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Tony Horton, creator of the P90X® program, shares a simple 15-minute meditation that will help shift your perspective. 

I have a 15-minute meditation that I break up into five-minute chunks and do at a lot at my seminars. I did it at Omega, and it was really interesting to see the responses from everybody, from “Oh my, that’s so weird and so scary," and "This stuff is foreign to me,” to people who said it resonated deep in their soul.

The first five minutes is just sitting quietly in a seated position, maybe on a yoga block or a folded up blanket, and doing a standard meditation of breathing, without making it too complicated.

And that was hard for people, just sitting quietly, without lying down. Their hips and knees were killing them, and they were starting to hunch over. There was a lot of looking around the room like, “How long is this five minutes? It feels like an hour.” Other people were completely still and present and just trying to find that place.

The second five minutes is what I call four-by-four breathing. You inhale for a four count, you hold your breath for a four count, you exhale for a four count, and then you hold without any air for a four count. Hopefully, you get to open up the lungs a little bit. You do that lying on your back, which is nice. You can be completely comfortable as you expand the belly and the chest cavity and let the inhalations and exhalations get bigger and bigger every time.

The last five minutes is rolling oms. A rolling om is when you inhale and you let the om out, and when you run out of gas, you do it again and again and again until the five minutes is up.It’s a great 15 minutes.

It will completely alter your perspective without having to move at all. 

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Photo: ​© Dingzeyu Li

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