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Find out how the lunar eclipse at the end of November will impact your life and what's in store the rest of the month in your personal and professional realms. 


This year has brought chapters in your life to a close, and this month helps you with the last bit of letting go. Endings are never comfortable for our security-minded egos, but the excitement of a new beginning stirs inside you, even if you don’t know what that means right now. The lunar eclipse on November 30 inspires faith in the future. Dream big, think expansively, and don’t let fear stand in your way. 

Jupiter and Pluto meet up for the third and final time this year on November 12. What was happening in your professional life in early April and late June? Those storylines could repeat themselves. You’re being called to stand up and lead. Circumstances may have led you into a position to exert more authority. Own your power, but think collaboratively when working in a team. 

Mars goes direct on November 13, and you could be more aligned to your goals, especially health-related ones. Any setbacks and delays will lift, leaving you ready to move forward again. The end of the month is a time of recovery if you have faced illness, injuries, or accidents. 

Venus shines in Libra until November 21, and the beginning of the month could introduce some breakthroughs in your love life. Find ways to harmonize differences with your partner by adopting a collaborative approach in overcoming relationship challenges. With Mars in your sign, working on self-improvement is the best way to ensure happiness in your relationships. 


Love relationships are heart-expanding, passionate, painful, and sometimes complicated. With the mixed bag of emotions, it’s no wonder they inspire much of our music and poetry. Even unhealthy ones offer us lessons to help us grow and  reach our highest potential. This year, you are learning more about love and how to receive it. The new moon on November 14 invites you to release any fears of commitment or intimacy. On November 21, Venus enters Scorpio, adding a spark of romance to the end of the month. 

Mars stays retrograde until November 13. All through the month, it invites you to develop a healthier relationship with anger. If you tend to stuff those feelings, then find healthy ways to diffuse the pressure or you could feel as if you’re going to explode. Alternatively, if you’re the type to rush to anger, you might take a few deep breaths to relax before lashing out. Experience these emotions with fluidity; dance with them. 

On November 12, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin in a dynamic transit that opens possibilities for publishing, directing, teaching, or business expansion. You’re ready to rise to new career heights, and this influence inspires the courage you need to soar. Though these developments will take time to manifest, you’re starting to navigate the path to success. If you have faced economic ups and downs, expect a shift around the time of the lunar eclipse on November 30. This transit signifies a turning point in your overall financial situation that will pay off within the next six months.  


Do you ever have things you know you should do but can’t generate the motivation to do them? Maybe you want to start a meditation practice but find other things to occupy your time. Perhaps you need to confront someone about an important matter in your life, but you keep avoiding the conversation. This month gives you insights into why you may resist what’s in your best interest. As Mercury stations direct on November 3, you can better face those fears and move beyond. Then, you can restructure your habits and daily routines.

On November 14, the new moon centers your attention on your health. Do not ignore any signals your body is sending you, and focus on boosting your immune system. Any minor ache or pain could be your body’s way of saying, “Pay attention.” As a Gemini, you live in the world of thoughts and ideas. Come back to your body and honor its needs. 

The lunar eclipse on November 30 places your love life in the spotlight where you can see more clearly what dynamics need to change in your relationship. If you’re single, that means your relationship with yourself. Leading up to this, on November 12, sudden revelations uncover truth about what it means to be in true partnership. You might fear that having what you want in relationships means you’ll have to compromise individuality, but you don’t. You are ready to stop running from relationships or from seeing aspects of yourself being mirrored by your partner. You’re ready for love.


This month brings 2020 to a climax. It’s time to implement the plans you’ve schemed throughout the year and to put pen to paper, strategizing the ideas that have been percolating in your mind. World events will fuel your resolve and help you access more courage. As Mars stations direct on November 13, you will have the motivation to take giant steps forward. 

This is one of the most important times in your life. If you don’t feel as successful as you’d hoped, find other ways to measure your achievement. Have you overcome fears? Eliminated limiting beliefs? Grown beyond your comfort zone? If so, you’ve succeeded. Mars has been going retrograde in your career sector, causing you to question yourself or reassess your purpose and plan. The new moon on November 16 offers the creative spark you need. This is a highly fertile time.

On November 12, Jupiter and Pluto meet for their third and final conjunction this year. Think about what was happening in your love life in early April or late June. You could see similar themes in your life right now. This conjunction helps you identify what’s not working for you in your relationships so you can reach deeper levels of satisfaction and love. It’s a time for relationship reforms, which may mean taking a risk. For example, if you’re single, start an online dating profile. As Venus enters Scorpio on November 21, you will be more willing to share your emotions with others and let them experience the fullness of your heart. 


