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This month, Mercury is retrograde, Jupiter and Venus conjoin, and Saturn squares Uranus. Find out how these events and more will impact your sign in February. 

Aries (March 21-April 19)
Perhaps you feel as if your life is a blank canvas, and you're ready to create a new picture. As you imagine a new vision; let others help. Focus on connecting with others and invest your energy in relationships. Prioritize people, and anything you create from this point forward will have more meaning.
Fierce independence is both an asset and a challenge for you as an Aries—an asset because you pursue goals with courage. It's a challenge when your collaborators challenge your ideas. On February 17, others may temporarily pause progress on projects in the works. Express your frustrations, but stay committed to working out the kinks. The efforts will be fruitful in the end.
Venus enhances your ability to lead and inspire others all month long. The new moon on February 11 brings opportunities for speaking up and sharing your ideas with others. Others could see you as a visionary. If raising your voice feels too risky, consult with allies. Venus favorably aspects Jupiter to help you attract helpful people into your life. Mercury is retrograde until February 20, which could delay communication with potential clients, colleagues, or others in your professional sphere. Patience will be your keyword throughout the remainder of the month, though it could come as a challenge. 
A friendship could evolve into a romance, or if you are partnered, you may discover ways to have more fun together enjoying shared interests. If you are single, you are balancing your desire for freedom with that of connection. You're healing some old relationship fears and readying yourself for more genuine relationships.    
Taurus (April 20-May 20)
With Uranus moving through your sign, you could feel like the lead character in a film with plot twists and turns. A groundswell of exciting change urges you to flow with life's current. If you have been unable to grasp a clear sense of where to focus, let your intuition guide you. The full moon on February 27 helps you tune in and clarify your vision for your year and future. 
Messenger planet Mercury is retrograde until February 20, and you could revisit professional goals from your past. A former colleague or mentor could come back into your life, offering you a reminder of a path you didn't pursue. We have a chance to review past decisions during Mercury retrograde cycles, but that doesn't mean you ought to abandon what you've been building. On February 17, you may feel pulled between the past and future. Ground yourself in the present moment, and delay making decisions until you're sure of the next steps.    
The Aquarius new moon on February 11 could draw your attention to your professional pursuits and the way others perceive you. Expand your horizons. In this phase of life, you want the freedom to explore new possibilities, and you likely want a clear path. Consider travel. Even a short journey could, at the least, help you gain a new perspective. At the most, it could open a new horizon, personally and professionally. 
Your relationships of all kinds are being reconceived and reconstructed as you discover who's genuinely in your tribe. Open yourself to love, as this is the month to do so! If you're single and seeking a relationship, have hope, especially with the full moon on February 27. If you're partnered, navigate those plot twists by keeping a sense of humor.

Gemini (May 20-June 20)
Ironically, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius awaken your sense of adventure unlike ever before, while our global pandemic limits where you can go and what you can do. So, you, curious Gemini, have to be more creative about how to fulfill those urges. You might resort to learning or professional development, or you could decide to publish a book. Expand your horizons and what you see as possible for your life. The new moon on February 11 inspires a hopeful vision.
Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde until February 20, and you will have an opportunity to reexamine your beliefs. If a new concept intrigues you, make a more in-depth inquiry. Look for facts and verify the information. The sun in Aquarius amplifies your creativity and awakens curiosity. Connect and collaborate to expand the potential of this influence, especially on February 17. Others might present you with interesting concepts that shift your view of a situation.
You could feel more social and slightly more sentimental. Perhaps something deeper is shifting to allow you to experience more grace and love in your relationships. Open your heart to romance, and it could be a part of the adventure you seek. Allow yourself to be surprised. 
After the sun enters Pisces on February 18, your focus shifts to business. Aim high if you are pursuing a new career path. Be deliberate in thought and action; you have a vision worth pursuing. If you encounter delays, explore new pathways. During Mercury retrograde, a past endeavor could come full circle.  

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
If life has felt like an obstacle course, trust you've reached the last challenge. Now, you're stronger, smarter, and more agile after mastering lessons in faith and personal power. This month's transits encourage you to find your center, ground your energy, and create opportunities for lasting financial security. The Virgo full moon on February 27 helps nudge you toward those new chapters.  
Mercury is retrograde until February 20, and you could revisit financial discussions with a partner or reevaluate investments you made last year. You do not need to fear your economic future. With your strategic mind, you can overcome the challenges or losses you might have faced. When merging finances and relationships, though, you could play a balancing act. Try not to be defensive; stay open to others' perspectives, especially on February 11. 
The full moon on February 27 invites you out of the shadows to be seen and heard. Motivate yourself to try new ways of marketing your business. The same applies to your personal life. If you've been more introverted this season, accept invitations to social gatherings or local events. 
The sun enters Pisces on February 18, and it enhances your intuition and creativity. Make meditation an essential part of your self-care routine. Insights may come after times of stillness. 
Since it's the month of Valentine's Day, you might have relationships on your mind. Commitment is a keyword, but first, honor your wellbeing. This month's astrology helps punctuate this theme. Self-love is the key to having better relationships. 
Leo (July 23-August 22)

The beginning of February is all about the heart, and love (in all its forms) is a focus for you. Several planets line up in your sector of partnerships, and they shine a spotlight on both the positive aspects of commitment as well as the challenges. In your romantic relationships, you have a gift for finding ways to reignite the spark. The Aquarius new moon on February 11 illuminates any barriers you have to receive love. It also helps you express words that have been weighing on your heart for some time. For some, those words could be, "I do."

