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Will it be fireworks for you this month? Read more on how a lunar eclipse on July 4 and Mercury in retrograde until July 12 will impact your sign this July with horoscopes from astrologer Rachel Lang.


Warrior planet Mars shines in your sign all month. Because Mars is happiest in its own sign, you will experience the benefits of this influence more than other signs. On the one hand, you feel more motivated and driven, but on the other, you could have a restlessness that won't be quelled. Think of this restless energy as the fuel you need to create change or make more of a contribution to the world. 

One of your challenges this month will be to maintain your equilibrium amidst the contrasting obligations and responsibilities that seem to have come from out of the blue. The lunar eclipse on July 4 punctuates that theme, making it tough to know where to focus and how to prioritize. If you find yourself being too busy, stop, and return to the present moment. Busyness can be a distraction from the emotions we resist feeling. Tune into your heart. 

Mercury is retrograde until July 12, making this an excellent time to reconnect with distant loved ones. You could discover truths about your family and have breakthroughs in relationships. This retrograde offers opportunities for forgiveness and healing. Go through your home and purge any photos, memorabilia, or items that trigger unpleasant memories. 

When the Sun enters Leo on July 22, it clears the fog from the first part of the month and removes creative blocks. You could feel a renewed sense of passion for your life and work. Take time off at the end of the month for sheer enjoyment. This influence highlights romance, too.  


This month starts with a call to adventure in your own hero's journey. Whether you are venturing to the newly-opened businesses in your area or taking a trip out of state, move beyond your comfort zone and welcome an experience that's guaranteed to facilitate soul growth. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the hero’s journey, consider adding Joseph Campbell to your reading list, and you will better understand your potential for growth at this time.

Your ruling planet, Venus, is now going direct,  and you might be more aware of beauty and goodness in your surroundings. The last month-and-a-half pushed you to develop self-worth and foster self-love, but you may have confronted old abandonment or rejection fears in the process. Self-love has expanded your capacity for love in all forms, and your heart is more open. This month, Mercury in Cancer helps you bridge the intellect and the heart. It gives you a poetic ability to express how you feel in spoken or written words. You could experience a shift in all areas of your life as a result.

Mercury is retrograde until July 12. Mental fog could cloud your thoughts about professional goals. If you face any creative blocks this month, go inward to find associated fears. After all, most internal obstacles are rooted in fear. By naming yours, you free yourself to write, speak, teach, perform, or present. The new moon on July 20 helps you discover new ways to share ideas. 


It's that time again – Mercury retrograde. Until July 12, allow yourself more time for rest, relaxation, and self-reflection. This month's astrology stirs up a range of emotions as it invites you to revisit the past and go deep in exploring your familial and personal history. If you feel led to go through old photos or memorabilia, have a box of Kleenex ready. You're creating a space for new possibilities in your personal life. 

The lunar eclipse on July 4 highlights financial matters for you, allowing you to face fears that might be keeping you stuck in a situation that isn't working for you. Eclipses can shake things up in our lives, catalyzing change. They encourage us to do the deep work of discovering how we can live more purposeful lives. With the North Node in your sign, this eclipse will motivate you to make bold moves forward toward creating and shaping your destiny. 

Venus is in your sign, and while this influence is generally favorable for your social life, you could feel more introverted. Emphasize quality over quantity when it comes to time with friends. Prioritize your wellbeing by reserving time for yourself. This influence could help you mediate conflicts with others or overcome challenges in your romantic relationship. Relationships of all kinds have withstood tests and trials this year, but especially over the past two months. This month offers a chance to communicate from the heart, and you could have a relationship breakthrough.


"If you can do this, you can do anything." My mom used to say when one of us received an opportunity to face fear and do something great. Make this your mantra this month. The lunar eclipse in your sign on July 5 places existential pressure on you. You could feel called to something bigger, but the puzzle pieces have not yet come together. Perhaps you can see a new chapter unfolding, but with Mercury retrograde until July 12, everything feels at a standstill. If so, clear the path for something new.

The week of July 13, you could feel pressure from different people and circumstances in your life. Your challenge will be not taking on others’ emotions or expectations. Instead, take up space in the world, and don't be afraid to use your voice. On July 20, a new moon in your sign offers hope. Embrace new ideas, as this is a highly creative time. Share and collaborate with others. Avoid being stuck in a rut by exercising your right to the pursuit of happiness.

If you have had relationship challenges, the new moon helps you express your concerns with compassion in a way that allows you to feel seen and heard. Mercury will enable you to bridge the head and the heart and feel more connected to those you love. Your empathy is a gift. So is your ability to put words to feelings. If you have a difficult time expressing yourself in conversation, try writing a letter instead. Use the poetry of language to spark a breakthrough. 


