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Mercury is in retrograde until the full moon on March 9. Find out how this position impacts your sign and what’s in store for the rest of the month with astrologer Rachel Lang.


The Sun enters your sign on March 19 and shines like a spotlight. You’ll attract all kinds of attention at the end of the month. Leading up to the Aries ingress, however, you may feel more introspective and reflective. So, give yourself downtime to honor that internal process.

With Mercury retrograde, you could feel frustrated by lingering doubts or regrets, especially at the time of the full moon on March 9. You’re undergoing a spiritual detox and releasing judgments that no longer serve you. That said, they may be front and center in your mind before you clear them away. Be patient with yourself and others if you feel the extra intensity. Then, you can enter your new solar year with more clarity and purpose.

Saturn makes a big move into Aquarius on March 21. This shift allows you to be more discerning about your social networks and friendships. You will realize you don’t have to accept every invitation or spend hours responding to people on social media. Think quality, not quantity, when it comes to relationships. When Mars enters Aquarius on March 30, you will find it easy to prioritize and set boundaries accordingly. You have the power to shape your life right now—use your energy wisely.

As the Sun enters your sign, your individualistic interests take precedence, and your romantic relationships may not be as high a priority. You are taking charge of your destiny, and your partner will understand if you clearly and compassionately communicate your needs.   


How often do you allow yourself to daydream? Read a juicy novel? Act on an impulse? You’re known for being stable and reliable, but this month invites you to give your practical side a break. Try something wild; venture into the unknown, and explore your imagination.

Mars, in a complimentary earth sign, will motivate you to work toward a professional goal. By the end of the month, you will have clarity about what beliefs or limitations hold you back. With that awareness, you can overcome those hurdles.

Mercury is retrograde until March 9. You could feel confused about your friendships and your overall future this month. Try to keep everything in perspective. Rather than trying to force anything new, use this time to finish projects that have been on the backburner. By March 23, you will have clarity about your professional goals and how you can achieve them. Saturn makes a significant shift into Aquarius on March 21, signaling a peak in your career. You are in a harvest season, ready to realize the intentions you set long ago. Dream big, and then take steps toward achieving those dreams.

Venus enters your sign on March 4 and shines her light on your love life. This month could be the most romantic one of the year for you. The influence of Venus enhances any sensual experience and opens you to experience more of your grace, charm, and attractiveness. If you’re single, enjoy the extra attention, especially with the supermoon on March 9.


On a foggy night, you can only clearly see what’s immediately ahead. You can’t illuminate a fog problem either; turning on your brights only makes visibility worse. You have to move through, one foot at a time. Keep this metaphor in mind this month when you feel confused or unfocused. Mercury is retrograde until March 9.

The Sun is in dreamy, mystical Pisces until March 21. This influence amplifies your creativity, and you will likely think more conceptually. With your mind working this way, you’ll need to prioritize life’s details more intentionally. To avoid minor mishaps or miscommunication, spend a few extra minutes proofing emails or texts before pushing send. 

The supermoon on March 9 answers questions you’ve had about a pressing matter in your personal life. The influence of this full moon helps you shed unproductive fears and unwanted baggage from your past. It’s a time of revelation and realization, and the insights you receive could help you overcome any energetic barriers to your happiness. Stay positive throughout the beginning of the month, even in those foggy times.

On March 19, the Sun enters Aries and shines a light on your social life, making the end of the month a favorable time to expand your network online or in real life. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, seek help, or collaborate with others on a project. Let your ego have a break and allow yourself to experience genuine heart connections. That same message applies to your romantic relationships as well.


This month offers inspiration and motivation. Mars, in your opposite sign, fuels your drive to succeed and achieve. However, you could feel external pressure pushing you beyond your comfort zone. Set manageable goals, with the understanding that your clients, business partners, or associates could demand more than usual, especially after the Sun enters Aries on March 19. Trust the pressure you feel is for your highest good.

State your preferences. Knowing what you don’t want will help clarify what you do want. Mercury is retrograde until March 9, and you could be confused about an unresolved situation from your past. Be kind to yourself; Mercury retrograde cycles feel intense.

With a Sun-Neptune conjunction on March 7, you could feel inspired. Drift through the day without a fixed schedule. If you can, spend time near the water for inspiration. Spiritual insights arise from your intuition, which functions at a high point right now. Meditate and spend time in stillness. Travel is another way to maximize this influence.

On March 21, Saturn makes a big move into Aquarius and relieves some pressure it’s placed on your relationships for the past two years. In that time, you’ve become more focused on what works for you, and you’ve made commitments to yourself and others. Now, you will master lessons in intimacy, as you realize what inner fears hold you back from merging with another. This month, you could start to catch a glimpse of what will unfold in the next two and a half years. 


