February 2020 Horoscopes

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Are love and relationships on your mind this month? Should you focus on relationships or self-care? Find out what's in store for you this Valentine’s Day and beyond in your February horoscope from astrologer Rachel Lang. 

By Rachel Lang


Invest your energy wisely this month. Wherever you focus your attention, you will see manifestations beginning to appear in your life. You have that much power, but you want to be conscious about what you’re prioritizing. If you hear repetitive, unproductive thoughts playing like a broken record, shift your focus.

If January was tough for you, you get a reprieve this month as Venus enters your sign on February 7. Venus is the planet of pleasure, and when she’s in your sign, you can expect more enjoyment in life.

The influence of Venus also boosts your confidence, which will make you highly attractive to those whom you seek to impress. If you have considered making a job change, you could be motivated to start the process after February 16 when your ruling planet is exalted in Capricorn. Keep in mind, though, Mercury stations retrograde this day, which could delay communication with potential clients, colleagues, or others in your professional sphere. Patience will be your keyword throughout the remainder of the month, though it could come as a challenge.

In general, realize you’re in a period of refinement. A new sense of identity is being formed, which takes some soul-searching introspection. It’s okay to pull inward, but be aware when it becomes a diminished return. Isolation can lead to depression for extroverted cardinal signs. On February 9, come out and socialize. If you are single, you are balancing your desire for freedom with that of connection. You’re healing some old relationship fears and readying yourself for more genuine relationships.


This month, you could feel like the lead character in a film with plot twists and turns. Expect the unexpected is an understatement. All of this excitement reminds you to flow with life’s current. If you have been unable to grasp a clear sense of where to focus, let your intuition guide you. The Pisces new moon on February 23 helps you tune in and clarify your vision for your year and future.

Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde on February 16, and you could encounter a few mishaps. Realize others may have upsets they’re not able to share and try not to take things too personally. Triggers can run high during Mercury retrograde. Make lots of time for self-care.

The Leo full moon on February 9 could mean tension between personal or familial obligations and professional aspirations. In this phase of life, you want the freedom to explore new possibilities, and you likely want a clear path. Consider travel. Even a short journey could, at the least, help you gain a new perspective. At the most, it could open a new horizon, personally and professionally.

Your relationships of all kinds are being reconceived and reconstructed, as you discover who’s truly in your tribe. All of this will lead to heart expansion, even if it means letting go along the way. Open yourself to love, as this is the month to do so! If you’re single and seeking a relationship, have hope. If you’re partnered, navigate those plot twists by keeping a sense of humor.


Before you read any further, take a moment to congratulate yourself for your innumerable accomplishments in life. I’m talking professional and academic ones, of course, but more than that, I’m referring to the intangible personal milestones. Did you process grief after a loss? Did you face and overcome fear? Did you stay in a relationship despite wanting to leave? See, you’re amazing! Mercury slows down and gives you a chance to turn inward on February 16, and you will have an opportunity to appreciate who you are and who you have been. You are the source of self-love.

The Sun in Aquarius amplifies your creativity and awakens curiosity. Connect and collaborate to expand the potential of this influence, especially with the full moon on February 9. This influence inspires your inner writer, student, and teacher. You could find yourself signing up for a workshop or class.

Up through Valentine’s Day, you could feel more social and slightly more sentimental. Maybe it’s the season, or perhaps something deeper is shifting to allow you to experience more grace and love in your relationships. Go with it! Allow love to surprise you.

After February 18, when the Sun enters Pisces, your focus will shift to business. Aim high if you are pursuing a new career path. Don’t let the winds of fate move you; be deliberate in thought and action. If you encounter delays or if business dealings don’t go according to plan, explore new pathways. Remember: During Mercury retrograde, everything eventually comes full circle.


January’s transits tried and tested you, but you learned lessons in faith and gained a sense of personal power. Now, you’re like a butterfly about to break out of the cocoon. This is a time of metamorphosis when you face significant turning points. Therefore, be careful with how you focus your attention. Stay in the space of self-forgiveness and acceptance. The Pisces new moon on February 23 helps nudge you into a new chapter!

Mercury stations retrograde on February 16, and you could experience communication mishaps with your partner or travel delays. Feisty Mars also holds court that day, as it moves into your opposite sign, Capricorn. Realize you might not accurately be perceiving others’ words and actions. Try not to be on the defensive; stay open to hearing alternative views.

The full moon on February 9 invites you out of the shadows to be seen and heard. Motivate yourself to try new ways of marketing your business. The same applies to your personal life. If you’ve been more introverted this season, accept invitations to social gatherings or local events.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18, and it enhances your right brain’s capabilities for intuition and creativity. You could have a mystical encounter. Make meditation an essential part of your self-care routine to support this expansion.

