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While much of the world still feels like it's on pause, stars and planets continue to move. Find out what's in store for your sign this May with astrologer Rachel Lang.


Recent events have brought us to a standstill, but there is a groundswell of activity in your interior life. Creative ideas have blossomed, and you focused on aspects of your life that have otherwise been in shadows. You are in a personal renaissance, and the ideas you hatch now will take on a life of their own by the end of this month. The full moon on May 7 gives you the chance to invest in these ideas, but Venus stations retrograde on May 12, tightening your budget.

On May 4, the north node destiny point enters Gemini. Your priorities for the next 18 months will be teaching, learning, and communication. This month, these are predominant themes. Think about what you say and how you say it, as you could receive feedback about your communication style. Take a gentler approach, just in case. Also, try not to spread gossip, as it could backfire. Use your voice to make a difference, especially with the new moon on May 22. Share your wisdom; the world needs you at this time. 

Overcome financial fears by staying optimistic, even if you've had setbacks. In this creative time, your mindset matters. Detox negative thoughts, and open yourself to receive help with any challenges you face. 

Your past calls out and asks you to revisit previous relationships or relationship dynamics. You could even have an encounter with an ex. If you feel unprocessed grief, disappointment, or fear, move through to open yourself to more profound experiences of love and connection.  


This month, love yourself deeper than ever before by turning down the voice of your inner critic and forgiving past mistakes, and. Your ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde on May 12, giving you until June 24 to master self-acceptance and make peace with your past so that you can live a more abundant, love-filled future. May is also your birthday season, making it a welcome time to deepen self-worth. Make this your mantra: I'm a radiant, creative soul with unending potential. 

Venus retrograde makes us all tighten our budgets and ask ourselves tough relationship questions, like, "Am I holding onto the past to try and control the present?" The full moon on May 7 spotlights these themes. Relationships of all kinds will undergo shifts. Stay open-hearted, and you will discover new ways to connect with those closest to you. Plan a Zoom birthday party and see how many of your loved ones want to celebrate you. 

The north node shifts into Gemini on May 4, where it will be for 18 months. This destiny point draws your attention to your finances, and this could be a time for rebuilding if you faced recent setbacks. Maintain a positive mindset because you're in a new chapter of strategizing how to share your gifts with the world, and your mindset matters. If fear preoccupies your mind, you may lose some of your creative potentials. Stay grounded in the present moment, and focus on the beauty in your surroundings to keep fear at bay and possibilities alive. 


Venus in your sign helps you realize the importance of enjoying life. Balance work with relaxation, see the beauty in your surroundings and appreciate life's pleasures. These suggestions will help you be in the state of goodness to attract more of it into your life. 

Gemini season starts May 20. If you are reflecting on the past year, stay focused on your successes and accomplishments. Avoid the pitfalls of regret or self-criticism. You've achieved so much, and you've grown exponentially in the process. 

Mercury moves into your sign on May 11, helping you finish work or creative projects. If you haven't finished spring cleaning, this can help you organize the effort. Mercury awakens your inner storyteller. Use this time to write and express your ideas. If you are a writer, publishing is a possibility to pursue at this time.

The north node destiny point enters your sign on May 4, where it will be for 18 months, helping deepen your sense of purpose. You will encounter people who play integral roles in helping you stretch beyond your comfort zone and face your greatest fears. Keep an open mind and do not limit yourself.

Venus retrograde could shake up your love life. People from your past could come back into your life. Be careful not to step back into a relationship that you have outgrown. You could have important lessons to learn, and the relationship may not be meant to last forever. Use this time to build confidence and deepen self-worth. 


After weeks of sheltering in place, you may have a newfound appreciation for your social life. This month, go out of your way to connect with others. See how many new people you can meet by the new moon on May 22. Social connections help increase oxytocin levels—that feel-good hormone—and relieve any anxiety you may have picked up during this uncertain time. 

The north node karmic destiny point moves into Gemini on May 4, ending an 18-month cycle during which you were pushed beyond the bounds of your comfort zone. You had no choice but to claim your purpose and live it, overcoming fears and doubts in the process. Now, you will focus on letting down your guard and expressing your heart. The more you share of yourself in safe, trustworthy relationships, the more love and respect you'll receive in return. Non-verbal communication, like empathy and intuition, will deepen. 

Venus stations retrograde on May 12, and you could receive a flood of memories from your past. What were some themes that were present for you in 2012? Those will be up for you again until June 24. It's time to gain clarity about unsettling breakups and find ways to improve your current relationship. In doing so, you will overcome fears keeping you from experiencing the love and abundance you desire. Even in the most secure, loving relationships, we can find dynamics that need improvement. The full moon on May 7 illuminates ways you can experience more joy in your love life.    


