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If you’re a yogi, a fitness enthusiast, or a creative type, dancing meditation might be the right practice for you. To find other meditation practices that match your needs and interests, see Which Type of Meditation Is Right for You?

What it is: Dancing meditation helps you cultivate a sense of oneness as you focus on the music and rhythms of the dance. The practice can be quiet and meditative or ecstatic, rhythmic, and trance-inducing. Some forms of dancing meditation encourage you to interact with others, sing, or make noise as you dance.  

Examples: The 5Rhythms™, Dancemeditation™, ecstatic dance, Trance Dance, Sufi whirling (see photo), JourneyDance™, Dance Your Bliss

Benefits: Although no studies on dance meditation have been published, research shows that dancing can boost brainpower and reduce depression, and when it’s a cardio workout, it can improve heart health and strengthen your muscles and bones. It is also the activity that offers the highest protection against dementia. Plus, it just feels great!   

Keywords: fun, physical, enlivening

Try this: Follow yoga teacher Shiva Rea’s step-by-step Yoga Trance Dance instructions in this video. 

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