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Both Mars and Mercury go retrograde this month. Find out how these planets will impact your sign and get tips for communicating in business and personal relationships.


As I started to write your horoscope, a small earthquake shook Los Angeles. I take that as a metaphor. You're moving and shaking in your life, and you're upsetting your comfort zone as a result. In an earthquake, we reach for something sturdy to hold onto for protection. Who are the people in your life whose presence makes you feel secure? Who can you lean on when you feel uncertain? Find your grounding amid change by connecting with these people, especially from October 1-16.

Mercury goes retrograde on October 13 in Scorpio, and you will better understand the importance of expressing your emotions as they arise, without suppressing them or holding back. You could need more downtime than usual. Listen to your body and honor its needs. 

The full moon in your sign on October 1 highlights partnerships, making this a theme for the month. Mars retrograde in your sign could help you identify frustrations or upsets in your relationships, especially on October 9, when it squares Pluto. Take space if you need to, and take five deep breaths before speaking angry words. 

Professionally, seek collaborators to help you fulfill your mission. You're rising to a new peak in your career and learning valuable lessons in consensus leadership.

The new moon on October 16 helps you recognize how you might limit the flow of love into your life, either by being critical or by dwelling on what you don't have rather than appreciating what you do. Stay grateful and open to surprises.


Look at the expansive horizon before you. Its landscape consists of what's grown from the intentions you've planted. You've recently been aware of the bigger picture of your life, envisioning what's ahead. Yet, it's the daily habits and routines that help make your dreams possible. At the beginning of the month, assess how you could feel more organized and in charge of your day-to-day life. Completing simple chores like clearing the papers from your desk or letting go of old files will enable you to be more productive, especially around the new moon on October 16.

Mercury stations retrograde on October 13 in Scorpio. This transit could bring up nostalgic feelings from past relationships. Forgive yourself and others for disappointments, and reframe those experiences to see the gifts in them. Forgiveness can soften rough edges and heal heartbreaks. The lure of past relationships may rekindle a sense of comfort and safety. At the same time, you're on a path leading forward to a new destination. Stay open. Speak from your heart without holding back. 

The full moon on October 1 highlights your health and wellbeing. Solicit support for reaching your health-related goals. Develop a structure for sticking with it, too. Some healthy competition from your favorite app could help.  

In business, focus more on strengthening partnerships, especially after October 22. Find allies and helpers to support you in achieving goals. Double-check all details and focus on one thing at a time. Being mindful of all tasks, you practice grounding yourself in the present moment. 


With the north node in your sign, you are goal-oriented and purposeful. Even if you don't have a clear vision for the path ahead, you know what you don't want and what isn't working for you. This month, you could face some detours or delays. It's a month to reassess your priorities. In the process, you'll clear any obstacles in your way and be ready to charge ahead. The full moon on October 1 lights your way, and you could feel more motivated in your professional life. 

Mercury goes retrograde on October 13; leading up to it, you could feel an internal pressure to accomplish tasks. Instead, try a different approach. Delegate and let go. In what ways are life's details distracting you from more important matters in your life, like emotions or unfinished business? Gear up for this retrograde cycle so you can move through it with ease.

The full moon on October 1 is a social one, and even if you can only meet virtually, gather with like-minded friends. Your mind is highly functioning, and so you might collaborate with others to complete projects, brainstorm new ideas, or inspire one another to become more involved in a cause. If you focus on what brings you joy, you might not be as overwhelmed by what's happening in the world. The last thing you want to do is feed into collective fear. So, if you can't stand it anymore, disengage from social media and go out for a walk.


Your sign's symbol is the crab, and it's a helpful metaphor as you navigate the astrological currents this month. These creatures have strong exoskeletons for protection, and their flat bodies allow them to slide under rocks or into crevices for safety. Likewise, your need for security has led you to be prepared and adaptable. You might not have control over what's happening in the outside world, but you can count on your intuition for guidance and your home to be a haven of protection. This month, trust your instincts and think of how your home can be even more of a safe shelter.

The full moon on October 1 pulls your attention toward your career and your public life. With Mars going retrograde, you might question some of your professional goals, but this is no time to give up. Aim your focus at your desired destination; know this is a testing time. Any self-doubt will dissipate with perseverance. Collaborate with others and build a team for support. You are climbing toward a new career peak, but it's a slow climb and not a quick sprint.  

