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The new year begins with Jupiter challenging Uranus and Venus entering Capricorn. Find out how these events and more will impact your sign in the first month of 2021. 

Aries (March 21-April 19)
For much of 2020, Mars charged through your sign as a motivational force driving you towards whatever comes next. You start this year with resolve and ambition. January is a month to focus on your career and public presence. How do others see you? How would you like for others to see you? One of your challenges will be discerning how to focus all of that dynamic energy coursing through you this month. Do you prioritize finances? Relationships? Do you focus on building a business, even if it's not making money right now? Be flexible and willing to let go of control in one area of your life to free up energy for expansion in another area of your life. The new moon on January 12 opens your mind and inspires fresh ideas. 

On January 17, as Jupiter and Uranus challenge one another, realizations about a friendship could lead to a decision point. Do not let a fear of appearing selfish deter you from following your heart's desire. 

With an emphasis on the humanitarian sign of Aquarius at the end of the month, you could become a voice for social justice. As an Aries, you were born to take risks and to model courage for others. Go headfirst in the direction of your dreams, especially after January 19, when an expanded vision for your future rouses excitement and purpose.  

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Mars, the planet of determined action, moves into your sign on January 6. Think of your sign's symbol, the bull, as we start the month. It's unshakable, stable, steady, and strong. Embody these traits this month, and you'll set the right tone for the whole year. Your ambition reaches a peak after January 19, and you could feel a burst of energy motivating professional growth. Have faith in your skills and rely on your experience. You are pure creative potential, and Mars boosts your courage. So, take necessary risks and excel. On January 17, be a little rebellious and own your unique brand of genius. Others may talk; let them. You be you! 

The new moon on January 12 inspires your curiosity, leading you to discover the work of new authors, thinkers, or spiritual teachers. Rather than focus on what you should produce, take in wisdom from others. Let it swirl inside your mind, and journal whatever thoughts arise. You could also decide to finish writing and publish your book or commit to a new course of study. 

Relationships may feel exciting and energizing. If you are in a relationship, be intentional about your time during this busy month. If you are single, be free. Mars heats your desire for physical connection while also encouraging fierce independence. This contrast could lead to a push-pull dynamic in relationships. The full moon on January 28 punctuates these themes. Let others know if you need space. Hire extra help for home-related tasks. 

Gemini (May 20-June 20)

Gemini is an air sign, the element of intellect, ideas, and communication. You are here to master lessons in focusing your mental powers and disseminating information. This month, you can access more wisdom to guide you through these lessons. Meditate to still your thoughts and bridge the gap between your head and heart. You are more in tune with the emotions and energies of others. The new moon on January 12 intensifies your sensitivities, and you might need to take a break. 

This year, your curiosity leads you to question your beliefs. It's a time for spiritual exploration. On January 17, as Jupiter challenges Uranus, you might be led to share your ideas about faith or your philosophy with others. Don't be afraid of being misunderstood. Your words will inspire others as you embrace the visionary archetype. Your words, spoken or written, will lead you to define your purpose. 

After January 19, your restless spirit could seek a new adventure. If travel isn't possible, find ways to satisfy your curious heart through writing, speaking, or immersing yourself in a new book. 

You may need to balance your social and professional activities with a few quiet nights at home to kindle passion in your love life. Venus enters your sector of intimacy and shared resources on January 8. Honest discussions with your partner about finances will help you align on shared goals for 2021. Work as a team to overcome challenges and establish a plan for economic growth. If you're single, work with a financial professional for support. Jupiter in Aquarius presents opportunities for abundance. Have faith in the possibilities.  

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

At the beginning of the month, you're in cleaning mode. What situations in your life feel messy? Are there unfinished projects? What needs to be decluttered from your home? Attend to these matters, and then you'll create space for new beginnings in this new year. 

Relationships are a predominant theme this month. The new moon on January 12 can help you release any fear of intimacy and open your heart to experience more love. You've done a lot of self-work these past several years, and you're ready to see the benefits of personal growth in all areas of your life, especially your love life. As a natural caregiver, you are always there for others. This month, you get to revisit your boundaries and needs. How can you prioritize yourself in your family relationships? In your partnership? In friendships? Beware of acting out of obligation; make sure any act of generosity comes from a genuine desire to express love. 

On January 17, a Jupiter-Uranus square pushes you to question your alignment to your goals. Regardless of what goals you've established, the divine sources that guide you could have a different plan. Surrender your need for a specific outcome and trust. 