Imagine new ways to express your creativity, and make your life a work of art, bringing beauty into the mundane. Venus goes retrograde from May 12 to June 24, and during this time, you have to be more intentional about enjoying life, as meeting financial obligations and navigating relationships can require more effort. Counterbalance this by indulging in simple pleasures, like making plans with friends. Then, see how you can declutter or decorate your home, especially with the full moon on May 7. (Just don't go too extreme!) Make your surroundings more lush and luxurious to honor your inner Venus, the goddess of beauty. 

On May 4, the north node, a destiny point, moves into Gemini, where it will be for the next 18 months. This transit can help you connect with like-minded friends and broaden your social circle. It also encourages you to discover ways to become more involved in your community. You are becoming more aligned to your purpose, and in the process, uncovering buried fears that may be keeping you from fully realizing it. The time to stretch yourself to new levels of growth and fulfillment is now. 

Professionally, if you are ready for a change, you could decide to take the first step in a new direction around May 4. If you have suffered a recent job loss, this month's influences offer some hope. Your connections are your key to finding new opportunities, especially at the time of the new moon on May 22. Expand your network, and doors will open. 


Your mind is brilliant this month, giving you mental power to solve riddles or answer questions. Practical thinking will help you implement strategies to overcome any obstacles. Make the most of this time, and focus on your top project or goal. Direct all of your mental energy toward it. Notice when you become distracted. Could it be the result of fear or self-doubt? The full moon on May 7 shines a light on any hidden resistances and helps you overcome them for good. 

On May 4, the north node destiny point enters Gemini, where it will be for approximately 18 months. During this time, you have profound realizations about your potential. With this awareness, you can push to achieve more recognition. Though you may have achieved success, now, you can make an even greater contribution. It's time to accept a sacred calling and start your mission.  

If financial concerns trouble you, look for ways to disengage your mind from the worrying thoughts. Volunteering or giving back is one way to do this, and it will help you shift from fear to hope.  

Venus goes retrograde from May 12 to June 24, and you might have questions about a relationship. If someone from your past comes back into your life, test it out first. Set firm boundaries in out-of-balance relationships. During retrograde cycles, we have a chance to rethink the past and deepen self-worth. Both are grounded in who you are and not what you do. Find ways to bring more pleasure and enjoyment into your life to reinforce this awareness. 


Your ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde from May 12 to June 24, leading you to explore the darker recesses of your psyche and find hidden relationship fears. In the process, you could discover beliefs that tie together love, money, and self-worth. It's time to disengage any beliefs that limit you from feeling whole and worthy of goodness. Start on May 7 with the full moon. If you have faced recent financial setbacks, have faith in your ability to create solutions. 

You navigate some bumpy terrain in love this month. Awareness about past decisions can help you move through disappointment or regret, but first, you have to feel those emotions. You have the remarkable ability to see all sides of a situation. If you get stuck in a self-defeating storyline, find a new perspective. Avoid holding back for fear of stirring conflict. Use your diplomatic charm to raise any concerns you have with your partner. If you're single, this is the time to dive into self-care. Embody the traits you seek in a partner, and you will become a magnetic attractor for that type of person. 

The north node destiny point shifts into Gemini on May 4, and for the next 18 months, you will prioritize communication, especially through writing and speaking. You're learning to become your own guru, and you could have a spark of inspiration to share with others. The new moon on May 22 could bring welcome news about a publishing opportunity. If travel restrictions lift, plan a getaway for the end of the month.  


Memories from the past tug on your heartstrings, making you more reflective about your relationships and personal life. What matters now? The world has changed, and you feel more centered within yourself and sure of what you want. Faith is your operative word this month, and you'll need it to weather any uncertainty, especially around the Scorpio full moon on May 7. Reflecting on the past offers you wisdom from which to draw as you make decisions in the present. 

Relationships are under the spotlight, especially at the beginning of the month. If you have any concerns, voice them with your partner. Scorpios can tend to let things simmer beneath the surface, but with Venus retrograde from May 12 to June 24, this is no time to hold back or stifle the truth. It will all come out, as retrograde cycles are times to review our lives. In the process, you deepen self-love. If you are single, this is the key to attracting love. 

Business alliances and partnerships become more apparent to you. At the beginning of the month, you can see hidden elements you may have missed before. If you are collaborating with someone, expect to be in a positive flow after Mars enters Pisces on May 12. If you have had recent financial setbacks, use your imagination to brainstorm possible solutions. Remember, you are not a victim of circumstances but a magical creator of your life experience. You will understand how to access more of your power with the new moon on May 22. 