If you have faced one roadblock after another, you will be pleased when motivational Mars stations direct on November 13. Then, you will realize that those obstacles in your path were divine protection in disguise. By the end of the month, you will awaken to new possibilities for your professional life and personal relationships. There is a silver lining around the clouds hovering overhead, and you will see it clearly after November 21. 

If your career goals seem unclear, redefine what success means to you by focusing on what would bring the most satisfaction and fulfillment. Turn inward to define your mission and goals in life. Then, let passion lead. With world events reaching a pivotal point, you could become inspired to start out on a new path—one that would allow you to make more of a difference. You’re overcoming fear and ready to live a more purposeful life as a result. You will feel this especially on November 12, when Jupiter meets Pluto in a revolutionary transit. 

The lunar eclipse could mean a catharsis for your social life and relationships. Be open to letting go to create space for new relationships. If you are single, think about who you want to be for your future partner. You can attract love just by being a vibrational match to love. Therefore, be the best version of yourself. The same message applies to your current relationship. With the Sun shining in Sagittarius this month, you could experience more passion and romance.


If 2020 were a film, this month would be the climax, when the storylines all come together and new information is revealed. On November 12, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin, and there’s no way you can sit on the sidelines. You will be motivated to become more of a part of social movements or to more fearlessly share your gifts with the world. You are overcoming fear and perfectionism so you can live a more creative life. 

Mercury, the communication planet, stations direct on November 3, helping you more passionately express your ideas. Your mental acumen is at a high point, and you could receive an opportunity to teach, speak to a group, or pitch a proposal. Your words have power, especially after November 10.

The new moon on November 14 helps you see from a spiritual perspective. You might notice guiding signs from the universe or from unsuspecting others. Pay attention to these messages. You could be led to learn something new. Because your mind is more active, you might want to incorporate meditation into your daily life, if you don’t already.

Your attention turns to your personal life at the end of the month. The lunar eclipse on November 30 could mean a turning point for your family relationships. Allow your loved ones to surprise you with a show of support. Your home life is a foundation for all other areas of your life, but perhaps it has felt like work to maintain familial relationships. This will start to shift over the next six months.  


2020 has taught you lessons in resilience. You’ve navigated changing currents, moved through challenging growth cycles, and developed strength. This month, you have one final exam before graduating to a new lesson. Your challenge will be to prioritize yourself if you feel depleted. Realize the power of your no, especially with the new moon on November 14. You will fundamentally understand that your self-worth is based on who you are, not on what you do for others. 

Financial concerns could weigh on your mind until November 21 and added pressure could inspire a breakthrough. Keep this in mind if you feel overwhelmed. You’re discovering that fear keeps you out of the flow of abundance, and success happens naturally when you align to your purpose. The lunar eclipse on November 30 inspires courage, and you could reach a new audience with your message or find ways to share your ideas with the world.

On November 12, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin to spur a revolution in your home life. Take a stand about a family matter without fear. Assert yourself in those relationships and don’t hesitate to set a boundary if necessary. You could also make headway on a renovation project. 

With Mars in your opposite sign, you have more access to emotions like passion and anger. In the past, you might have suppressed these feelings. This month’s transits invite you to feel it all, and find ways flow through them with grace. Communication in relationships will positively shift as a result. 


Think of this month as the climax to an action-packed film. Several plotlines are coming together, making this a time of movement and discovery. You are gaining clarity about aspects of your life and realizing how to access more of your power. Plus, it’s your birthday season when the sun shines favorably, giving you more courage and strength to move through this unprecedented time. The new moon on November 14 helps you see what otherwise may have been hidden. 

Mars goes direct on November 13, and you’ll feel more energized than you have since September. You can overcome any professional setbacks to be more confident in your work and focused on achieving your goals. As Mercury enters your sign on November 10, you will be inspired to speak, write, or complete a creative project. Two days later, Jupiter and Pluto meet for a revolutionary transit that gives your thoughts and words more power. In all you do, be calculated and careful. Remember, you don’t have to rush. You create your own timeline. 

Venus, the planet of relationships, enters your sign on November 21 and helps balance both relationships and finances. You and your partner could have a breakthrough with regard to how you share resources with the lunar eclipse on November 30. If you are single, you have likely learned a lot from exploring your past. Now, it’s time to change your self-talk to shift the future of your relationships. Venus in your sign inspires confidence and allows you to see your beauty. 


