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September kicks off with a full moon on the first day of the month. Discover what area of life it will shine light on and learn more about how the fall equinox on September 22 will impact you. 


Your task this month is to achieve greater balance by making time to enjoy life. Do you feel caught on a gerbil wheel? Are you moving full-steam ahead toward an uncertain destination? If so, take a break and prioritize the tasks that help you feel organized, structured, and centered. In other words, be present for each task. Mars stations retrograde on September 9, slowing things down to give you a chance to redirect your focus, if necessary. 

Mars retrograde could also raise questions for you about what motivates and inspires you. Some aspects of life that once inspired passion could feel blah. You may question your goals or revisit past ones. Focus on authenticity in your work and life. Let your outer appearance reflect the inner processes going on, and don't worry if others question your motives. Embrace your rebel tendencies, too. In doing so, you may inadvertently rise into a leadership position.

Your love life becomes a focus for you this month when the Sun enters Libra on September 22. Your relationship could go through some healthy shifts, allowing you to reframe your experience of love. You can see both the positive and triggering aspects of all your relationships more clearly. In the process, you will deepen self-awareness about any patterns that keep you from experiencing big love. If you are single, this message applies to past relationships or self-love. On September 28, Mars and Venus shine in a way that offers you a fresh perspective. You have a magnetic attraction


As a Taurus, you're in tune with the earth and her rhythms, even if you don't consciously know it. When we are going through a global shift, you sense it in your body. It's visceral. That's why you need to prioritize self-care with a practice that incorporates movement, spirituality, and sensual elements, like music. Make this your focus for the month, and you will feel centered despite the uncertainty of these times. 

The full moon on September 1 shines on your social life. Accept invitations, as you are more open to meeting new friends and forming lasting connections. Conversations can inspire brilliant ideas and insights. These may lead to progress in your professional life.

You will be ready to take steps forward in life. Have faith in yourself and the process. You are in a prolific period, with fresh ideas to share and dreams to manifest. Perhaps you have been more productive this year. Look back at all you've accomplished and pat yourself on the back. You are about to reach a new career peak, which won't feel like the climb it has in the past. 

Romance is a highlight this month until the new moon on September 17, which could be auspicious for a first date or romantic connection. Mars goes retrograde on September 9, and memories of past relationships could rise into your awareness. If you are in a relationship, this could be a time of considerable growth for you as a couple. 


As a Gemini, your sense of humor is one of your greatest gifts. You're witty, clever, and good with words. So, when life feels like a roller-coaster ride, find reasons to laugh in the midst of it. Remember this humor on September 1, when the full moon introduces a tension between your personal and professional lives. 

On September 9, warrior planet Mars goes retrograde, helping you assert yourself or rethink relationship boundaries. Are you giving too much time, energy, or resources to those who don't seem to reciprocate? It could reach a critical point around September 29. The key to navigating challenges in your relationships this month is to maintain a lighthearted attitude. Communicate concerns, but see if there's a way to express yourself with humor to prevent a blow-up. We're all more easily triggered at this time. 

You could question your professional aspirations this month, making this a favorable time to revisit past goals that may not have manifested. You could find yourself looking back and reflecting on your life, especially on September 11. 

Your love life is the highlight for the end of the month when the Sun enters Libra on September 22 and shines favorably on your sign. This year, you are learning valuable lessons in self-care, and these will help you experience more balance in your relationships. As a result, you can relax more in love, opening your heart to trust. Your experience of love starts with how you care for yourself.


You can make significant progress in all areas of your life this month. Realize, though, this evolution won't be a straight line. Sometimes, progress means a spiritual shift that takes you a new direction or a detour that ends in a synchronistic meeting or event. So, if you grow frustrated, stop, reassess, and practice patience. 

Warrior planet Mars goes retrograde from September 9 to November 14, giving you a chance to reevaluate career decisions you've made this year. You can overcome self-doubt by asserting yourself, standing firm in your decisions, and accepting others' help. Collaboration is a possibility, and if you are an entrepreneur, you might need to hire help to grow your business. Emphasize communication and marketing, especially with the full moon on September 1.

