How to Clear Energy in Your Home | Omega

Space clearing at home is becoming recognized as a simple and effective way to boost well-being. Try it for yourself with these instructions from feng shui expert Denise Linn. 

Invisible yet very real strands of energy are interwoven throughout your home. Your home is not just an inanimate physical structure. It is a receptacle for vibrating, unseen energy fields, and these energy fields respond to your thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

Every space has energy. Your home is not only a composite of materials assembled for shelter, but every cubic centimeter of it—whether solid or seemingly empty space—is also composed of infinite flows of energy.

The largest realtor in New York City, The Corcoran Group, has been using space clearing to help sell high-end buildings for the simple reason that it works. 

When you enter a space that makes you immediately feel light and uplifted, or walk into a room where the atmosphere leaves you feeling depleted and drained, you are responding to the energy of the environment.

If you notice tension and heaviness in a room after an argument has taken place, you are experiencing a residual energy that can linger in a space long after the argument has ended.

Sometimes energy in a home or office can become stagnant and dull. When this is the case, you may feel tired and listless or become agitated and angry.

However, learning a few simple techniques to cleanse the energy of your space can produce a remarkable and positive influence on the way you feel and on every aspect of your life so that your house becomes a home for your soul.

The most important requirements for any clearing will always be your own intuition and the promptings of your heart. As you open your heart to Spirit, you will be led to the tools, the information, and the ceremonies that are right for you.

Simply walking around each major room in your home ringing a bell, lighting incense at an altar, or wafting the smoke of burning sage with a feather in the morning hours can set a template of clarity for the rest of the day.

Here are the steps to consider for your space clearing.

To start: Sit quietly. Close your eyes and visualize that the space clearing brings crystal clear energy into your home. Your intuition is the key that will unlock the door into the revealing world of energy in your home.

Drink plenty of water, as it is vital that you are hydrated before, during, and after the space clearing. The water will help transport energy through your body and will help release any unneeded energy that you may have taken on during the clearing.

Put food away. It is best not to leave open containers of food out during the clearing as they may absorb energy.

Take off jewelry, particularly metal rings and bracelets too. These items can subtly impede your ability to sense energy during the space clearing. If that’s not possible, don’t be concerned; the clearing can still work.

Finally, take a moment to focus your intention. Be very clear on the results you desire for the home, the other occupants, and yourself.

Sense the energy in the space.

One of the skills necessary for space clearing is the ability to sense energy fields. To develop this skill, go around the periphery of a space very slowly with one hand extended. Notice areas where you feel a difference. Your arm may feel heavy or light, warm or cold in different places. Some places may seem to feel sticky and other places may feel smooth. This is not your imagination. You are sensing energy. (Usually, the areas that feel sticky or heavy are the places that especially need clearing.) The secret to space clearing is to slow down, still your mind, and trust what you perceive.

Stand at the entrance.

With equal weight on both feet, stand at the entrance of the room that you are going to clear. Take a few minutes to be still and radiate your intention into the room and send prayers to the Creator for guidance and assistance.

Break up the stagnant energy.

Take the tool that you are going to use (bell, gong, drum, burning herbs, essential oil mister) and, beginning at the entrance, walk in a circular manner with your tool with the intention that you are creating a wonderful vortex of energy. For example, if you are using a bell, ring the bell at just inside the entrance, and then walk in a circle around the room, ringing the bell, with the intention that the energy in that room will be sparkling!

Smooth the energy of the space.

After you have cleared a room, smooth the energy of the space. To do this, you can run your hand gently around the periphery of the room, just as though you were petting a cat, until you sense that it feels settled and smooth. (You can also use a tool, such as a feather, to smooth the energy.)

Invoke blessings.

After a room is cleared, imagine that it is filled with light and love while asking for support and guidance from the spiritual realms. You can pray silently or aloud to do this. This is the most important aspect of the clearing and must be done with reverence, respect, and devotion.

Make a figure eight.

When you have completed a room, use your tool to make a figure eight to seal that room, then go to the next room. It’s best to start at lower floors and then move upward in the house.

At the completion, return to the front door, where you began, in a spirit of gratitude. When your home has been cleared in this way, it’s difficult for negative energy strands to flow into your home. Wash your hands with cool water all the way to the elbows. Shake a few times before you dry your hands. The cold water and the shaking help release any energy that may have attached to your hands or body.

Excerpted from Energy Strands: The Ultimate Guide to Clearing the Cords That Are Constricting Your Life by Denise Linn © Hay House, March 2018.