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Follow these 3 steps to release clutter and create a more soul-driven life. 

Most of us are buried in stuff that isn’t essential to our lives. Physical clutter is the most obvious, but we’re also burdened by mental, emotional, energetic, and relationship clutter. Everything we hold onto—jealous thoughts, emotions like sadness and shame, energies of wanting and striving, relationship conflicts, or the closet full of clothes we never wear—ultimately leaves us drained, overwhelmed, and disconnected from our spiritual nature. These three steps can help you release clutter and create a more soul-driven life. 

Step 1: Remember Who You Are 

We all have two aspects within us. The soul is the aspect of us that is eternal, inherently wise, and loving. It knows peace, joy, and gratitude. It is free and unattached, yet deeply connected to everyone and everything. We are all human beings, here to realize who we are and put our soul in the driver’s seat of our lives.

But we have another aspect that fights for the wheel, called the ego. The ego is the image we construct of ourselves; the beliefs, needs, roles, and possessions we identify with in the world. The ego is concerned with self-preservation. It competes for everything to ensure our success and survival. It knows conflict and scarcity. It sees us as separate from all other beings and the earth itself. The ego is the false self that drives our lives more than we know.

Knowing who is at the wheel matters, because which mind we come from determines if our lives are clutter-full or clutter-free. When the ego is in the driver’s seat, the song on the radio is “Not Enough.” It goes like this: I am not enough, you are not enough, and there is not enough. The ego puts forth thoughts rooted in lack and separation, which create emotions such as fear and shame. These emotions carry energies like needing and resisting. With the ego at the wheel, our relationships are characterized by judging and disharmony. And our homes become warehouses for more stuff than we know what to do with, and yet we keep acquiring more.

When the soul is in the driver’s seat, the song on the radio is “Enough is Enough.” It goes like this: I am enough, you are enough, and there is enough. The soul puts forth thoughts of safety and connection that foster emotions such as joy and appreciation. These emotions carry energies like acceptance and abundance. With the soul at the wheel, our relationships are characterized by collaboration and sharing love. And our homes contain only the things we really love and truly need. 

Step 2: Consult With Your Soul Self

All forms of clutter reflect the same thing—a soul not being true to itself. So let’s find out how you can be more true to your true self. Take a deep breath and settle into your bones and being. Ask to be shown your soul’s deepest desire for 2021. The answer may come in an image, or words, or a feeling. Once you identify it, fine tune it and write it down.  Here are some examples from my clients:

  • I’m light, bright, relaxed, and engaged.
  • I have room to grow.
  • I honor my grief, put it to rest, and live again. 

Next, make your desire real. Say it out loud. See it, feel the emotions of it, become it. Embodying your desire transforms it into your soul intention. From there, you don’t need to focus on “fixing” your clutter problem or forcing yourself to get rid of stuff. The things in your life that are out of alignment will reveal themselves and begin to let go of you.

Step 3: Question Every "Thing"

To free yourself from clutter, rely on these questions as your roadmap. Ask them about everything and every thing in your life—your thoughts, feelings, energies, ways of relating, and possessions. 

Does it contribute to my soul intention? This question cuts directly to what is essential.  For example, does it help you feel light, bright, relaxed, and engaged, or give you room to grow? If it doesn’t, let it go.

Is it beautiful? This is simple enough, but one caveat. You may be able to say, “Yes, that is a beautiful abstract painting,” but if you prefer realist paintings, it would be a candidate for release. If it isn't beautiful to YOU, let it go.

Is it useful? Be sure the things in your life empower you to live your soul nature. You may say, “Well, this belief that I’m not worthy keeps me safe, so yes, it is useful," when in actuality it inhibits you from sharing your gifts. If it’s not truly useful, let it go.

Does it love me back? The things that love you back make your heart sing. In their presence, your energy lights up and you say, “Oh, I LOVE that!” Get curious if the stuff in your inner and outer environments evokes that kind of feeling. If it doesn’t, let it go.

Is it in present time? We often don’t live in present time. If you hang out in past time, you’ll have skinny clothes in your closet, a file cabinet that barely opens, and regret that you didn’t say yes to that job offer five years ago. If you hang out in future time, you’ll have an overabundance of worry and a tendency to say "I have to keep this, just in case.” If it’s not who you are now, and in present time, let it go. 

Does it have a sacred place to live? Of all the things in this great big world, you’ve chosen this particular thing to fill your inner or outer spaces. That automatically makes it sacred and deserving of a place of honor. And worthy of being kept clean and neat, easily accessible, and appreciated. If you can't find a sacred place for something to live, let it go.

Does it help me serve my love to the world? We are here to be of service by sharing our love. Your soul knows the unique ways you are meant to love. If something in your life doesn’t help you serve your love to the world, it no longer serves you. Let it go.

Enjoy the Trip

The truth is, we are enough. Other beings are enough. There is enough. As we meet the world this way, we experience a different world.

Excerpted and adapted from Release: Create a Clutter Free and Soul Driven Life, published by Waterside Productions. Copyright © 2020 by Peggy Fitzsimmons.

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