In Los Angeles, it rarely rains, but the skies are miraculously clear after it does. You can see mountain ranges and landscapes that usually seem hazy in the distance. Consider this metaphor when the Sun enters your sign on July 22 and clears mental fog and confusion from the beginning of the month while Mercury was retrograde. The emotions that rise and swell will clear energy, allowing you to create space for a new beginning in your life. 

You could have a spiritual awakening with the lunar eclipse on July 4—one that gives you the chance to make peace with your past. You may unearth hidden resentments or painful memories. Forgiveness is a theme this month, and you could look at those experiences with a renewed sense of compassion for yourself and others. 

Someone from your past could come back into your life in a significant way, especially around July 12. You might see a past relationship through the lens of retrospect, but be cautious in reaching out to an ex or going back into a previous relationship. You can be so loyal and giving, but you wouldn't want others to take your goodness for granted. Test things out first, and wait before jumping in.

The Sun in your sign shines the light of hope and enables you to see possibilities where none appeared before. In a year of radical change, you are a stable force for others. Now, you can ground yourself in knowing things will be better than okay.  


What does leadership mean to you? This month, you will discover new ways to express your gifts, share your wisdom, and become more of a positive influence in others’ lives. The lunar eclipse on July 4 allows you to assert yourself. With your incredible wit and a way with words, you have the power of persuasion, which will serve well if you are advocating for a cause, recruiting business, or promoting an idea. Speak from your heart and appeal to others’ senses. 

With your ruling planet Mercury going retrograde until July 12, you could meet with friends from the past. The beginning of the month could feel like a retrospective as you replay memories. Reminiscing is sweet, but it becomes unproductive if your mind focuses on regrettable experiences or romantic losses. Recognize the gifts in those experiences, while staying grounded in the present moment. A gratitude practice will help for these couple of weeks. 

The new moon on July 20 places emphasis on your relationships and could mean a fresh start for an old friendship. In the past year and a half, you reevaluated friendships and recognized a greater need for community. This month, reach out and connect. 

Your professional goals come into focus after Mercury stations direct on July 12, and consequently, you may feel compelled to make career changes. Proceed incrementally with any new projects or ideas; they will come to fruition over the next few years. You are in a growth cycle now and laying a solid foundation for future success. 


What does work/life balance mean to you? This month, explore this question. You could feel pulled in different directions with competing obligations in the different areas of your life, especially with the lunar eclipse on July 4. On the one hand, you have a lot of momentum for your public and professional life. On the other hand, you may need a break without the pressures associated with taking care of others.

2020 has stretched you in all ways, but primarily, it has allowed you to look at how you may compromise yourself in relationships. Tip your Libra scales back into balance early in the month by practicing productive self-care. Prioritize your goals, health, and above all, pleasure. Then, you will stay grounded and centered amid an ever-changing time. 

Mercury is retrograde until July 12, giving you the chance to revisit past career goals you may have let go. It's time to dream again, but know you might not have certainty about these matters for a while. The Sun enters Leo on July 22 and shines on your social life. It helps draw you out of a period of introversion to nurture genuine connections with others. 

Mars in your opposite sign this month awakens the passion in your love life. Its influence also encourages you to assert yourself in your primary relationships and ask for what you need. Conflict can be challenging for you, but it can be a productive way to work through difficulties and develop a stronger relationship. 


Change is in the air, and it awakens your sense of adventure this month. You are ready to see beyond your limitations and broaden your horizon. If you cannot travel because of the current restrictions, you can at least explore the new possibilities opening up in your life. A move? A career change? An opportunity to teach? Allow your imagination to wander and draw a new vision for yourself. 

Mercury is retrograde until July 12, which can mean communication frustrations. If you feel misunderstood, don't take it personally. Be mindful of details, and double-check your work. You could receive an opportunity to speak in front of an audience this month, especially after July 22, which will help you carve a path toward future success. Shine your light by expressing yourself boldly, without reservations. 

The new moon on July 20 asks you to have faith in the goodness of the universe, especially if you have weathered tough times or if you feel stuck. If you have challenges with family members, you could find new ways to talk through them after July 15. Remain optimistic through the ups and downs of this month. Remember, we are all weathering these astrological cycles together, and you are not alone. Seek connection where you can. Open yourself to meeting new neighbors and becoming more involved with your local community. You have charisma, and your sign's association with Pluto, the power planet, gives you personal magnetism. Remember this in the times when insecure feelings arise. Own your power. 