Jupiter and Saturn have been going retrograde in your opposite sign, and this month, they move forward again. After September 12, you can expect relationships to feel more balanced. Commitment is a possibility for you, too. Express your feelings to your significant other on September 17, when the new moon gives you the gift of poetry. Speak from the heart, without reservation. After the equinox on September 22, ask how you can feel more secure in your home and within familial relationships. Does your home need work? Make necessary repairs, so your home feels safer and more welcoming. Examine familial patterns and see how you might make changes from within. Trusting yourself and asserting your voice are steps in the right direction. 


This month's astrology spotlights your finances, and a renewed sense of faith in the future could help you explore new career possibilities. Perhaps you are ready for a fresh start. If so, the full moon on September 1 inspires you to see an expanded vision for your life. Resist the urge to feed self-doubt, as deep down, it may be fear keeping you from making a change. After September 6, you will have the confidence to act with courage. 

Our warrior planet Mars goes retrograde on September 9, slowing things down and giving you a chance to reflect. Until November 14, you could experience shifts in passion; what once excited you might not have the same emotional charge. If you feel unmotivated or frustrated, allow yourself to pause and reassess. Delayed or canceled travel plans are another possibility. A dedicated spiritual practice that centers you in the present moment can help you restore inner peace.  

The equinox on September 22 means the balance of light and dark. At the end of the month, you might strive for balance in your relationships as well. If you and your partner are juggling logistics and schedules, make time for romance. If you are single and wish to be in a relationship, embody love. How can you become more like the partner you desire to have? By answering this question, you will discover how to be in vibrational alignment to make that match. By the end of the year, you will better understand committed love. 


You may have mixed experiences in love this month. Moments of disappointment precede waves of love and compassion. Ride these waves like you would sail across the water, gently trusting yourself to navigate rough patches with grace.

On September 1, the Pisces full moon shines a spotlight on your relationships and invites you to ask whether you feel fulfilled. Do you have unmet desires for partnership? Do you find yourself being of service to your partner only to be let down? If so, then adjust your priorities, especially if you have come to associate love with service. If you are content in love, you could have a romantic start to the month and feel closer to your partner. 

Mars, the planet of motivation, goes retrograde on September 9, and you might not feel as driven to succeed. Take the opportunity to rethink personal matters, like your relationships, home, and family. You could have a chance to review your estate plans or investments this month. If you and your partner have had financial challenges, work as a team to solve them to avoid arguments. 

On September 17, the new moon in your sign gives you a fresh perspective on yourself and how you share your gifts with the world. Take time in meditation to center and be open to new insights about how to make a greater contribution during this incredible shift. The Sun's relationship with Saturn can help you plant seeds of intention that will manifest over the next six months.


Venus, the planet of harmony, balance, and relationships, rules your sign. Venus's counterpart is Mars, the planet of passion, competition, and ambition. As Mars goes retrograde on September 9, you need to maintain healthy boundaries and honor your limits in work, relationships, and other areas of your life. Balance is your keyword this month. Otherwise, it could feel like an uphill climb. How can you achieve balance? Learn to say no, prioritize your daily activities, and listen to your guiding inner voice. By September 22, when the Sun enters your sign, you will feel a sense of accomplishment as you look back on a time of personal growth. You are reaching a new summit in life, and you could have a renewed sense of purpose as you see the view from that elevated perspective. 

Prioritize your physical wellbeing at the beginning of the month, and that attention to health will have a positive influence on your spiritual and mental wellbeing. The full moon on September 1 invites you to clear negative thoughts and unhealthy habits. In exchange, establish new routines to support your health-related goals.  

Relationships, especially friendships, will be a focal point. It is an excellent time to build a community. You have a rare gift for being able to see beyond differences and connect with others. Because of this, you could be a voice of truth and light at this critical time. You are one of the peacemakers, and your calming, uniting presence has ripple effects that extend out into the world. 


