Can Past Lives Help Heal Current Relationships? by Brian Weiss | Omega

Best-selling author Brian Weiss, a leading authority on past-life regression therapy, says that when we experience love at first sight, it's because we've been connected with that person in past lives.

As a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, Brian Weiss was a traditional psychotherapist until one patient recalled past-life traumas while under hypnosis. Today, he conducts seminars, experiential workshops, and professional trainings on past-life regression therapy worldwide.

Omega: How can past-life regression help heal and strengthen present-day relationships?

Brian: We come in again and again with the same souls. So, your grandmother may come back as your grandson, and you might recognize her. When we experience love at first sight, we've been connected with that person in past lives. The memories from these other lives can still be fresh in many ways. When we remember and release, it helps to heal that current relationship. 

In a more general sense, let's say you have a mother who is overprotective. She might have lost a child in a past life, so that memory is still fresh. She might have taken a vow to be doubly careful in this lifetime. When she realizes that vow is from a past life, she can become less overprotective. She no longer has to fear the future, which helps to heal that relationship in the current life.



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