Let your intuition steer you away from turbulence or rocky patches. Pay attention when your gut tells you to cancel a plan, take a different route, or avoid a situation. Your inner guidance will be nearly impossible to ignore this month. While you’re more attuned, develop your gifts of knowledge, wisdom, and faith. Then, you will discover ways to inspire others. On November 14, the Scorpio new moon awakens you to your potential. 

On November 12, Jupiter and Pluto come together in a way that spurs a transformation in financial matters. Own your power to create more abundance in your life and overcome financial fears in the process. If you are proud of your success, imagine the ways you can share your good fortune with others. Your ideas about money have been shifting radically over the past year and a half, and this month is no exception. 

Mars, the action planet, goes direct on November 13, allowing you to get back into motion with professional goals and creative ideas you’ve had in the works. By the time the Sun enters your sign on the 21st, you’ll be motivated to take steps forward. 

The lunar eclipse on November 30 catalyzes change in your love life. This one is especially potent for you, as it’s in your opposite sign. You’ll walk a fine line between wanting freedom and seeking partnership. Within six months, you'll discover how to have a balance of the two. Make peace with past relationship decisions, and set intentions for what you’d like to manifest. 


You’ve proven your adaptability this year as you’ve let go of expectations and learned to flow with life’s changes. This month, you are ready to take a stand and express your desires to the universe and others. In doing so, you’ll both experience the power of your intention and appreciate your ability to flow as you manifest new beginnings. On November 12, Jupiter and Pluto meet in your sign. This transit signifies a breakthrough—a personal revolution. You have more charisma and personal power at this time. Because of this, follow your inner yes and say no to anything less. 

The new moon on November 14 spotlights your social life, making it an excellent time to establish a new network or at least meet a new friend. With so many virtual gatherings and events, the world is open to you. Anyone coming into your life will play a role in your future, especially after November 13. 

With Mercury entering Scorpio on November 10, you could gain clarity about professional goals and dreams. Envision what’s possible, and then recruit others to help you in achieving your desired outcomes. 

Mars goes direct on November 13, and you can more easily move forward to finish home renovations or real estate transactions. You can also make amends with family members if you’ve faced conflicts or felt frustration. You’ve learned you can’t take care of everyone else and put yourself on the backburner. Now, you’re ready to experience more reciprocity in those relationships and deepen bonds of love as a result. 


You were born under the sign of the visionary and innovator. Because of this, you dwell in the realm of ideas. This month, your mind lets you fly to new heights of knowledge, creativity, and understanding. It’s going to be important to have a grounding practice to center your awareness in your body and connect with nature. Otherwise, your body might slow down, reminding you to pay attention. Consider any interruptions to be grounding reminders. You’re learning to bridge head and heart, mind and body. As Jupiter and Pluto conjoin on November 12, you could have a spiritual breakthrough or life-changing mystical encounter.  

On November 14, the Scorpio new moon signals a shift in your professional life. Realize the power of your intentions and take some time to do some creative visualization about what you imagine for the future of your professional life. After the 21st, helpful people could come into your life to open doors of opportunity. You feel an urge to build community at the end of the month, when you could receive the chance to lead others. 

The lunar eclipse on November 30 signifies a change in your love life. You’re ready to let go of past expectations and better understand what it means to be yourself in relationships without projections or fears in the way. If you’re single, focus on developing friendships and something romantic could blossom from those connections. If you’re in a partnership, you could discover new ways to express yourself to your partner, strengthening communication and collaboration in your relationship.


Here’s a gentle reminder as you move into this next month. You don’t have to take on all the challenges of the world or bear the burdens of your loved ones. You are not responsible for uplifting others or saving the day. Your mission this month is to stay hopeful and optimistic no matter what’s happening in the world. Imagine focusing all of your positive energy inward and being your own cheerleader. You can do it! The new moon on November 14 inspires a brighter an outpouring of positivity. Keep this in mind in the midst of turbulent world events; you can be sensitively attuned to others without owning their stress. 

Mercury moves into Scorpio on November 10, and your mind opens to a broader worldview. You’re on a quest to learn and explore ideas, making this a great time to take a class or workshop. If you are developing a new skill, you could discover ways to use it in your work. After November 21, the Sun shines in your career sector, helping you discover pathways to success. Maybe you’ve faced challenges this year. If so, you will soon be on course to lay groundwork for a new direction.  

The lunar eclipse on November 30 could lead to an unexpected change that will manifest over the next 6 months. Pay attention to any signs or messages you receive in dreams or waking life. These will indicate what changes you might expect as well as let you know you are not alone, and you are being divinely guided.

© 2020 Rachel Lang

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