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December 21 is the winter solstice and December 25 is a solar eclipse. Find out what both events mean for you in this month's horoscopes from astrologer Rachel Lang.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

As an Aries, you feel thrilled to start something new. Sometimes, though, you need to stay the course with what you’ve already begun. It can seem tedious, but know your dedicated efforts will ensure your success as Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and expansion, shines on you in a new way as of December 2. It opens the curtain and invites you out onto the stage.

Being charismatic, when you’re fired up with excitement, you easily inspire others. This quality makes you a good entrepreneur and leader. It’s time to own your power in a new way, especially around the time of the solstice on December 21. Start by releasing your biggest fear with the full moon on December 11. Is it anxiety about the future? Fear of making the wrong move? Are you afraid to shine too brightly? Well, those fears need to go! Have faith in yourself, especially on December 27, when Jupiter and the Sun meet up. You could recognize professional opportunities. 

On December 19, Venus moves into Aquarius and energizes your social life in time for holiday festivities. You could meet new acquaintances or reconnect with friends as you build community. Anyone you meet now could come to play an important role in your life. Open yourself to new relationships. If you are single, keep your options open and let go of any past situation keeping you stuck. When you release attention from what isn’t working, you free up energy to attract the relationship that will work for you. 

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

The solstice on December 21 is the darkest day of the year, and this is often a time when you wish to pull inward for renewal and regeneration. Because of this, your thoughts might turn to the inevitability of life’s endings, but don’t worry! Thinking alone won’t manifest these ideas. At this time, you may have a deeper sense of gratitude for those you love, along with a desire to make the most of every second spent with them. These moments could feel more precious, as sentimental feelings expand your heart’s capacity for love, especially at the beginning of the month when your ruling planet, Venus, moves through the steady sign of Capricorn.  

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity, moves into Capricorn on December 2. This compatible placement suggests you’re entering a time of increased optimism and adventure. Remember to keep this positive mindset at the solstice on December 25, when you could have tests of faith. 

Mars, in your opposite sign, puts some pressure on your relationships, especially if you’ve felt undervalued or taken for granted. Realize you have choices; you do not have to stay unhappy in any relationship. Even minor adjustments to your relationship dynamics can mean significant changes for you. If you are single, the influence of Mars could give you the courage to take a step toward love. Whether you are single or involved, Venus and Mars meet on December 3, making this an important day for your love life.  

Gemini (May 20-June 20)

A good sleight-of-hand magician draws your attention to one thing while surprising you with another. So, it seems like magic. How did they do that? The universe is playing similar tricks on you this month. While your attention is hyper-focused on something, like the holidays, for example, you may not see the magical and miraculous event unfolding in your life. You will see it, though, in another month or so. In the meantime, trust any sudden upsets or changes in plans are part of that bigger picture, especially on December 11, when the full moon shines in your sign. 

As we head into the holiday season, you could feel more sentimental. You might be more reflective of present and past relationships as you seek more meaning in your connections with others. The solstice on December 21 is the darkest night of the year, and it’s also the birth of the light because the days will begin to grow longer again. Dark pulls us inward and asks us to explore some of the hidden aspects of our psyches. For you, this could be a more emotional time, and the solar eclipse on December 25 punctuates that theme. 

After that, you feel more hopeful as we move into 2020. 2019 has been a year of tremendous growth for you, and you’ve explored your spiritual gifts in new ways. Because of this, you are ready to start the new year on a high note. Let those celebrations of new life, new hope, and yes, new love, begin as soon as December 27!  

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

In astrology, the seventh house is where you find both your partners and enemies. This house reflects the shadow aspects of yourself that you might not see. When a planet is in your opposite sign, it can feel like a seventh house influence as it encourages you to explore your shadow side. In doing so, you learn to accept all of you and can then commit to deeper experiences of love as a result. You’ll feel this month with so many planets in Capricorn, your opposite sign. You may realize new insights about yourself, relationships, and yourself in relationships, especially around the full moon on December 11.

On December 21, see the significant people in your life as allies for your soul’s growth. People will come out of the woodwork to show their support and encourage you. Pay more attention to them than anyone with negative things to say. 

The solstice could be a defining moment in your love life; your relationship status could change. Those of you in relationships might decide to commit or renew your vows. It’s a fertile time, too, which means you could choose to start a family around the time of the solar eclipse on December 25. 

At the end of the month, give yourself a break from your routine and be truly present with those you love. Because of the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January, you might be aware of the limited and precious nature of time. Relish every moment, and your bonds will strengthen.  