Mercury is retrograde until February 20, a day that could be confusing, especially if you receive mixed messages from someone. Be patient. On February 17, you might wrestle with a relationship or career decision. Perhaps you feel as if you have to choose one over the other. Postpone decisions until you have more information.

After February 18, you may inquire about a new investment opportunity or decide to give back by establishing a foundation. Plan for the future, but be open to investing in yourself in the present time as well.

Professionally, you have an opportunity to revisit past dreams and heal any disappointments resulting from those endings. You are ready for changes, or perhaps you've recently made a change and are adjusting to it. If you have felt ready for a new adventure, you could see favorable new developments toward the end of the month, especially February 24. You are aimed for greatness.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Creation often starts underground in the dark as seeds germinate in the soil. So, too, your creative ideas take time to nurture long before anyone else sees them. Don't be frustrated with this process. This month, you will focus on the foundational work required for your ideas to bear fruit. While some efforts might feel tedious, they will pay off. Keep the faith on February 17, when Saturn squares Uranus and challenges your optimism. Recruit supportive friends to cheer you on.  
Mercury is retrograde until February 20. Pay careful attention to details. Proofread everything you send or post, and make sure your calendars are in sync. Above all, be compassionate with yourself and others. These cycles can bring up past disappointments when others let you down; those situations come full circle this month.
As the sun shines in Pisces after February 18, you could reflect on family patterns at play in your relationships. Start by accepting what is, and then take inventory of how you might change your relationship with yourself. External challenges are often a reflection of inner conflicts. Self-love is the key to greater happiness in this area of life, especially if self-sacrifice has been a recurring theme. 
You might feel more encouraged to prioritize wellbeing. Discipline is one of your character strengths. So, you may find joy in organizing a diet and exercise plan this month, one that could involve immune-boosting foods.   
With so many planets in your chart's sector of daily work, this is an extraordinary time for you professionally. Use your energy wisely.
Libra (September 22-October 22)
With Valentine's Day, this month is all about the heart. What fills your heart with love? What breaks it? Let passion rise; feel it all. On February 11, the new moon plants a seed of possibility in your heart—a dream or desire is born. Pay attention to the insights that seem to spark from out of the blue.   
This month offers a slight reprieve from stressful energies. So, you might have fun, either with your partner or out with friends. Take in as much beauty and feel as much love as possible, especially on February 11 when Venus joins Jupiter for one of the most pleasant days all year. You might feel lucky as if you're in a positive flow.   
Romance is featured throughout the month. With Mercury retrograde until February 20, you might reminisce about a past relationship or affair. Avoid idealizing the past; stay focused on the present. Even if your love life is not where you want it to be, trust that this unsettled time is part of your unfolding storyline. You're evolving beyond familiar relationship constructs to become more balanced in those dynamics. Any outer conflicts may only be projections of inner ones. Try not to overthink things.  
After February 18, the sun in Pisces highlights your sector of health and day-to-day duties. Its influence sparks your desire to create more order in your life. You're more aware of every detail. It is an excellent time to hold a ritual to declutter and clear objects that remind you of regrets or disappointments. Make peace with your past through self-acceptance.
Scorpio (October 23-November 21) 
The Aquarius sun beams light into your home this month, which means anything in need of a repair will be more noticeable. You could be more aware of frustrating relationship dynamics with loved ones as well. The good news is you're ready to tackle big projects, and you have the fortitude to keep going and succeed. On February 17, you could face minor delays with home projects or revisit real estate plans. If you're making a move, remember, Mercury is retrograde until February 20. Read all the fine print on contracts or leases.
Speaking of Mercury retrograde, this month allows you the chance to slow down and reassess professional goals. If you face any opposition from business partners or clients, try to see circumstances from their perspective rather than going on the defensive. Advancement of projects could take more time. If someone doesn't respond right back to you, let it go and consider it divine protection. 
On February 18, the sun moves into Pisces and invites you to explore new ways to express yourself in relationships—to be perhaps more vulnerable in sharing your feelings. Romance may be on your mind with Valentine's Day on the 14th. Don't you have time for romance with so much happening in your life? You have to make the time, and you won't regret it. If you're single, that means prioritizing self-care and treating yourself as you would want a partner to treat you. On February 27, with the full moon, let your time with loved ones be stress relief.
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Think of a time in your life when you felt free. What circumstances contributed to that feeling? What was your mindset like at that time? Freedom is a theme for you this month. On February 17, a Saturn–Uranus square raises your awareness about any limiting factors in your life, including your long-held beliefs or worldview. Expand your perspective.   