Mercury goes retrograde on October 13 and sends you on a journey through your past. In addition to feeling nostalgic, you could rekindle feelings for an ex or reconnect with an old friend. Looking back can be a learning experience that helps you expand your capacity to love. This retrograde cycle encourages you to speak from your heart and express your emotions, especially in romantic relationships.  


Like the lion, your sign's symbol, you exhibit strength in times of crisis and courage despite any fear you feel. You know how to bounce back after a rough time. You've become a master at hiding insecurities. This month, though, it's safe to let your soft side show. Mercury goes retrograde on October 13, and buried emotions could surface. Talk with loved ones and allow them to surprise you with support. Trust it's safe to lead with your heart. 

Your professional life may be in flux, and you could wonder what's next for your career. It's no time to resist change. With Mars retrograde, you may doubt yourself. The new moon on October 16 inspires the faith you need to overcome fear and live with more purpose. 

On October 13, Mercury goes retrograde. Use this time to finish business and clear any distractions so you can focus on what's most important. Start with your home. What can you declutter? What needs more organization? Small changes can make a big difference. 

After October 22, you could stumble upon old photos or reminders of your past, which will inspire a more in-depth exploration of family history. Unpacking memories will lead to healing if you're willing to feel any emotions that arise. Forgiveness is part of the process. 

If romantic relationships feel strained, communicate your frustrations, concerns, and desires. If you repress your truth, you might grow resentful. Rather than dwell on the past, stay present, and appreciate what does work right now in your love life.


You have a magnetic charm this month, with Venus moving through your sign from October 4-27. This influence helps with confidence and panache. You can finalize pending deals, secure new business, and draw the right kind of attention both in business and in your personal life. So, dream for a moment. What's one of your main goals right now? Set it as an intention and see what incremental steps you can take this month. 

Mercury goes retrograde on October 13, and you could learn lessons in communicating from the heart. Don't be afraid to speak with passion, especially if you need to persuade others. It's important to proofread everything you send, even a simple email. Typos and minor errors could backfire. Pay careful attention. 

The full moon on October 1 raises questions about a financial matter, like taxes, investments, or extra expenses. Take action to remedy any situation that arises, so you're clear before Mercury retrograde. It's no time to ignore or downplay those situations. The good news is that Jupiter in Capricorn supports you. You could receive welcome news at the new moon on October 16. 

This month, you carry yourself with more grace and confidence, making this a favorable time to attract attention in your personal or professional life. If you're single, you might consider online dating or make changes to your existing profile. Though it's a good idea to move slowly into any relationship you begin. If you're in a committed relationship, consider ways to harmonize differences through communication. 


For a cardinal-sign Libra, you enjoy the thrill of starting something new. Your enthusiasm can be infectious. This year has taught you to remain steadfast and committed to what you began. The balance of the two will ensure your success in any personal or professional endeavor you've started. Stay the course. Use your gift of enthusiasm to persuade others to help and allow yourself to receive support, especially at the first of the month, when the full moon highlights cooperation and partnership. 

With Mars retrograde in your opposite sign, others could be pushing against your boundaries. If you start to feel overwhelmed, remember to say no, even if you don't have a logical reason to support your position. Be gracious with yourself, especially around October 18, when Mars challenges Jupiter. 

Financial matters could be present on your mind after October 13 when Mercury stations retrograde. You could revisit past financial decisions or have insights about how to experience more abundance in your life. Avoid associating your economic value with your self-worth. The new moon on October 16 offers you insights into why you might have linked the two in the past, and it reminds you of your inherent value. Let this be the basis of your confidence and self-esteem. 

During Libra season, we all have love on our minds. If you are single, relax, and let go of fear. It will happen in divine time. If you are partnered, the full moon on October 13 helps soften your heart and allows you to experience love to the fullest. 


If you've learned anything this year, it's how to adapt when life circumstances change. You've developed resilience, practiced mindfulness, and learned to live in the present moment. You might have even honed skills or learned to work with technology in new ways. If you have mastered these lessons, you will incrementally step toward success this month, despite any delays or false starts that arise after October 13.

The full moon on October 1 highlights your daily routine. How do your habits support you in achieving your goals? When you understand the relationship between your wellbeing and success, you realize the importance of taking time for self-care. Physical, emotional, and spiritual health enables you to do your best work. With Mars retrograde, you might not have as much motivation for exercise as usual, but make it a priority anyway. 

The Sun enters your sign on October 22, boosting your confidence to attract positive attention, especially in your love life. On October 24, you may want to solidify a commitment, either in relationships or in business. You can see clearly to establish the right parameters for any agreement, contract, or association. Do not ignore any warning signs or intuitive hits.

