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Spiritual teacher Sharon Landrith encourages you to meet the challenges of the world by waking up and engaging with what moves you most. 

Omega: More people seem to be "waking up" spiritually than ever before, yet there also seems to be more injustice in the world. How can those who are waking up be effective game changers and not be overwhelmed by fear, anger, or sadness?

Sharon: It used to be you could just deny what was happening and question if what you were hearing was really true. We can’t do that anymore. It’s in our face. We encounter it everywhere, and there is an underlying urgency to be engaged. There are a few people—Eckhart Tolle calls them the frequency holders—who are holding the silence for all of us. That’s their contribution. But most of us will be in the world and will wake up into the chaos of form. We will want to engage and step up, but you can’t do that if you do it from a relative point of view. You have to come back to something that’s still and stable and sane, where love-of-life is from.

Omega: What do you do if you’re an especially sensitive person?

Sharon: If you’ve got a lot of sensitivity and a lot of deep caring, you’re going to be totally freaked out by, and maybe even angry at, what’s going on. But really it’s because you have such a deep sense of caring. You may want to get out there and do something but find you end up being terribly polarized and think it’s "them" against "us," which is not true. It can’t be that if we’re all the same thing. 

If you’re waking up into politics, move in that arena—vote, get engaged—but do it from wholeness, from love, from a caring for the world. If you do it as a warrior that’s out to save the world, you’re going to add more division and hate. You don’t want to be a relative ego trying to save the world; you want to come from where wisdom arises and where insight, guidance, sanity, and clarity come from.

Omega: How do we discover our contribution, our particular way to serve the world?

Sharon: When you come from wisdom, you can do whatever it is that your uniqueness is drawn to. I was watching a movie about Mother Theresa, and for her it was the one person dying in the street who everyone was stepping over—she saw them as Christ lying on the ground dying, and she was moved. For others it will be about clean food or paying attention to rivers or creating a business coming from wholeness, sanity, and interconnectedness.

Omega: How do you deal with the difficult things happening in the world?

Sharon: I’m a baby boomer, and I’ve always been interested in the news. And I weep, sometimes all the way through a broadcast. Or I’ll just pray, “I love you. I love you. I love you. May this come to clarity. May this come to resolution.” But I don’t drive myself crazy trying to save something. At this point, the best thing I can do is be whole and sane and loving and clear. And I’ll move in life from that. But I can’t tear myself up worrying about something that right now I can’t actually have any impact over.

Omega: Do you sense there is a shift going on and that we will be the better for it in the end?

Sharon: This is an opinion, so that’s all it counts for, but I think a general quickening of awakening is quickening the shadow to the surface. It’s actually love and light that’s bringing it all up. It’s always been happening, but it’s being brought up in such big ways.

The mind will be afraid, freaked out, and feel powerless and overwhelmed—these are the relative waves. But you can put your attention on sanity, stability, love, compassion, and informed action. Where you put your attention will be what you manifest and bring forth.

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