I'm Holding This Door Open for You

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You may feel like things are challenging at this moment in your life. But let’s get this straight right now. It’s not because you’re failing or broken. It’s because your spirit demands soaringnot coping.

By Tama Kieves

It’s your time. You’re standing at the doorway. 

On one side of the door, you can decide that life has not turned out the way you desire. It’s unfair. It’s too hard. Maybe the same thing keeps happening to youor not happening. 

You might feel anxious or discouraged. It’s a young techie’s world. Or a blonde’s. Or someone luckier and other than you. You don’t have real money. Your lover turns out to be a tiny bit misleading, what with being married to 8 other people and all. And the disappointments seem familiar, and yet cut you to the bone, because part of you knows, it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is a life that is “happening to you.” This perspective denies your power. I am not demeaning your feelings of frustration. I just have something more useful in mind. 

You can walk through this doorway. 

You may have to crawl. You may need to breathe deeper than you have ever breathed. You may choose to do things in a way that you have never done them before. 

You may have to become a superhero in your own lifetime. 

It’s what you really want. It’s what the deepest part of you wants.

So, are you going through the doorway? 

Everything that hasn’t exactly worked out in your life brought you to this wooden doorstep. It is the doorstep of willingness. It is an adventure. It is time to unlock your powers or your destiny. Congrats, you’ve arrived

Because when you let go of your plan, you open to a powerful path, the path of being led. It’s the end of emptiness. It’s the beginning of your True Life, the one of following your inspired instincts instead of your fear.

You are growing beyond where you have been. Your life isn’t diminishing. Your old life is diminishing. Your True Life is expanding. It’s inviting you into something better.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to have everything change and to have to make up your life out of thin air and fight back your fears to do it. 

I found myself by learning how to listen to a loving voice inside myself. It’s been a quantum shift in how I think and approach everything in life. When I began, I thought I was just going through a career transition. But that career transition turned out to be an identity transformation. It’s been a spiritual pilgrimage of shedding old, limiting, and damaging “reasonable” beliefs. 

I couldn’t have a different life until I realized I was so much more than who I thought I was. We all are. And that’s the journey I’m hoping you’ll take with me. You have a path. It’s already within you. It’s better than you imagine. In fact, it’s so much better, you can’t imagine it. 

I want to help you choose from strength, love and the astounding guidance of your inspired mind. Because when your plans fail, that’s when your real life begins. This is a precious opportunity to create the life that is calling your name right now.

Excerpted from Thriving Through Uncertainty: Moving Beyond Fear of the Unknown and Making Change Work for You (TarcherPerigree-Penguin-Randomhouse). Copyright © 2018 by Tama Kieves.Used with permission.