in the middle of the month, especially around August 11, when Mercury enters Virgo. 
In romance, you're experiencing some subtle shifts as Uranus moves through Taurus. It stations retrograde on August 19 and gives you a chance to focus on your love life. Freedom is a keyword associated with Uranus, and this might be a theme for you in all areas of your life right now. Bring that spirit of freedom into your relationship by making peace with all aspects of your partner. From that place of radical acceptance, change can happen.  

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

I have good news! Jupiter, the lucky planet, is back in your sign until December. You might welcome back any missed opportunities from the beginning of the year or reconnect with dreams you've held on the back burner. It's time to restore faith in yourself,  others, and the universe, especially on August 22, when the full moon in your sign illuminates a set of possibilities you never imagined for your life.  

In professional pursuits, think partnership and collaboration. The Leo new moon on August 8 is a time for negotiating terms or solidifying contracts. With the sun in your opposite sign, Leo, you will want to solicit the advice of those with more knowledge and experience. Be humble and willing to know you don't know it all. (Though, let's face it; you know a lot!) Messenger Mercury enters Libra on August 29 and improves communication, offering long-sought solutions to simple misunderstandings.   

On August 27, a Pluto square Eris transit awakens your inner activist. The universe could hand you a megaphone to use right now. Communicate from the heart and not the head. Persuade others through the retelling of your story. You’re on the verge of a breakthrough. 

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

As a Pisces, you have a gift for being empathetic and in tune with others around you. This summer, your sensitivities have been heightened, and you have learned the art of asserting your needs. You've learned how your physical wellbeing demands your care and attention, which has helped you understand boundaries on a whole new level. The new moon on August 8 highlights these themes and invites you to adopt daily practices. It is a time to be proactive with any health-related matters. So, if something has been bothering you, health-wise, make an appointment to see your health-care practitioner. 
You have seen glimpses of what's possible for your life, thanks to Jupiter's dip into your sign. If things haven't manifested as quickly as you had thought they would, then trust in divine timing and don't give up. Jupiter's going retrograde, giving you a chance to attend to past business before the path clears to allow the flow of abundant opportunities. With professional pursuits, ground your dreams in practical action steps. Solicit support. The beginning of the month is favorable for securing a relationship with an agent or representative.
Venus shines in Virgo until August 15, inspiring harmony in your romantic relationships. Analyzing the dynamics in your relationships may feel like a futile effort without the right kind of support in addressing those dynamics. After August 22, you could discover how to have more balanced interactions with your partner. If you're single, be willing to let go of past resentment and free yourself of the energy that stagnates. Let love move you to change.

© 2021 by Rachel Lang. Used with permission.

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