Leo (July 23-August 22)

The holiday season was made for you! When else do we cover everything in lights and decorate with elements that sparkle and shine? How much more Leo can you get? You were made for this season because you shine brightly, too. I’d you don’t believe it, pay attention to the looks you receive when you walk into a room. You have charisma. Own it! This message is especially true at the full moon on December 11. 

It’s a busy season, and you will need self-care. If not, stress could compromise your immune system. Make sure you’re getting proper nutrition, too. Your health is a top priority. As Jupiter moves into stable, steady Capricorn on December 2, it helps you stick to a healthy diet and make time for exercise. 

The solar eclipse on December 25 invites you to slow down and rest. Time with loved ones could feel restorative and not as stressful as it may have been in years past. You’re changing, and those you love are, too. Your relationships will go through a period of growth and evolution in 2020. For now, make the most of the time you have together.

As Venus enters your opposite sign on December 19, you may start to see the best in your significant other as if the challenging aspects of their personality don’t seem to matter as much. Perhaps this recognition is a sign; you also see the best of yourself and opening to feel more at ease in all of your relationships. 

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

You are back online and moving forward in all areas of life. That said, you could feel tension early in the month as you weigh decisions. You have good options and can’t make a wrong move after December 2. Don’t let the perfect stand in the way of the good, or you’ll feel stuck. Are you making safe choices because of fear? If so, aim higher. 

The full moon on December 11 highlights your professional life. You may discover limiting beliefs that keep you from feeling fulfilled in your work. It’s time to break through that ceiling and rise to new heights. Tap into your creativity, especially after December 21. 

With the holidays approaching, your family steals the spotlight. The holiday season is a sentimental time, and you’ll likely feel it all. The solar eclipse on December 25 could mean changes in your relationships with your children, and you may need to either tighten or relax your grip. You will discern which approach works best for you around December 22. If you don’t have children, you may experience control issues within your pet projects. Relax your grip and let go a little. 

Venus shines in stable Capricorn, helping you feel more secure in love. If you have been in a relationship, this could be the time to make a deeper commitment. If you are single, you might develop a more gracious relationship with yourself around the solstice on December 21. This subtle shift could help you feel more peaceful and accepting in all of your relationships. 

Libra (September 22-October 22)

Venus (your ruler) is the planet of pleasure. When Venus isn’t pleased, she can act out, encouraging you to indulge in a shopping spree or eat an extra piece of pumpkin pie. At the beginning of the month, she’s in hard-working Capricorn, which means she’s not likely to catch a break. You need to carve out time to relax and enjoy life during this busy time. Realize you can say no or cut back. Make Venus happy before she acts out, especially on December 11. 

The solar eclipse on December 25 is an intense one. If you have holiday plans with family, beware of regressing to old ways of relating. You could easily be triggered or trigger others. If you’re involved in any real estate matters, this could be a time of completion, when you have a clearer sense of direction. 

With all of the emphasis on your home and family, your professional life might be on the back burner. It’s okay to give yourself a break before things pick up in 2020. 

Ground yourself in love, and let that be a stabilizing force this month. You’re hopeful about building a life with someone. If you have questions about a current relationship, wade through the uncertain waters until you see more clearly. You’re in a big cycle of growth, with self-discovering to do. Of course, your relationships would feel in flux. Love, despite the uncertainty, as love is a sure thing, no matter what the outcome of a relationship might be.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Think about your 2019 goals. What intentions did you set at the beginning of the year? Which ones have yet to manifest? You have time, and the astrological influences this month support you in succeeding. Think practically, stay focused, and give one last push before the end of the year. 

You may be reflecting on endings in general, and this inquiry may conjure past grief or regret. The nostalgia of the season could inadvertently trigger some dormant emotions. If this happens, go ahead and have a good cry. Feel those feelings. There’s a clearing happening and then the awareness of something new unfolding in your life.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, enters stable Capricorn on December 2. For the next year, it will shine a light on how to communicate, teach, learn, and market yourself. You could be more community-minded. This transit could also mean favorable interactions with siblings, especially if you have had challenging relationships. The solar eclipse on December 25 could bring those challenges into the light for healing. Have hope! And since it is the holiday season, have fun, too!

Mars shines in your sign and spices up your love life. Be real with yourself and your partner. At the solar eclipse on December 25, you could be inspired to tell your significant other how you feel without holding back. If you are honest, the words will flow naturally. There’s a new beginning for you in love, and you’ll discover more about what that means on December 22. 