The full moon on January 28 helps you take care of financial business. If you have had money concerns, it is a favorable time to brainstorm solutions. Meet with a coach or professional for guidance. You don't have to do it all alone. Greet your problems like you'd host a friend for brunch—with grace, open-heartedness, and curiosity.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Do you feel hopeful about 2021? Or doubtful about the future after all that happened in 2020? Before you set resolutions or goals for this new year, clear and clean. Declutter your home, detox your negative thoughts, and clear distractions. In times of stillness and simplicity, new ideas emerge. With an open heart and still mind, you can tap into your creative genius. On January 20, Mars meets Uranus in your career sector. This transit could motivate a job change or help you access the courage to step onto a new career path. Collaborators and business partners will usher you to success more quickly than you could arrive on your own. See who reveals themselves as a helper. 

Decisions you make this month will help you adopt habits and change your daily routine, especially at the new moon on January 12. If health concerns arise, see a specialist for preventative medicine. If you have diet and exercise on your resolutions list, you can readily focus on optimum health.

The sun enters Aquarius on January 19 and spotlights relationships. If you're single, commitment is a keyword, and you're ready for the long term. Even if you have commitment fears, you're in a better position to face them and attract a true partner. On January 28, the full moon in your sign encourages you to see your partnership from a new perspective. If you have been critical of your partner, then notice which criticisms are projections. Otherwise, this influence could help you appreciate your significant other and rekindle feelings of love and connection.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

How can you incorporate more artistry into your work? Into your love life? Into the way you raise your children? Creative impulses flow from the spiritual source of inspiration. They beam from your heart and soul. This month, quiet the voices of your mind and express what's in your heart. The new moon on January 12 invites you to access this well of creative inspiration. Brainstorm new ideas, make art, or follow your curiosity. For fun, let your inner child out to play. 

I preface your horoscope with this message because the month's astrology emphasizes things like schedules, work, project implementation, order fulfillment, and daily routines. It's easy for Virgos to focus on life's details and neglect play. But, as Carl Jung says, "The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct." 

Early in the month, you'll be motivated to look at long-term career goals. Have faith in yourself, especially around January 17. You're building a foundation for future success, but you may not have immediate gratification. Keep the big picture in mind. Teaching or writing is a possibility after Mars and Uranus conjoin on January 20. 

Romance heats this month's cold weather, especially at the beginning of the month. Until January 19, be cautious about unrequited love. You've mastered important lessons in love and commitment over the past two years. Now, consider sharing your story with others. Make a public show of your commitment or, if you're single, let others know where you stand.   

Libra (September 22-October 22)

Here's some good news. Libras have faced our share of challenges as Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto moved through Capricorn. You've also had exponential growth. Now that Saturn and Jupiter have moved into Aquarius, things will lighten up for you. This month offers a retrospective of all those lessons and all that growth. Before you can enter into a new chapter, you have to read the summary of the last one to make sure you get the salient points. 

On January 17, be courageous in how you express yourself. If you fear the judgment of others, you could miss an opportunity to share your wisdom, talents, and voice with the world. Speak, write, or act from the heart, and you'll learn the power of your creativity.   

The new moon on January 12 spotlights changes in your home or family structure. These will spur other spiritual shifts as you explore what systems support and nourish you. This month, root down, and from that grounded place, grow. The sun enters Aquarius on January 19, and the end of the month is favorable for fertility, spending time with kids, or adopting a pet. If you have had challenges with your children, you could find the key that unlocks the secret to different outcomes. 

At the end of the month, romance is a definite highlight! Mercury is moving slowly before stationing retrograde on January 30, and communication is crucial for inner harmony. Don't hold back for fear of conflict. Set clear boundaries, and be willing to say no. If you're single, focus on friendships this month, and relax about your love life. It will unfold. Follow synchronicity on January 28.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) 

Did you know the tree roots of a giant oak can spread out four to seven times the width of the treetop? Little root hairs branch out, absorbing water and minerals to support the tree's life above ground. Any healthy plant needs a sound root system. Likewise, your satisfaction and success depend on how well you nurture your aspects that aren't visible to others—your emotional wellbeing, physical health, mindset, and spirituality. How can you improve self-care? How can you ask your loved ones for more support? On January 17, ask yourself these questions. The answers might surprise you. 

Evaluate your living situation. Is it working for you? A move or renovation might be in order. Creating a more harmonious living space is self-care. Make repairs and improve the flow of energy. Your marriage or partnership could undergo a renovation as a result of home-related changes.

On January 12, the new moon offers insights about how to market yourself professionally, especially if you're job-seeking or starting a business. Take some time to journal and fine-tune the messages you'd like to deliver. It's also favorable for correspondence, like heartfelt emails or letter-writing. 

As an intuitive Scorpio, your inner wisdom can help you navigate life's challenges, but you need to trust yourself. The full moon on January 28 allows for a breakthrough so you can become your own oracle. Sign up for a workshop or retreat to develop your spiritual gifts of healing and intuition. Opening these gifts will give you ways to recreate any unsatisfying dynamics in your relationships or undesirable challenges in your life. 