Make May the month during which you deepen your sense of self-love. A close examination of your relationships may lead you to explore how you have held yourself back in the past for fear of either engulfment or abandonment. Now is the time to overcome any fears keeping you from feeling genuine connections. 

Venus goes retrograde on May 12, signaling a time when you could rethink your relationship dynamics. If you are single, this applies to friends and family. Until June 24, you will do a crash-course in love, coming to terms with ways you might be accidentally closing yourself off to the love you want. The sun's ingress into Gemini on May 20 punctuates these themes, and it could mean hope for your love life. The new moon on May 22 offers you the chance to revisit past relationships for clarity and closure. Have faith; this is a time for personal growth. 

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, stations retrograde on May 14, leading you to question what you believe now that the world has changed. This is a time to go within for answers, rather than seeking wisdom outside of yourself. Deepen your spiritual practice, and find ways to share your knowledge with others. On May 4, the south node enters your sign and stirs up karmic patterns that need to be reviewed and reshaped. This transit starts an 18-month cycle during which you'll encounter new relationships and situations that feel destined. They will help you feel a greater sense of purpose in all you do. 


This month, be unstoppable. I know that may be easier said than done in this strange time, but with your tenacity and drive, you can push beyond any imposed restrictions to fulfill your ultimate desires. Resist settling into the comfort of your safety zone. You are in a period of manifestation, only limited by your imagination. Dream big. 

Jupiter stations retrograde on May 14, allowing you to seize opportunities you thought had passed. Professionally, this is a time to step on stage (literally or metaphorically). How can you share your ideas or talents with the world? Build a bigger platform by connecting with others and establishing new relationships. The full moon on May 7 shines like a spotlight, assisting with these efforts. 

Venus stations retrograde on May 12, and you will have the chance to gain clarity about past relationships. In the process, you learn valuable ways to break free from old or unsatisfying relationship patterns. Retrogrades are also a time to deepen self-love as the basis for experiencing greater love in your relationships.

Finances might be tight, perhaps because you are investing in yourself or a new business. Saturn stations retrograde on May 10, signaling a time when you might need to be more cautious about spending. You could revisit the past and bring an abandoned career goal or project out from the shadows. You might realize you were ahead of your time then, and with creative vision, you could give it a new life.  


Just when you thought life was moving forward, this month asks you to take a step back and reevaluate a few things. Your traditional ruling planet, Saturn, goes retrograde on May 11, and you take a more serious look at decisions you've made in the past few months. With Saturn in your sign, this is a time to focus on self-improvement, but do not give in to self-criticism. Detox your mind of those judgmental voices.

On May 7, you play a juggling act between your professional or volunteer activities and the needs of your family. You may have been doing this balancing act since everything changed in mid-March. This month, it comes to a climax, and you could discover new ways to integrate the different aspects of your life, so you feel more of a sense of wholeness in all you do. You realize you don't have to segment yourself; allow all categories of your life to merge. 

Venus, the relationship planet, goes retrograde on May 12 in Gemini. During this time, you will learn how to express your emotions better and explore ways to communicate more effectively. Allow yourself to speak your love language more creatively. If you are single, you could possibly enter into a steamy affair at this time. The new moon on May 22 opens you to the possibility. Resist the urge to dive into a new relationship or back into a past one. Allow love to grow over time.  


This month, you have momentum when Mars, the planet of passion, enters your sign on May 12, offering you focus and motivation. You are a natural empath, and you're more sensitive to the energetics of the collective. With so many recent losses, you've been attuned to collective grief, making it difficult to focus. If you haven't felt distracted, good! Either way, you're in a creative renaissance now and ready to share your inspired ideas with the world. The full moon on May 7 gives you a chance to shine.

Venus goes retrograde from May 12 to June 24. If nostalgic memories tug at your heartstrings, use the feelings to open your heart and expand your capacity to love. Someone could likely come back into your life but honor your boundaries. If something feels off, trust your intuition, even if you want to believe what they have to say. However, if you ignore your inner knowing, you may have a tough lesson to learn about ways you tend to abandon yourself in relationships. Venus retrograde helps us more unconditionally accept ourselves and make peace with past decisions. By the way, this is not the best time to make dramatic decor changes to your home unless the plans have already been in the works. 

The new moon on May 22 could mean making a fresh start with a family member, especially if you have been at odds. Establish firmer boundaries if you've felt unappreciated. Healing is inevitable through amazing grace. 

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