December 2020 Horoscopes | Omega

It's the last month of 2020 with a total solar eclipse and a watery full moon in Cancer. Find out how these events and more will impact your sign and what seeds you can sow for the coming year. 


If you have been feeling stuck in more ways than one, you’ll be pleased to hear things are looking up this month. Mars stationed direct two weeks ago after a long retrograde in your sign and is now moving slowly but steadily in the right direction. Your confidence and motivation are returning. 

You’ve been reassessing your beliefs and examining how they have changed this year. With Mercury moving into Sagittarius on December 1, this is a productive line of inquiry. The solar eclipse on December 14 will catalyze major changes along these lines. If you’ve been meaning to go back to school, earn a certification, learn a language, or plan a trip, now is the time! 

Just because things are finally moving again doesn’t mean you have to “ram” ahead all your plans. Chiron will station direct in your sign, so prioritize self-care, as this transit correlates to getting in touch with our deep-seated wounds. For you, this includes any that compromise your sense of self-worth. This transit is also likely to bring healing to an issue with which you’ve been grappling since July. 

On December 21, the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in Aquarius. Mark this day on your calendar, as it could inspire radical changes in your life, especially with your vision for your future and your friendships. It is an excellent time for manifestation, especially around themes of relationships and life purpose.


You have a reputation for being principled, rooted, and fixed in place, which is a good thing! December’s transits invite you to examine your closest relationships. Do you have unhealthy entanglements? Are there dynamics you’d like to let go? Mercury moves into Sagittarius on December 1, bringing a mental focus to themes of shared finances, joint ventures, and intimacy. Are you merging with those you trust? View Mercury in Sagittarius like lighting a torch in dark room and be willing to see everything.  

The total solar eclipse on December 14 further adds to the importance of this audit! Eclipses can catalyze big life change and facilitate in breaking unhealthy soul agreements or severing ties. Self-reflect before the eclipse to ensure whatever joint ventures you’ve established have been built on a solid foundation. Eclipses can also initiate changes in our lives for up to six months, so monitor all the ways you merge with others. 

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21 in Aquarius is a significant transit, and it’s happening in your 10th house of career and recognition. While 2020 brought us many endings, on December 21, you start sowing seeds towards your long-term career goals. Expect the universe to give you several pop quizzes over the course of 2021 around whether you really want what you say you want when it comes to these goals. 


December 2020 could have you living a modern-day version of Love in the Time of Cholera with a lot of activity occurring in your 7th house of partnership (minus the love triangle). This is timely given Gemini is represented by “The Lovers” card in Tarot. Mercury moves into Sagittarius, your opposite sign, on December 1, shifting your focus to the concept of “I with another.” In this context, relationships also refer to close friendships and business partners. Have something to get off your chest? Accept the invitation to speak your truth in these dynamics, but carefully choose your words.

You’re an expert communicator, Gemini, but be aware that the total solar eclipse on December 14 occurs in the 7th house of partnership. So, what you say may lead to significant (necessary) changes. Eclipses catalyze change in whatever house they fall. So, December could be a month of make-ups, break-ups, or even a new partnership. With the North Node destiny point being in your first house of self, expect similar shake-ups in your relationship with yourself! 

Jupiter and Saturn shift into Aquarius on December 16 and 19, respectively. On December 21st, these two giants will meet up in the sky, making it an ideal day to manifest new beginnings in publishing, higher education, philosophy, and travel. Have you been thinking about going back to school or looking to study something new? View this as your cosmic clearance to do so! Also, start planning that bucket list trip for late 2021 or 2022.


Cancer, make “routine” your word of the month. While it may be tougher than normal to establish a daily rhythm given the uncertainty of this time, your day-to-day habits and activities will help ground you in the present moment. On December 1, Mercury enters Sagittarius and shines a light on health-related matters. Treat this transit as an invitation to start the month off with a commitment to your wellbeing. Just pick one change you can implement to become a part of your routine (examples include prolonged stretching in the morning, an evening workout, or an adjustment to your diet). Habits can form as quickly as 18 days, so you may be surprised how one positive change can catalyze major results! 

It’s important to note that on December 16, Venus will also enter your house of health, furthering the importance of this invitation. That same week, on December 14, the solar eclipse will launch a six-month cycle of changes in these areas. So, take time to come up with a routine action plan highlighting the goals you want to accomplish by next summer. 

On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn meet for a big astrological event that will matter for you in the areas of merging with others, joint ventures, and intimacy. View this as an opportunity to assess the ways in which your finances and/or feelings are shared with others and attempt to adjust these dynamics accordingly. This transit also signifies the potential to embark upon shared journeys or goals with another if that’s something you’ve been thinking about. One thing about Cancer energy is that the home reflects the psyche, so definitely make sure if you are sharing your space with others, to carve out a little sanctuary for yourself.


It’s your time to roar, Leo! Starting on December 1, energy will gather in your fifth house of creative self-expression and romance. First off is Mercury, which will bring focus and intentionality behind your creative pursuits and the way you seek to shine. In what ways has everything 2020 brought limited your ability to shine? A Leo who can’t shine can be a sad lion, so get innovative in coming up with solutions. While maybe this can’t be done in person, explore technological means to accept this invitation. 