Friends could surprise you this month, especially around October 10. In the middle of the month, you could feel a renewed sense of connection with others and a desire to join with like-minded individuals to expand your sense of community. Trust that whoever enters your life at this time will play a role in your future. 


As a Sagittarius, optimism is one of your gifts. You know how to see the silver lining on any gray cloud or find the blessings in even the most challenging situations. With faith that things will work out, you know how to move through trying times gracefully. This month, share your wisdom, optimism, and hope with others. You can be a motivating force for groups of people or your closest loved ones. Spread this goodness, share your enthusiasm, and see the difference you can make in the world. 

At the beginning of the month, connect with new friends, or engage with different social circles. You could feel led to volunteer to help a cause or join the board of an organization. Networking opportunities could lead to lifelong friendships, especially around the full moon on October 1. At the new moon on October 16, set intentions for welcoming new friends and acquaintances into your life.  

Mercury stations retrograde on October 13, sending you on a quest into your past. Seeing old photos could help you recall forgotten memories. In the process, you will gain clarity about your history and how it shaped who you are today. We are doing this as a collective, too, and you play a part in this process. Share your knowledge with others if you feel called. 

After October 22, you may encounter tests of faith. Miracles are possible; believe in them. Make this your mantra. This message applies to your love life, too. 


Life's distractions are minor tests of faith this month. To pass them, stay centered and keep moving ahead. Focus on the goals you've set for yourself, and realize you can say no to the extras. Your efforts will lead to success and satisfaction, but you may need to rethink action steps after Mercury goes retrograde on October 13. 

The full moon on October 1 shines a spotlight on your home and family. You could finalize a real estate transaction or decide to renovate your living space. Family obligations pull your attention away from work, but this is all part of a balancing act you've been doing all year. To gracefully move through this time, be present at home and mindful of how your presence is a gift to loved ones. 

When the Sun enters Scorpio on October 22, it shines a light on your social life. You could meet with a friend or colleague who could play an important role in your life. Unexpected encounters could lead to changes in your social circle on October 31. 

Communication could be a theme in your relationships. If you are in a committed partnership, let down your guard in conflict, and be willing to see another perspective. If you are single, you could experience romantic mishaps throughout the month. Look at your love life with a sense of humor, and try not to take things too personally. We're all works in progress here to make mistakes, learn lessons, and grow.


If you have learned anything this year, it's that you can't control life. We are meant to move through the ups and downs like a raft floating down the river. We're made to flow and not to resist. Have faith that this river of life is carrying you to exactly where you need to be. The full moon on October 1 inspires this knowing, allowing you to lean in and trust. 

Mercury goes retrograde on October 13, allowing you to reflect on your career. How can you express yourself more effectively at work? You've mastered logical thinking, but this retrograde cycle calls you to speak from the heart. The Sun enters Scorpio and shines in your career sector after October 22, making the end of the month favorable for any promotional efforts or for pursuing a new job. Realize you'll be in the spotlight. So, fine-tune your messaging and proofread every correspondence at least twice before you hit send. 

Your home life may be in flux with the changes you've lived through this year. Look at your living space. What can you do to feel more at home? Mercury retrograde cycles are favorable for decluttering and purging things that trigger unpleasant memories. If you have had recent arguments or upsets, clean and clear your space to support loving relationships. 

Your conversations go deep this month, giving you the chance to express heartfelt truth that may feel uncomfortable to say. Around October 27, you can find the right words and trust others will hear you. 


As a Pisces, you have a gift for adaptability. You move through shifting currents with the grace of a dolphin. At the same time, you have a strong inner knowing, and that guiding force helps you stand rooted in your beliefs, ready to speak up or act on behalf of a cause. This month, be guided by truth, and then let it motivate your words and actions, especially after Mercury goes retrograde on October 13. Be bold and courageous when speaking from your heart. Also, lean into your intuition and trust its voice. 

The full moon on October 1 brings your attention to financial matters that you may have overlooked or ignored. If you receive a bill from out of the blue or learn of a financial opportunity, take action. Life circumstances during the days following the full moon will help you gain awareness about financial fears and limitations that may lurk in the shadow of your psyche. Let them rise to the surface for healing. You could discover a new path to abundance by reflecting on past ideas or dreams that never came to fruition.

As Venus enters your opposite sign on October 2, it shines a light on your relationships. You could become more in being partnered, especially if you are single or have been casually dating. The lure of the past may be enticing but think twice before going back into a relationship that has ended. Look toward new horizons in life and love. 

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