Since it’s the month for Valentine’s Day, you might have relationships on your mind. Commitment is a keyword, but first, honor your well-being. This month’s astrology helps punctuate this theme. Self-love is the key to having better relationships.


With Valentine’s Day approaching, the beginning of February is all about the heart. Your sign rules the heart, which is appropriate because anyone who knows you knows you have a big heart. You are fiercely loyal to people whom you love. In romantic relationships, you have a gift for finding ways to reignite the spark. The full moon in your sign on February 9 illuminates any barriers you have to receiving love, especially if you’re single. It also helps you express words that have been weighing on your heart for some time. For some, those words could be, I love you.

Mercury goes retrograde on February 16, a day that could be confusing, especially if you receive mixed messages from someone. Be patient with others because we are all in the same position of uncertainty for a few weeks. For you, this retrograde offers an opportunity to revisit past relationships and heal the disappointments resulting from those endings.

Mars moves into Capricorn that same day. This is an excellent time to begin working with a trainer or start a new exercise routine, especially if you have been sick or too busy to work out.

Professionally, you could be ready for changes. If you have felt ready for a new adventure, you could see favorable new developments toward the end of the month, especially February 28. Realize right now you are laying a foundation for your future. This can feel tedious, but hang in there! You are aimed for greatness.


You have entered a prolific period of life, and you have more access to your creative capabilities. Because of this, you’re keenly aware of life’s possibilities, but like a miner panning for gold, you need to separate the fool’s gold from the real stuff. One of my favorite Virgos says, “Say no to the no’s, and the yeses will come.” Make this your mantra.

Venus shines in your relationship sector until February 7. While self-inquiry is essential, your mind may be getting in the way of your heart. Just feel it out. Mercury stations retrograde on February 16, leading you to reflect on past relationships. Self-love is the key to greater happiness in this area of life, especially if self-sacrifice has been a recurring theme for you. Now is the time to rethink unhealthy dynamics and discover new ways to connect with your romantic partner. If you are single, you could apply the same message to close friendships or business partnerships.

You are beginning to feel more passionate about living your purpose and seizing the opportunities opening up for you. As a result, your relationships are being restructured and reformed. Welcome the shift.

Speaking of which, this is an extraordinary time for you professionally. Use your energy wisely. You could receive significant recognition for your work and even awards for your efforts. Keep this in mind for those moments when you wonder if all you are creating and building and working toward is worth it in the end. Absolutely, it is!


If you were a mountain climber, you wouldn’t get two-thirds up to the top and then say, “I’m tired. Time to turn around.” No! You would climb to the top. The same applies to your life now. For some time, Saturn has been pressuring you and testing your faith. Go to the distance! Don’t give up!

This month offers a slight reprieve from some of the stressful energies you’ve felt. So, you might have fun this Valentine’s Day, either with your partner or out with friends. I encourage you to take in as much beauty and feel as much love as possible this month.

The full moon on February 9 is a social one. Say yes to invitations. You could find yourself brainstorming with friends, developing new ideas. You could also feel motivated to become more involved. Allow your inner activist or philanthropist its full expression.

Mercury goes retrograde on February 16. This retrograde highlights your sector of health and day-to-day duties. This means you will want to be super organized and observe every detail. It goes without saying, back up your computer, and triple-proof any correspondences you send. This influence turns your attention back to the past, making it a favorable time to hold a ritual to clear any old ties that still have you bound in regret or disappointment. Make peace with your past by loving the person you were. See how you’ve grown and evolved? Take a moment and appreciate who you have become.


In 2020, you seek to live life to the fullest. Even if doubts creep into your conscious awareness, you know how to move through them to restore faith. Though you started the year with good momentum, this month allows you the chance to slow down, reassess, and restrategize, if necessary. You can thank Mercury retrograde (on February 16) for this reprieve. During this three-week cycle, journal and reflect to maintain balance. Realize things will take more time. If someone doesn’t respond right back to you, let it go. Be patient; a bigger story is unfolding.

The full moon on February 9 spotlights your career. If you’ve been trying to balance work with other areas of your life, this influence could offer solutions for you. You may need to consider hiring extra help.

On February 18, the sun moves into Pisces and invites you to explore new ways to express yourself in relationshipsto be vulnerable enough for connection but boundaried enough to maintain your equilibrium. The Pisces sun shines a spotlight on your children, making this a favorable time for family adventures. Relax and play to help temper any stress you feel. If you don’t have children, apply this message to your personal projects or pets.