You have been laying a foundation for your future in the past two years. At times, it may have felt like a lot of work. You’ve mastered lessons and passed tests of faith. This month, you will begin to realize some of the fruits of your efforts as the Sun enters Aries on March 19 and offers a preview of exciting opportunities to come. Stay optimistic until then.

With Mercury retrograde until March 9, you could encounter some minor misunderstandings, especially in your romantic relationships. Remember, you were born under a fixed sign, and when you commit to something, you stay the course. Others may be inclined to change their minds. If this happens, be patient and go with the flow. Mercury can be a trickster.

The full moon on March 9 pulls your attention to a financial matter. If you feel pressed to make a decision, give yourself a little extra time. You’re beginning to see a situation more clearly, but you still have unanswered questions.

On March 21, Saturn enters Aquarius, and you could begin to notice shifts in your relationships. Commitment will be a keyword during the next two and a half years. You will learn the importance of your loyalty during rough patches with your partner. If you are single, you could start to feel more intentional about attracting a serious relationship. By the end of the month, you will realize the importance of relaxation, adventure, and play for the health of your relationship. 


You start the month looking backward in reflection as Mercury goes retrograde until March 9. You have a chance to face and conquer some of your greatest fears. Observe when you feel excessive worries, as these can serve as distractions, keeping you from feeling more deep-seated fears like rejection, intimacy, or abandonment. When uncertainties arise, look for the root of fear. On March 9, the full moon in your sign offers hope for overcoming fear and allowing more love into your life.

With Mercury retrograde, make peace with your imperfections. That said, be sure to proof everything you send out and be mindful as you text or post anything online. Accidents happen during Mercury retrograde.

Mars spices up your love life with its move through Capricorn until March 30, and you could feel more passion in your relationship as well as other areas of life. Venus enters Taurus March 4 and invites you to be curious and discover how you might experience yourself differently in relationships. Release control and free yourself from any inhibitions keeping you restricted from experiencing intimacy. The Sun’s ingress into fiery Aries on March 19 will help.

Mars is quite prominent this month, motivating you to work toward a goal. Its influence heightens your drive for success. When Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21, you will have a better idea of the steps you must take to reach success. If you feel extra busy this month, trust your efforts will pay off. You are laying a foundation for future success.


Have you ever driven toward the western horizon late in the afternoon with the Sun shining right in your face? It can be nearly impossible to see without shielding your eyes. The Sun moves into Aries on March 19, which means it’s shining on you like this, metaphorically speaking. Because of this, you may not be able to see your path as clearly as usual. Therefore, close your eyes and draw your awareness inward.

At the beginning of the month, your full to-do list keeps you busy. Make time to indulge your whimsical side, and allow yourself to drift into new places, spaces, and experiences. Start observing more. Mercury is retrograde until March 9, and its influence could inspire an artistic vision. Artistry can take many forms—art, writing, entrepreneurship, financial strategy, child-rearing, or self-promotion—to name a few. Clear distractions and make time for brainstorming.

Mars in Capricorn until March 30 motivates you to attend to home-related projects throughout the month, making this an excellent time for spring cleaning.

On March 21, a new Saturn cycle begins, which comes as a relief for you. Since late 2017, you have gone through a deep soul-dive into the past, clearing ancestral patterns, healing from the past, and facing some challenging lessons. Now, you are ready for a fresh start in life and love. You’re entering a fertile time when the ground is ripe for planting seeds. Set love-life intentions with the new moon on March 24.


Expect happy accidents, fortuitous encounters with people from your past, and surprises this month. Mercury, that little trickster, is retrograde until March 9. Mishaps can happen, but if you maintain a sense of humor, you’ll gracefully ride the waves.

On March 7, the Sun meets up with dreamy Neptune for an auspicious day. Make time to do something indulgently creative or relaxing. Your imagination will be in overdrive, and with the right focus, you could have inspiration for a new idea or vision for your life.

Mars in Capricorn helps you speak with authority, making this a favorable time to teach a class, lead a workshop, or pitch a proposal. You will be motivated to promote yourself in new ways, whether that means updating your social media profiles, securing press hits, or applying for a new job. Your words have power; use them wisely.

The full moon on March 9 shines a spotlight on your social life. Revelations about friendships could lead to changes in your social circle, and you an acquaintanceship might deepen. If you have felt competitive with a colleague or friend, you might discover ways to work more collaboratively.

If you can, steal away for an adventure with someone you love early in the month. Venus shines favorably on your love life after March 4, but to experience the benefits of this transit, you must deepen self-love. Accept all aspects of yourself, even the dark ones. Care for yourself with kindness, without controlling or restricting your desires. Love attracts love; be love to have love.


