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If you're a highly sensitive person, energy meditation might become your favorite form of practice. To find other meditation practices that match your needs and interests, see Which Type of Meditation Is Right for You?

What: In energy meditation, you focus your attention on a subtle energy (like chi or prana), or on a subtle energy center (like the chakras).

Types: Chakra meditation (in the yoga and Hindu traditions), Deepak Chopra’s Heart Sutra Meditation, qigong and tai chi meditations, and Donna Eden's energy medicine.

Benefits: In Secrets of Meditation, author and meditation teacher davidji writes that energy meditations open and align your energy centers and “activate the body’s natural healing properties,” so “the energy effortlessly flows through you on a journey of reawakening your wholeness.” 

Donna Eden describes energy medicine as harnessing and directing your body's natural healing energy for optimal health and vitality.

Keywords: subtle, imaginative, energetically healing

Try this: In The Master Key, qigong master Robert Peng writes, in Lotus Meditation, "you visualize a Holy Being of love, guide it to your heart, and merge with it there. And then, as you look around, you’ll see all the faces before you reflecting back beautiful Buddha smiles."

Or, try this 5-minute daily energy medicine routine from Donna Eden.

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