Mercury is retrograde until February 20, inspiring your mind to work in a new way. If you feel unfocused, recognize the gift in the haze. Consider indulging in right-brained activities, like creative expression or meditation. In other words, try not to force anything that's out of the flow. Who knows? Perhaps a new idea is emerging amidst the fog. You gain a moment of clarity with the New Moon on February 11. Jupiter's influence inspires fortuitous encounters that same day.
After February 18, the Pisces sun draws your attention to your home and family. After February 25, you could be inspired to redecorate or make your home a welcome space for loved ones, even if you can only host social distanced gatherings. If feelings of guilt arise about what you should be doing for others, ascertain whether or not those feelings are yours, especially with the full moon on February 27. Remember, part of being free is permitting yourself to say no.
Your Valentine's Day forecast features commitment. It may seem like a contrast for your astrology to highlight both freedom and commitment, but it does, encouraging you to rethink how you can have both in love.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
Oh, the places you won't go this month with Mercury retrograde (until February 20) and Saturn and Uranus squaring off on February 17—not to mention the pandemic! Focus your energy on all you've been creating and nurturing in your life. You will go so far in so many ways this year because you've grasped a new vision and realized how much you're capable of achieving. Travel, adventure, and meaningful work are on the horizon. This month, though, take a moment to appreciate where you've been.
Determination and tenacity are your superpowers, and they will lead to fulfillment in work. You'll see signs of success around February 24. Mercury is retrograde until February 20, and you may revisit the financial decisions you made last year. If you have had any money-related conflicts with your partner, now is the time for honest discussions.
Examine your relationships and determine how you might improve communication and work more as a team to meet your shared goals. Also, think of how you might adopt a more positive mindset concerning your experience of abundance. The new moon on February 11 could bring you into self-reflection about these matters.
After February 18, the sun shines in Pisces and highlights your social life and opportunities to build community. It is a gentler placement of the sun that suggests more harmonious and meaningful connections. If you are single, you might consider online dating after February 25. Venus in Pisces could help you find creative ways to market yourself.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
Your birthday falls right in the season of love—near Valentine's Day. This year, love and relationships look different than ever before, thanks to COVID, and you may be examining your romantic connections, too. This month's astrology offers you the gift of clarity. It invites you into your heart chakra and urges you to differentiate between your heart's leadings and those of your mind. In doing so, you can make concrete commitments to yourself and others by feeling more grounded, centered, and in tune with your intuition. Don't ignore concerns; raise them to conscious awareness.
The new moon on February 11 brings a fresh start to a challenging situation. Jupiter and Venus conjoin, helping you feel a boost in confidence and the flow of possibilities. You could even be lucky! It is likely one of the most favorable days of the year for you. When Jupiter is prominent, you want to follow synchronicities. Therefore, if someone presents you with an idea or volunteers to help, pause and consider their offerings. During these transits, a connection or opportunity may seem too good to be true, but often, it leads to the fulfillment of a long-held intention. The sun enters Pisces on February 18, and the full moon on February 27 could mean the start of a new financial opportunity.
Mercury is retrograde until February 20, and you might feel misunderstood. Realize, because of your Aquarian nature, you may be ahead of your time. Share anyway. You never know when your inspired work may be the prophetic message someone needs to receive. Trust those impulses.
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
While the rest of the world may seem to be moving forward, you're still on pause, taking time to integrate all of the lessons of 2020. Your new year officially starts after the sun enters your sign on February 18. Until then, take care of yourself, body, mind, and spirit.
With your heightened sensitives, others' mixed messages could leave you in confusion. What's true? What's an illusion? You are more prone to question others' words and actions to understand their true motives. Mercury is retrograde until February 20, and your intuition could feel off-line. Center yourself through embodiment practices like somatic movement, yoga, or breath-work. The new moon on February 11 energizes your spiritual practices, and you may discover a network of like-minded people.
Rest and restore. If you feel extra tired, listen to your body, as sleep can be the best remedy for a healthy immune system. 

The Saturn–Uranus square on February 17 feels tense, as we're pulled between the past and future. You are facing deep-seated fears of judgment in your quest to express yourself. You might fear being misunderstood or seeming too weird, but we're all feeling these same concerns with Jupiter and Saturn in avant-garde Aquarius. Speak what's on your heart anyway.   
Your heart beats with compassion for yourself and others. Let it lead to a shift in consciousness. On February 24, Venus enters your sign, making the end of the month favorable for romance. The full moon on February 27 shines favorably on your romantic relationship and emphasizes partnership.

© 2021 by Rachel Lang. Used with permission.

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