On December 14th, the eclipse will catalyze a new six-month cycle of change around all creative endeavors and self-expression! If you’re the type of Leo who may be a little camera shy, there are plenty of ways to creatively self-express behind the camera. Welcome the energy of December by integrating a little more play into your life. Venus enters Sagittarius on December 16, and will form a harmonious trine to your radiant Leo Sun.

Aside from shining, December contains a major event, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, in your sector of partnerships. If you’re in a relationship, this transit lays a sturdy foundation for you to take things to the next level. If you’re single and looking for love, this transits invites you to follow the advice of a wise Leo-rising I know who says, “Instead of writing down a list of qualities you seek in a partner, write down a list of qualities you seek to embody yourself, so you can be open to receiving the right person when the universe presents them to you.”  


It’s time to declutter your home, maximize whatever natural light you have, and get cozy this December. The month starts with Mercury moving into the part of your chart signifying home and family, which represents an energetic shift placing added emphasis on the importance of harmony at home. If there happens to be discord at home, the astrology of this month will push you to reconcile with it. Adopting a feng shui approach to organizing your home could reinvigorate the energy of your living space, including finally tackling that home improvement project you’ve been putting off.

On December 14, the solar eclipse in Sagittarius initiates a new cycle in this sphere of life, so it’s an opportune time to welcome these challenges head on. Venus joins two days later, further incentivizing this invitation. Use the first two weeks of December to do what you do best: plan and make a prioritized list of the goals you want to accomplish. This is especially important because on December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin in your house of routine and physical wellness. I’d strongly recommend having a game plan to leverage this powerful manifesting energy! 

At the end of the month, the full moon in Cancer will be occurring in your house of groups and networks. This transit invites you to take an inventory of the groups or networks that no longer serve your most high-minded self and shed them. Endeavor into 2021 with the mindset of further refining your routines and further defining the company you keep! 


Libra, if you’re reading this at home, look around you; outside of the four walls of where you live, do you know your local community? The energy of December is going to push you to answer this question and motivate you to do something about it! On December 1, Mercury moves into your third house of siblings, local community, and communication. While it’s tough to visit new shops or businesses during this unique time, take a socially distanced walk and get to know your neighborhood a little bit more. Repeating this exercise will bring inspiration and kinetic energy into your life.

The potential for you to really leverage this energy is increased mid-month, when the solar eclipse occurs and Venus moves into this sphere of life as well. Eclipses initiate major six-month cycles. So, if you’ve been meaning to speak your mind or engage in your community, the energy is especially potent come December 14-16.

Speaking of using your voice, Jupiter and Saturn make their way into your fifth house of creative self-expression, play, and casual romance on December 21. This is an exciting time to manifest an actionable goal tied to your creativity! Moreover, Jupiter (and possibly Saturn too), will be gearing up to harmonize with your Libra sun at some point next year. Lay the foundation for your creative pursuits now, so that when that happens, you can grow the idea or fortify it!  

The full moon in Cancer at the end of your month shines light on your home and family. This lunation occurs right after the holidays and centers around emotional security. If it’s possible to do so, spend some quality time (virtually if necessary) with loved ones. This may very well be an important key in unlocking whatever creative pursuit you’re endeavoring upon as well. 


December’s astrology brings a focus to personal finances, value systems, and self-reliance. Scorpio, you’re an all-time pro at joint ventures and merging with others, but this month calls for you to take a step back and conduct an inventory of whether your value system allows for you to thrive individually as well. Whether or not you’re partnered right now, it’s always important to individuate from others and know what you stand for.  

On December 1, Mercury will support this audit of your value system. It may be a good time to read up or watch a TED Talk on themes of vulnerability, relational intelligence, or self-discovery. With the solar eclipse in Sagittarius occurring in this same sphere of life, a new cycle is initiated related to these themes and also emphasizing personal finance. If you’ve been planning on starting an entrepreneurial pursuit, wait for Venus on the 16th and go for it! However, this venture needs to be rooted in your values and not simply for the purpose of making money. 

On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn meet up in your house of home and family, laying the groundwork for big changes in those areas. If you’ve been meaning to start a home improvement project or even work on a relationship with family, this could be your sign to do so. If you’ve wanted to try therapy related to childhood matters, this is also an ideal time to commit to doing so. 

At the end of the month, the Cancer full moon illuminates the sphere of life related to higher education, beliefs, and wisdom. If you’ve been working on rooting yourself in a new and improved value system, this lunation is a beautiful way to commit to shedding old views which no longer serve you. Cancer moons are emotional, so bask in the glow of this moon and give yourself permission to feel your feelings, Scorpio!  


This is a Sagittarius season like none other, given the total solar eclipse in your sign on December 14. Before we get there, let’s chat about you! You are beautiful, driven, and enthusiastic about your beliefs. Sagittarius is the preacher, teacher, and seeker of the zodiac. This month is going to push you to direct all of those qualities inward. 

