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Astrologer Rachel Lang reports that many planets are going retrograde this June, plus there's a lunar eclipse at the start of the month (June 5) and a solar eclipse on the summer solstice (June 20). Find out what it all means for your sign. 


Go-getter Mars rules your sign, and it's moving through sensitive Pisces, slowing down your pace. Plus, several planets are going retrograde. It's time to revisit the past and rethink the decisions you've made. Reflect on what's possible with optimism, despite the uncertainty of these times. The lunar eclipse on June 5 offers inspiration, and you could have a sudden spiritual shift to help you outgrow limiting beliefs. Be open-minded and ask questions. Others will come into your life as guiding messengers. 

On June 29, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin in a way that inspires your sense of mission. You are awakening to your purpose more than ever and recognizing how your vision of that purpose is changing. There's a tension between home and work because of this awakening. As you develop new ideas for how to focus your creative energy, home life's responsibilities may seem more mundane. Balance is key. 

Several planets are going retrograde this month, and you could feel more nostalgic as a result. Reflect on the past, especially past relationships, but take your rose-colored glasses off and be willing to see clearly. It is a healing time and a period of growth. Allow the past to shape your experience of the present by practicing mindfulness. 

On June 20, the solstice happens the same day as a solar eclipse, adding to the sun's vibrancy. You could feel more energized and ready to overcome fears and limitations. Embrace any uncertainty in your life and have the courage to step into the unknown. 


With Venus going retrograde until June 24, you might say these affirmations: I am so loved. Life is richly abundant. I appreciate the beauty in myself and the beauty I see all around me. I allow others to see the best in me as I open my eyes to recognize my goodness. It is a time to strengthen your relationship with yourself and deepen self-love. 

Love is leading everyone on an adventure this month, and you're no exception. People from the past could come back into your life, and strangers may want to connect. If your month feels like a scene in a rom-com, just go with the flow. After June 24, you will look back and see what strides you made on your quest for more satisfying, loving relationships. 

Finances could be on your mind this month, especially at the time of the lunar eclipse on June 5. If you have had challenges during this economic downturn, you could strategize how to build up your portfolio and make changes to support your financial growth. If you have been having a crisis of faith, try a spiritual approach to addressing your concerns. Be willing to look deep within to discover ways you could be holding yourself back from experiencing the fullness of abundance and love in your life. On June 29, a powerful conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto restores your faith and facilitates a spiritual awakening to help you gain more clarity about some of your present-day challenges. 


Happy birthday! This month's astrology makes you reflect on the past before you can step forward into your new year. Think of this as a time to clean house, literally and metaphorically. It is a time to become more aware of any aspects of yourself hiding in the shadows. By bringing them into the light, you can clear obstacles that stand between you and your dreams. The North Node, our destiny point, is in your sign, and this year could offer you a call to adventure in your own hero's journey. When the sun conjoins the North Node on June 19, you will catch a glimpse of what that means for your life. Professionally, this could mean a significant turning point. 

With the North Node transiting through your sign (for the next 18 months), the eclipses will be on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. We have our first in the series starting this month on June 5. When a lunar eclipse happens in your sign, it shakes things up, and life gets interesting, especially in your relationships. You'll feel led to make clear decisions about who stays in your inner circle and who goes. Call dedicated partnerships into question and be willing to see the truth. 

Your love life is in the spotlight this month, with Venus retrograde in your sign. Someone from your past could reach out unexpectedly. It doesn't mean you jump back in, though. With any new relationship, go slow. Those of you in relationships will work through challenges and come through to the other side. Stay strong.


You could feel like a time traveler this month, revisiting the past and dreaming about the future. Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on June 17. Have a spiritual practice to help anchor you in the present moment. Then, you can better release resentments, worries, or fears and feel at peace about the future you're creating. Nostalgic feelings will take you back to a simpler time, but resist romanticizing the past. Recognize the blessings you have in your life now. 

This year, you have had a chance to see shadow aspects of yourself coming into the light, and you've seen evolutions in your relationships as a result. That work continues this month. If you and your partner are having a tough time with communication, maybe the solution is to take time to yourself. If you are single, learn from the past to avoid repeating those patterns. If you reconnect with an ex or someone from your past and feel a spark, ask yourself what that person represents to you. Do they symbolize stability? Passion? Familiarity? Before rushing into a relationship, engage in self-inquiry. 

Professionally, attend to ongoing projects and stay the course with what you've been prioritizing this year. It's an excellent time to finish tasks and make space in your life for something new. If you are a job seeker, consider taking the time to do some self-work this month. Discover ways you can grow personally that will influence your professional life. A subtle energetic shift could yield significant results.