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Happy birthday! At the start of the month, you may have questions about what’s on the horizon. You have planted a lot of seeds, but which will sprout as opportunities in your life? You’ll soon start to see glimpses. If any unwelcome events unfold in your life, ask yourself what gifts those experiences bring. It’s Sagittarius season and a time to receive presents in all forms. 

Jupiter, your ruling planet, slides out of your sign and into Capricorn, where it will stay for a year. Jupiter’s light brings opportunities, and for you, these might be financial. To open yourself to receive this abundance, deepen your sense of deservedness. You are worthy of goodness for no other reason than you are. Yes, you may have worked hard for what you’ve achieved, but your worth is inherent. As this new cycle starts, you will have moments of profound gratitude. 

On December 21, the solstice kicks off a season of transformation. It’s time to discover how you can make more of a difference. Since this is also the holiday season, you could also feel more generous. The energy you send forth into the world comes back to you three times. Therefore, give from an expanded heart space, and trust it will not be in vain. If you apply that to your romantic relationships, you might adjust your romantic mindset. You might ask yourself, “How can I be more like the partner I want to have?” Be the change you wish to see in your relationship. 

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Good news! Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity, enters your sign on December 2. It will help you gain recognition for all you’ve worked to achieve. Take note: If you’ve had tests of faith and stayed the course, you will succeed. If you’ve been standing at a crossroads, look ahead toward the road that most aligns with your dreams. It’s not the time to let fear win. 

You could have a flurry of activity between December 11 and 25, with preparation for the holiday season and the closing of the year. You have two choices in how you respond to this busy time. You could choose to be stressed, or you could find reasons to be hopeful about the year ahead. 

On the solstice on December 21, the Sun enters your sign. Since your sign is right in the mix of important transits happening for the collective, you have a lot to contribute to the world. Speak thoughtfully, brilliantly, and boldly. Others are listening. Set your New Year’s intentions wisely, imagining you could have all you desire. You’re prepping for change, but that change starts in intangible ways. It’s a mindset shift that opens you to see new possibilities. It’s a decision to take the reins in your life and not allow others to define your future. It’s a choice to say yes to life, love, and goodness. These are the days you’ll remember. So, keep looking up, opening yourself to the miracles unfolding in your life. 

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

You might feel a sense of urgency to make more of a difference in the world. Your challenge? Choosing how best to use your gifts. If this is up for you this month, ask yourself, what brings you the most joy, enthuses you, and makes you come alive? Do those things. We are all part of a collective whole. When you make a choice in the pursuit of happiness, you help elevate the vibration of the whole planet! If hosting your closest friends for a holiday gathering brings you joy, do that! Less pressure, more fun. That’s your mantra this month, and it’s especially true as Venus enters your sign on December 19. 

Your social calendar could be full leading. After December 19, you could be invited to attend or co-host an event. You’ll want to balance the competing desires for connection and introspection—the solar eclipse on December 25 highlights this internal tension. 

Professionally, you feel more motivated, despite the holiday lull. Any sudden shifts or unexpected job changes will offer pathways to new beginnings. Stay focused on your goals, and be in absolute alignment with the life you wish to live. 

Relationships offer keys to self-discovery this month, especially around the time of the solstice on December 21. The holiday season amplifies your generous spirit. Studies show that giving is good for increasing happiness. If that’s true, you are preparing yourself for high doses of happiness at the end of the month. On December 27, small wonders inspire gratitude and feelings of hope.  

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

If the holiday season tugs at your heartstrings, go ahead and give in! Ride the waves of emotions, trusting you’ll feel more balanced as we move into January. The world is preparing for a seismic shift, one that will start in January as Saturn and Pluto meet. This transit happens once every 34 years, and it is a significant astrological event! As one who’s intuitive and sensitive to others, you might be on the edge of your seat, waiting for some unexpected circumstances to happen. Others close to you may be relying on you for help and guidance, too. Shine and be the lightworker you were born to be. You’ll better understand how you can share your gifts with others after December 2.

Your social life could be active this month, making it a favorable time to meet new acquaintances or host get-togethers with old friends. Professional collaboration makes completing tasks more enjoyable. You don’t need to feel alone; reach out to others if you feel stuck. This message is especially true from December 21-27. On December 27, you could meet someone who feels too good to be true. Trust is your keyword.

The solar eclipse on December 25 could inspire change in your life. Leading to that point, you might consider holding a different vision for your future. Do some creative visualization and imagine the possibilities. Exercises like this help create new pathways for you to explore, metaphorically, and literally. Get in touch with your creative potential. 

© 2019 by Rachel Lang. Used with permission.

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