 On December 1, Mercury moves into your sign, bringing your mental focus on you. How has 2020 shaped the way you view yourself? Dwell on that and process out loud with someone you trust. The eclipse on the 14th symbolizes a new six-month cycle in how you view yourself and how you navigate life. You’re everyone else’s cheerleader, but this month, commit to being your own biggest supporter. In order to do this, what self-effacing patterns of thought or behavior do you need to confront? The eclipse very likely will force you to reckon with this in order to become your most high-minded self. Remember, when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it’s skeleton is rearranged in the cocoon before it can be reborn. 

That’s not all, On December 21, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will invite you to truly find your voice. Everyone knows Sagittarius has no issue talking, but this is different. This is about laying the foundation to speak your truth, not only for you but for your local community or those who need the support. Wishing you a solar season filled with warmth, truth, and possibility. 


Do you know the symbolism behind the sea-goat? The sea-goat looks at the top of a mountain or the bottom of the ocean, knowing it may take decades to get there, but move-by-move they’ll eventually get there. What a great allegory for a Capricorn mindset! December 2020 will invite you to direct that enterprising spirit towards solidifying your spiritual practice to support your material goals.

On December 1, Mercury moves into the sphere of life related to spirituality and solitude. This month could be a good time to fit in some sincere alone time to grapple with what aspects of your spirituality still serve you or not. Solitude may also help if you feel like you don’t have a spiritual value system you can lean on and need to find one. By mid-month, the new moon eclipse in Sagittarius will catalyze a new cycle along these themes, so embrace the invitation to cultivate an intimate relationship with the universe.

On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn meet up in your house of personal finances and work ethic. Capricorn rules the skeleton, so leverage this energy by cultivating a framework that can help bolster finances, such as starting your taxes early, opening a saving account, or investing in something/someone. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, will stay in this sphere of life for most of the year ahead, so view 2021 as an important rocky montage when it comes to all things finances. However, with Saturn co-present, it’s very important not to be reckless with finances starting in December and throughout all of next year. 

The full moon in Cancer will shine its watery glow on your partnerships. Full moons are when the moon is brightest and things are most illuminated, so your attention will likely be directed on how sustainable, beneficial and enjoyable your partnerships currently are. Use your spiritual value system to help orient this investigation.


Waterbearers, this month is going to serve as a precursor to one of the most important years of your life, 2021. With Jupiter and Saturn moving into your sign towards the end of the month, the cosmic magnifying glass will shift from the Capricorns in your life to you. Don’t fret! Jupiter brings growth and Saturn brings structure. However, before you can expand or gain form, you have to answer this question. What are your hopes or wishes for the future? I know that’s a lofty question, but it’s important to define your north star before embarking upon the quest to get there. 

On December 1, Mercury moves into the sphere of life related to society-at-large and where you fit into things. Mercury rules the mind and all forms of communication, so after doing some thinking about your goals, do some journaling! Putting pen to paper is the first step in growing your dream! The new moon eclipse will align with this sphere of life on the 14th, providing further momentum for you!  

Come December 21, class is in session as Jupiter and Saturn meet at 0 degrees of Aquarius, beginning their 2021 journey together in your Sun sign. This energy can be leveraged to change the very way you navigate life! Think big and dream bold, waterbearer! This energy may feel overwhelming, so I recommend devoting the first part of the month to cultivating a sincere grounding practice. Whether it's mindfulness, meditation, or yoga, it’s fundamental you’re able to ground yourself when things feel heavy or burdensome. Remember, pressure turns carbon into diamonds, so embrace the challenges that await you. Wishing you growth and grounding, Aquarius! 


This month points you to a focus on career and the need for some serious spiritual healing. On the 1st of the month, Mercury moves into your sphere of life related to career and public recognition. Mercury rules mindset and communication, so use this time to journal what short-term and long-term career goals you may have. Also write about how all the things you’ve endured in 2020 shaped or shifted these goals. If journaling isn’t your forte, feel free to process out loud with someone you wholeheartedly trust. This will come in handy as the new moon eclipse hits this same sphere of life and catalyzes some major momentum for you! If any of these goals are public facing, this noteworthy transit could bring people or opportunities into your life over the next six months to make them happen. 

However, before you can lift that trophy above your head, the astrology of December seeks to orient you within. On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn meet up for the first time in 200 years in a logical air sign! They’ll meet in the house of your chart related to spiritual value systems and solitude. You may find December to be lonely, but trust that this silence speaks volumes. Jupiter brings growth and Saturn brings structure and accountability. Essentially, the universe is calling you to expand upon your innate mysticism and also ground it in a framework or spiritual value system. Doing so will very likely help imbue you with the confidence or provide you with the compass you need to endeavor upon your biggest career goals. 

December ends with a watery full moon in Cancer in your 5th house of creative self-expression and play. If you’re an artist of any sort, this is the perfect lunation to dance, sing, compose, or craft until your heart’s content. Use this full moon to release long stored feelings of sadness or pain through your unique creativity. Dear Pisces, I wish you a month of passion, purpose, and possibility! 

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