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Last year, you discovered how to have a mindset wired for abundance. You may have overcome financial upsets, faced fears, or learned to trust the universe. This month, you revisit those lessons with a fresh perspective. On January 12, the new moon brings insights about how to realize monetary goals— ways to source more income, how to cut expenses, and what to prioritize so you can have more financial freedom. Don't fear economic upsets, but do be prepared. 

Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius focus your attention on writing, speaking, teaching, and learning. Expect creative output through a disciplined approach. Consider working with a program like The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. You could be called to share your ideas with others; accept invitations. Call on the divine feminine for inspiration, especially on January 16, and She could help you be a voice for social justice. On January 17, Jupiter and Uranus square off, challenging you to prioritize life’s details. Establish habits and adopt a routine to support your goals, especially if you have a work project or idea to accomplish.  

The full moon on January 28 awakens your sense of adventure. In her light, you could start to feel more hopeful about travel possibilities. Dream about a summer getaway. 

At the end of the month, you could recognize more beauty and goodness in others. If you're single, you might let down your guard and be open to meeting someone who breaks the mold. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner could enjoy more connection and affection. 
Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Congratulations, Capricorn! You've made it through one of the most trying seasons of your life. Saturn, the planet of hard work, has just left your sign. Now, it's harvest time, when you can gather the fruits that have grown from your efforts. This month, as the Capricorn Sun touches the sensitive degrees of the Zodiac that were activated last year, you can look back in celebration of your courage and growth. It was hard work, but you triumphed! The new moon on January 12 will feel like the start of a new season. 

The planets crowd the part of your chart dedicated to money. In light of changing times, you could feel more cautious about spending and more concerned about the economy's future. It's one thing to exercise caution, but it's another thing to live in fear. Don't do the latter. Jupiter and Uranus square off on January 17 and bring these issues to a head, forcing you to realize how much you matter to others and the world, despite your net worth. After January 20, you could feel more optimistic about your career and open to new ways of sourcing income. 

Venus enters your sign on January 8, making this a favorable month for social activities and relationships. This influence can lead to magnetic attraction, helping you draw like-minded people and enjoyable circumstances into your life. During helpful Venus transits, we crave more harmonious interactions with others and thus tend to have an easier time with romantic relationships. Venus is also beauty. Consider updating your look, buying a Zoom-worthy wardrobe, and planning cosmetic procedures.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

I started my career path as an actor, and I can still feel that incredible feeling I had right before stepping out on stage. Butterflies swarmed in my stomach, and blood coursed through my body like electricity, waking up every cell. My heartbeat sounded loud and strong like a shaman's drum. Then, that magical moment when the curtain parts! Now, imagine yourself there. Can you feel it? A mixture of excitement and, maybe, fear? It is your moment. You've mastered your part just by living your life. This month, the sun enters your sign on January 19 and meets up with Jupiter and Saturn days later. It's a time of awakening when you are attuned to your soul's urges. If you feel anxiety or physical symptoms of stress, you might have stage fright. Use that energy to move forward in your life.

It is a highly creative time, and you might not feel as grounded. Honor this time as sacred, and prioritize your inner urges. Jupiter and Uranus square off on January 17. If you have resisted change, now is the time to release fear and open to possibilities. One of those changes could involve a move or a home renovation. 

With a cluster of planets in your sign, you've got a fierce independent streak this month, but the full moon on January 28 shifts your focus to relationships. Any minor annoyance you have with your significant other could be a symptom of a deeper problem rooted in unhealthy relationship dynamics. Look below the surface if any one thing triggers you. 

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

January's transits motivate your inner activist. You have done so much inner work, and now it's time to focus on simple acts of service. Look out your window and see the world with arms open, welcoming your unique gifts—step beyond your threshold. Extend a hand to a friend, run for office, or share your ideas. What do you have to lose? 

Venus enters Capricorn on January 8 and activates your social life. Because it is a month for introspective discoveries, conversations with friends could inspire dreams or help you establish new goals. Set clear intentions for your career and relationships in a new moon ritual on January 12, and then let go without clinging to outcomes. Invite others to support you by holding you accountable for action steps. 

On January 17, Jupiter squares Uranus, and ancestral trauma or karma will rise to conscious awareness. Those hidden forces have influenced your relationships for too long, and now, you can heal them for good. Use your psychic abilities and other spiritual gifts to facilitate a healing process. These gifts will be heightened at the end of the month, especially on January 26, when Neptune squares the nodal axis. You'll discover how your spiritual gifts relate to your destiny. Keep an open mind, and watch for symbols in your life, like dreams, animal messengers, or synchronicities. Grounding practices will be essential, especially at the time of the full moon on January 28. 

You're growing exponentially and enriching your inner life. As a result, you're ready to overcome any challenges you've faced in romantic relationships.

© 2021 by Rachel Lang. Used with permission.

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