Your social life is undergoing a metamorphosis as you discover new ways to build community in this strange time. Friends from your past could reach out to connect, and neighbors may come out to say hello. At the same time, you are more aware of challenges with some of your closest relationships. You're developing a clearer vision of where you're headed in life and thus raising your standards for yourself and others. So, naturally, relationships will shift. The lunar eclipse on June 5 shines a spotlight on these themes and asks you to rise as more of a leader in your community. 

On June 17, Mercury stations retrograde, activating the creative side of your brain. Double-check all of your work so you can catch minor typos or errors. When the conceptual right brain is amplified, the logical left hemisphere may need some support. It is an excellent month to take up an artistic hobby or develop one of your talents, especially after June 20, when the sun enters Cancer and stirs up old feelings. You'll want a healthy outlet for that excess energy. 

Professionally, you may be in an uncertain time, without clear direction. You have a stronger sense of what's not working for you, but you could be unclear about what to do to change. Perhaps you've recently had a career shift and are still in an adjustment period. Use this time to reflect on what inspires the most joy and focus on moving your life in that direction. 


The lunar eclipse on June 5 encourages you to follow your heart's desire, even if that means shaking up the stable structures of your life. Eclipses involve the lunar nodes, key destiny points. This one helps you overcome the fears keeping you from living a more purposeful life. Open yourself to miraculous possibilities. 

Mercury stations retrograde on June 17, sending you back in time to revisit past friendships. Those reconnections will stir more than nostalgia, though. You could discover opportunities to collaborate on projects or expand your social network. Follow any intuitive hits leading you to reach out to someone. 

With so many planets going retrograde (Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury), it's an excellent time for self-care and reflection. The only challenge is finding the time. Mars in your opposite sign suggests others are asking more of you right now. Discern which requests fit within your bigger picture purpose and which are distracting tasks you can put on hold. It's okay to say no if you don't have time or energy to spare. 

You are shifting the way you communicate in your most intimate relationships, and in doing so, analyzing the effectiveness of your communication style as well as your responses to conflict. All of this introspection will support your relationships’ evolution, not to mention your personal growth. Glide through the subtle fluctuations, the mood swings, and the questions, without rushing to any conclusions. Continue to find ways to become a more evolved version of yourself, and you will find the answers you seek. 


You were born under the sign of relationships, but that doesn't mean you have them all figured out. You are learning lessons about autonomy and interdependence. This month, you need to prioritize yourself. Spend some quality time developing your relationship with you. Venus is retrograde, helping you deepen your sense of self-worth. At the end of the cycle, on June 24, you can experience more of the love you want because of this inner growth. As a result, your relationships will change for the better. 

You could have some tests of faith this month. The lunar eclipse on June 5 asks you to rethink what you believe about yourself, others, and the universe. If you are more aware of disappointments, practice gratitude to turn things around energetically. A subtle mindset shift could make all the difference.

Mercury goes retrograde on June 17, and its influence could present misunderstandings with colleagues or coworkers. Triple check any text messages, emails, or social media posts. During Mercury retrograde, if you go too fast, you could overlook something important. Take your time and be careful. If you have wanted to make a career change or have been in negotiations for a new opportunity, expect to receive more information with the solstice on June 20. The solar eclipse that same day invites some sort of change. In many ways, you are finishing past business and manifesting intentions you set long ago. So, don't fret if you're signing a contract during Mercury retrograde.


The events of 2020 have catalyzed significant change in your life. Possibilities you never considered have now opened up for you to explore. The dust isn't yet settled. Before making any significant moves, go inward and find the guiding voice of your intuition. In times of upheaval or rapid change, the voice of fear can sound a lot like intuition. When you steady yourself in a place of mindful relaxation, your intuition rises from within and lets you know the next right moves.

The solstice on June 20 is a pivotal point in the year because a solar eclipse happens that same day. Eclipses allow us to see what otherwise may have been hidden. We have realizations and aha moments. It is one of those times for you—a spiritual awakening. It could also lead to a financial opportunity, one you first dreamed up with the lunar eclipse on June 5. 

Several planets are going retrograde this month, including Venus, the planet of relationships and finances. You're learning about how to negotiate financial decisions with your partner. Any difficult discussions about these subjects will help you to have a more balanced relationship after June 24. Keep an open dialogue about challenging aspects of your relationship so you can evolve together. If you are single, use this time to deepen self-love and self-acceptance. Once you fully embrace your singleness, you can manifest love from a space of completeness and draw a whole partner into your life for an incredible connection. 