Love may be on your mind with Valentine’s Day on the 14th. You may claim to not have time for romance with so much happening in your life. You have to make the time, and you won’t regret it. If you’re single, that means going out with friends. See what possibilities arise.


Mercury slows down and goes retrograde on February 16, inspiring your mind to work in a new way. If you feel mentally foggy or unfocused, recognize the gift in the haze. Allow it to be like a photo filter, coloring your perspective in a new light. Consider indulging in right-brained activities, like creative expression or meditation. In other words, try not to force anything that’s out of the flow. Who knows? Perhaps a new idea is emerging amidst the fog. You gain a moment of clarity with the full moon on February 9.

Toward the end of the month, you could have extra chores at home or feel a sense of obligation to family members. Realize what’s yours and what’s being imposed upon you. If feelings of guilt arise about what you should be doing for others, ascertain whether or not those feelings are yours. You could be caught in a web of someone’s expectations for you. Yours is a path of truth and freedom. Own your truth, and it will set you free.

Mars moves out of your sign on February 16. Until then, you have the motivation to accomplish almost anything you want! Resist giving into impulsive urges if you think there could be consequences. Use the extra energy to reach a personal goal, especially if it’s health-related. 

The influence of Mars heats up your Valentine’s Day. Because Venus, the relationship planet, is in fiery Aries, you could have fated romantic connections from February 7-16. Stay lighthearted and open to possibilities.


As a Capricorn, discipline is one of your superpowers. The sense of satisfaction you feel upon accomplishing a goal is higher than almost any immediate gratification. Last year allowed you to see what you are truly capable of achieving with your determination and focus. This year, you will reap the rewards from those efforts. Before you do, though, take this month to step back, recess, and reprioritize if necessary.

Mercury stations retrograde on February 16, the same day Mars moves into your sign. You will feel as if you have one foot on the gas pedal and one on the brake. Rather than being frustrated with a perceived lack of progress, discipline yourself. Specifically, reassess your progress toward reaching your goals. Examine your relationships and determine how you might improve communication. And finally, declutter your home! Perform a mental and physical detox to help open the road forward.

The Sun shines on your finances, and the Leo full moon on February 9 illuminates this area of your life, offering you the chance to see how you might work through financial challenges weighing on your mind. This is a favorable time to talk over financial concerns with business partners or your significant other regarding your joint assets. You feel motivated to generate new streams of income through consulting or teaching, for example.

After February 18, the sun shines in Pisces and highlights your social life. Though you may be uber focused on work, make time to balance it out with some fun.


You were born in a season that has become synonymous with the heart and expressions of love. Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can’t help noticing hearts everywhere you go. This month’s astrology invites you into your core, where you can differentiate between the leadings of your heart and those of your mind. In doing so, you will enter your new solar year feeling grounded, centered, and more aware of your intuition.

The full moon on February 9 highlights relationships. You get the gift of clarity, and with new insights, you can talk with your partner about ways to improve the problem areas in your relationship. Don’t ignore any of your concerns; discuss them. If you are single, you may appreciate your independence more this year than you have in the past, with Venus in Aries on Valentine’s Day. If you are partnered, you could become inspired to make a declaration of love to your special someone.

Your creative ideas could astound others in your sphere. Release any fears that hold you back from expressing yourself. Your thoughts are genuinely inspired, and you could be recognized for them.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18, and the Pisces new moon on February 23 could mean the start of a new financial opportunity. Own your brilliance, and then you will feel more confident when pursuing leads. Professional changes could manifest, and they could lead to personal shifts as well. Stay open to the possibilities.


The ancient Greeks had seven different words for love. While most people are thinking about eros, the passionate kind of love, leading up to Valentine’s Day, your heart is open to experiencing all different types of love, especially philia, the sort of love shared between friends. If you are in a relationship, this month offers you a chance to deepen the friendship between you and your significant other. You might consider trying new ways to develop shared interests. The more you connect outside of intimate spaces, the more you deepen the root structure of your relationship. If you are single, apply this to close friendships. Who knows? You could end up collaborating with someone on a business project or meet a romantic partner through mutual connections. Your luck comes through relationships of all kinds this month.

The full moon on February 9 spotlights health. Balance is a keyword. Balance work with rest and maintain a healthy diet. If you focus on centering and grounding practices, you can prevent stress-related illnesses or injuries from happening.

Mercury stations retrograde in your sign on February 16, and you could feel a wave of uncertainty about your life. Gracefully flow through any mental confusion by making time for meditation and self-care. Try not to take arguments too personally.

On February 18, the Sun enters your sign. The New Moon on the 23rd asks you to set clear intentions you’d like to manifest later this year. February 25-28 are highly creative days for fine-tuning projects or developing new ideas.