The events of the past two months have led you on a course of self-discovery. It has been a period of expansion for us all, and you've either been on the front lines or have discovered how to become more involved. You've been learning valuable lessons in self-worth, reevaluating your priorities, and doing some soul searching. Your sign is all about truth, and you may have felt led to share yours with a broader audience or build a platform for self-expression. On July 22, the Sun enters Leo and allows you to see the fruits of this effort and the fullness of the life you've been creating. 

Mercury is retrograde until July 12, which can make communication more challenging. It's easy to journey into the past. With this cycle, you could uncover the roots of familial and ancestral patterns. Realize you’re not responsible for healing those you love; you're only responsible for your spiritual and emotional growth. 

Because Mercury is in water-sign Cancer, you can bridge the head and heart, making this a favorable time to connect with others. Relationships of all kinds will be in focus, but especially your deep, intimate ones. If you have been single for some time, you might discover ways to deepen friendships. People from your past may come back into your life to help you with lessons in love. If you are involved in a relationship, you will realize the ties between love and resources in your relationship. Overcome any financial challenges by working as a team.


We start this month with a powerful lunar eclipse in your sign, guaranteeing you will see fireworks in your life on July 4. Eclipses can lead us to spiritual awakenings and inspire profound realizations that change the trajectory of our lives. Because this one occurs in your sign, you will feel led to overcome fears and clear any obstacles from your path. You could even receive a divine appointment, a sacred call. Make decisions with integrity, leading with your heart and soul.

Mercury is retrograde in your opposite sign until July 12. Communicate clearly and honestly with others, especially your partner. Express your joys, sorrows, frustrations, and desires, without holding back. With Mercury in sensitive Cancer, you can bridge the head and heart. Let down your guard with those you love, and see if you notice any shifts in those relationships. Mars encourages you to prioritize yourself on July 14, which means fortifying your boundaries to avoid unhealthy ups and downs. 

With six retrograde planets this month, including your ruling planet Saturn, at times, you might feel life is at a standstill. You have a more definite sense of your professional goals, but the plan could unfold slower than you'd like. Trust in divine timing and exercise patience. It is a favorable time to draw more attention to yourself through marketing or social media. 

On July 20, you could make a fresh start in love, especially if you're healing from a breakup or disappointment. Open yourself to the possibilities.


The astrology of this month invites you on a wellness journey. Start with a gentle detox around July 4. Purify your mind of worries and anxious thoughts, meditate to still your nervous system, and focus on breaking an unhealthy habit or adopting a new, healthy one. 

Mercury is retrograde until July 12, placing a mental fog over all of us at the beginning of the month. You may not have a sense of clarity about the next steps to take in life, but trust the guidance will come in time. As one born under the humanitarian signs of Aquarius, the events of the past several months have likely stirred a desire to do more to make a difference. This month, focus on service, like volunteer efforts that will allow you to feel like you're contributing while also allowing you to build community.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22 and shines a spotlight on your relationships. At the end of the month, the fog you felt in early July lifts, and you will prioritize rest, relaxation, and enjoying life. Venus, the pleasure planet, is in Gemini all month long, and this influence could mean favorable things for your love life. If you face relationship challenges early in the month, work through them to come out stronger on the other. That doesn't mean you have to stay in an unhealthy situation, though. Challenges might mean creating space for yourself to determine what you want. If you are single, this message applies to close friendships, business partnerships, and family relationships.


As a Pisces, your heart leads the way. Feelings are the language of the heart, and yours can turn as quickly as the tides. Sometimes, when you commit to doing something and the time comes to walk out the door, you don't feel like it. With Mercury retrograde and an eclipse at the start of the month on July 4, I invite you to embrace JOMO, the joy of missing out. Experience contentment in doing what you love, and prioritize self-care. 

The lunar eclipse on July 4 inspires a guiding vision for your future and potentially new ways to contribute. Professional girls come into focus with the new moon on July 20.

Acknowledge the part of you that wants to nest at home and spend time with your loved ones, especially the children in your life. Creative blocks clear at the end of the month. You will find inspiration from a variety of sources. 

Romantic relationships have ups and downs this month, especially the week of July 13. You could find yourself replaying past experiences or feeling nostalgic, and this reflection could stir disappointments or regrets. If so, practice gratitude to maintain perspective. Your soul knows a larger unfolding story of which you can't yet see. In your current partnership, remember Mercury is retrograde in Cancer, a sign that helps us bridge the head and heart. This influence can cloud our logical left-brain. Communicate honestly from the heart to avoid confusion. Lean on your intuition, and if it alerts you to something, pay attention. 

© 2020 Rachel Lang

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