Love will take you on an adventure this month, but you have to be willing to take a risk. For some of you, this means expressing your heart's desire. For others, this means taking a step toward meeting someone new. What makes you uncomfortable in a good way? Do that, and your love life will improve. The lunar eclipse on June 5 pulls you inward and helps you assess your relationship and intimacy fears and longings. Its influence can heal past hurts so you can truly have the love you want, even if what you want isn't a traditional type of relationship. 

With five planets going retrograde, including your ruling planet, Jupiter, this month might feel like a journey back into your past. Reconnect with friends from a different time in your life. If you find yourself romanticizing the past or feeling regretful, practice gratitude, and mindfully return to the present moment. 

It is an excellent time to review your finances and make changes if necessary. If you experienced any recent losses, you could strategize ways to build your finances back up. Consult with someone who can help if you feel overwhelmed. Do not feed negativity; stay solution-oriented. You're in a peak creative period, and you can shape your experience now. The solstice on June 20 shines a light on possibilities for loans, refinancing, or settling debts. You are in a phase of spiritual growth and becoming more aware of your intuition. Rely on this voice as you navigate the uncertainty of this time.


Important decisions leave life hanging in the balance, but until you are sure of what you want, allow yourself to have space to be uncertain. With so many planets going retrograde this month, even when you think you know something for sure, you could still have questions. Part of your challenge is negotiating these decisions with the others involved. Your partner, associates, or family members all have their own needs and ideas that may contrast with yours. How much do you give in? How much do you stand your ground? These are some of the themes that will be up for you after Mercury goes retrograde on June 17. Clear, open communication will be key.

The lunar eclipse on June 5 opens you to professional opportunities. Options you have never considered seem workable right now. You'll experience a buildup of energy in the two weeks between the eclipse on June 5 and the one on June 20. By the end of the month, you be ready for change. Of course, change has been brewing for some time. So, any fresh starts will be manifestations of recent revelations. Don't worry, though. The change will be graceful and gradual.

Your friendships will feel more grounded and closer. With several planets going retrograde, you might connect with friends from your past and rekindle those relationships. Opening yourself to others in new ways expands the possibility of love in your life. For those of you in relationships, weathering uncertain times with your partner will bring you closer together.


Your Aquarian intellect allows you to bridge the right linear, logical hemisphere of your brain with the left creative, conceptual side. This quality makes you an innovative thinker. This month's lunar eclipse on June 5 expands the potential of your creative intelligence, and whether you focus on a home project or a masterpiece, others will recognize your brilliance. At the same time, eclipses tend to shake things up so you might reach a revelation about how to best use your skills in a way that could lead to a new career path. The two weeks between the lunar eclipse on June 5 and the solar eclipse on June 20 will offer you spiritual insights that will help you structure a path with a greater sense of purpose.

Several planets are going retrograde, and you could feel you are going back in time. It's an excellent time to reconnect with friends from childhood or different chapters in your life. In doing so, you could find ways to integrate past versions of yourself into this present time in your life. Some of those old relationships might bring out the best in you.

After June 20, work routines could shift, which means going back to a pre-COVID-19 work schedule. With Mercury retrograde, make sure you're double-checking every detail to avoid communication errors. Express yourself honestly and clearly. 

Finally, allow love to surprise you all month. If someone from your past reaches out wanting to come back into your life, proceed with caution. 


This month brings you back in time, allowing you to revisit chapters you thought were closed. With five planets going retrograde, you could be tempted to romanticize past relationships or situations. Realize "the one that got away" may have been a terrible life partner after all. On June 5, the lunar eclipse helps you experience new levels of self-acceptance and love. Appreciate the past versions of yourself and the choices you've made, and own your power to create your present-day reality. 

Like many people during the time of social distancing, your home and work lives may have merged. Now, you could realize a new set of choices. Do you want to spend more time at home with your loved ones? Would you like to make a significant career move? The eclipses this month on June 5 and June 20 punctuate those themes. While it could be tough to make a final decision this month, explore your options. Mars is in your sign until June 27, which can stir up a restless desire to make a change but resist the urge to act on an impulse. 

A powerful conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto on June 29 helps you shape your goals and vision for the future, personally and professionally. Meditate and journal to access higher states of consciousness so you can be ready to receive divine insights. It is a fertile time in your life when you can start to see growth in all areas. For some of you, this may mean the possibility of starting a family. 

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