Shifting currents could leave you feeling off-kilter this month. You can sense a change in the air, but you may not be clear about the specifics. Make this your motto: Go with the flow. Prioritize by committing wholeheartedly to what most excites you.

Professionally, you may wrestle with a decision. Give yourself time and space to discern the next right move. Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde until March 9, and you could feel more confused about your overall direction in life. The supermoon that day offers you insight into how you can better balance your day-to-day responsibilities with your long-term goals. The key is to eliminate distractions.

You will be pleased to know Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 21, easing some pressure on your financial affairs. If you have prioritized saving, budgeting, or conserving resources, celebrate your success. If you have made efforts to overcome economic fears, you will experience a more positive cash flow in your life. Stay committed to your financial goals for favorable outcomes. On March 20, Mars conjoins Jupiter, and you could receive hopeful news about a business matter. 

On March 19, the Sun enters Aries and shines a light on your love life. The New Moon on March 24 allows you to feel more at ease about your romantic relationships, especially if you have recently felt disappointment, regret, or doubt. Relax and trust as you enter a new beginning in love. This New Moon also enhances your creativity. Set your intentions wisely.


You are motivated, tenacious, and unstoppable this month with Mars in your sign until March 30. There’s just one catch, however. Mercury is retrograde until March 9. This astrological lineup feels like pressing one foot on the gas pedal and one on the brake. Think of the fable of the tortoise and the hare. “Slow and steady wins the race.” Make this your mantra, and avoid frustration.

With Mercury retrograde until March 9 and a supermoon on that same day, you could have a spiritual awakening during which you will blast through any fears limiting your potential. Ask questions in meditation or prayer to receive answers. You might also consider seeking out a teacher or mentor at this time to deepen your spiritual practice or gain guiding insights.

The big highlight of the month features your ruling planet Saturn as it moved into Aquarius on March 21. Saturn has placed considerable pressure on you to become more serious and focused in all areas of your life. You’ve grown in the past two years. Now, that pressure lightens up for a little while, allowing you to see what amazing things you’ve created. Pat yourself on the back, and give yourself credit for your achievements. As Venus moves into earth sign Taurus on March 4, you will feel a heightened sense of confidence and personal power. Prioritize yourself and your most meaningful goals. You will reach them.

Venus in Taurus increases your potential for genuine heart connections. Open yourself to the possibility of love. Mars inspires passion.


Surrender means releasing any attachment from the outcome of your desired intention. It means radically accepting what is and being open to what will be. Oddly, that moment of surrender is often the point of manifestation for those intentions, but it’s a process you can’t force. So many excellent growth opportunities happen on your way to surrender. This month, keep that in mind, especially on March 30, when Mars enters your sign. Your ego’s voice could be louder than usual. Meditate, relax, and be more conscious of its pull. 

At the beginning of the month, you could feel more creatively inspired. Whatever you start this month has the potential for long-term success, whether it’s a blog, journal, artistic masterpiece, or home project. Saturn enters your sign on March 21 and urges you to commit yourself to something or someone. You could have a burst of inspiration leading you into that new beginning. Don’t put pressure on yourself to have all of the pieces in place.

Saturn’s presence in your sign could slow you down to reassess how to focus your energy best. Because of this, take extra care with your health. If something feels off, see your physician. You may not have the immunity to fight off viruses and bugs. Take supplements, exercise, and follow your optimum diet for prevention. 

Mercury goes retrograde until March 9, and you could experience communication mishaps in your romantic relationships. Communicate from your heart, honestly and openly. Mars enters your sign on March 30 and inspires passion.


The Sun shines in your sign until March 19, illuminating your potential for visibility and recognition. Take advantage of this influence and create a masterpiece or showcase a talent. Step into the spotlight and shine your light for the world to see.

Mercury will be retrograde until March 9, and you have a chance to uncover subconscious fears that limit your potential. It’s time to face your inner demons and restructure unproductive relationship patterns. Awareness is key.

Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 21, and you could feel led to make health and well-being your top priority. That said, remember that worry can be a misuse of imagination. Take precautions, but remain hopeful about your ability to find the appropriate solutions for any health concerns.

The supermoon on March 9 highlights a tension between autonomy and partnership. You can have both; you certainly don’t need to lose yourself in relationships. If that has been a theme for you in the past, consider this a breakthrough moment when you can create lasting change. If you feel uncertain about any aspect of your love life, be patient with yourself and your partner. You will receive answers to your questions as the Sun moves into Aries on March 19. In the meantime, develop your spiritual practice to fine-tune your intuition. It will be a guiding light.

The new moon on March 24 could inspire you to brainstorm ways to generate more income. In this creative time, use your imagination to solve any financial concerns.

© 2020 by Rachel Lang. Used with permission.

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