There are two chambers of the heart—one that receives and one that pumps blood out into the body. Apply this metaphor to your life and open yourself to both impulses—giving and receiving. Maybe one is more comfortable for you than the other. If you find one impulse more challenging, is there a way you can build trust? As we move into the last part of 2020, realize you're not alone. Collaborating and connecting are the keys to ensuring success. The full moon on September 1 and the new moon on September 17 both highlight this theme.  

As you adjust to school and work schedules, you likely have a clearer awareness of your goals and priorities. It's time to align your life and adjust your focus according to your vision for the future. You are on the move and beginning to see the answers to many questions you've had since January. Mars goes retrograde on September 9, giving you a chance to reassess professional decisions. If you feel stuck or unmotivated, reconnect to your passion. For inspiration, visit the art museum, immerse yourself in music, or read a good book. 

The Sun enters Libra on September 22, and you could walk the line between introversion and extroversion. As you adjust to school and work schedules, you need both a sense of community and space to decompress. Strike a balance between the two, and by the end of October, you will be ready to head into Scorpio season with renewed faith and energy. 


Your career steals the spotlight this month. This year has helped you become clear in aligning with your goals and uplevel in all areas of your life. You realize the interconnection between your well-being and your success. Perhaps, you have made strides to be more balanced as a result. Stay committed; you are on the precipice of a major milestone. This month offers glimpses into the future you're creating. 

The full moon on September 1 shines a light on family matters. For some, adjusting to a school and daycare schedule in the time of COVID may present challenges. Others of you might feel a strong need to declutter or finish home projects. By the time of the new moon on September 17, you will feel more centered and your living space will reflect this peace. 

The Sun moves into relationship-oriented Libra on September 22 at the equinox, one of the year's power points. What do you seek in your relationships? How can you feel more connected to others in a time of social distancing? These questions could be on your mind as you deepen your awareness about how to experience more satisfaction in your relationships. Mars goes retrograde after September 9, and you could reassess how you manage conflict. Do you run away? Do you check out? Do you fight back? Realize that there's always room for growth for all of us, and retrogrades give us a chance for self-improvement. The result? Healthier and happier relationships with yourself and others. 


You have made the most of this year, despite the uncertainty and loss we've all faced. Perhaps, you feel more clear about your goals and direction. Maybe you have a renewed sense of purpose. Stay focused on the destination you're aiming to reach; you could see signs of progress throughout the month. The full moon on September 1 highlights professional opportunities. We might consider this a lucky time. So, have faith if doubts creep into your mind. Stay optimistic up to the new moon on September 17.

Mars, the warrior planet, goes retrograde on September 9, and you could feel more restless. Exercise patience as a spiritual practice, especially with family members or colleagues. Mars likes to teach us lessons in boundaries, self-assertion, and competition. Any disharmony you experience might have a foundation in one of these three themes. To find balance, discover the deeper triggers behind any anger or frustration that comes up. Express your concerns, thoughts, and feelings. If you communicate through emotional triggers, you can avoid conflicts. 

The Sun enters Libra on September 22 at the equinox, a powerful point in the year. Use this influence to motivate movement forward in your career, especially if you've longed to make a career change. The doors could swing open for you to step into a new role. 

If plans change unexpectedly with dates or within relationships, go with the flow. Any romantic disappointments could guide you to breakthroughs in your love life. This is especially true on September 29. Stay open to magic and synchronicity. 


The beginning of the month offers you the chance for self-reflection. On the one hand, you are navigating the details of schedules, tasks, and to-do lists. Yet, in the back of your mind, you have an awareness of a bigger picture, and you could be asking yourself questions. Where do you want to be? What do you want to do? How can you have more peace? More freedom? These are themes that will be up for you as Uranus, the planet of visionary insights, moves retrograde. 

Travel could be a possibility at the end of the month. If you can't get away, at least try changing up your daily routine. Take a different route to work or venture to an undiscovered part of town.  

The full moon on September 1 shines a spotlight on your finances, making this a time to ask for a raise or raise your rates. If you have faced setbacks this year, see what mindset shifts you can make as you consider budget cuts or income-earning possibilities. Look into your beliefs around abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Then, release any ideas that no longer serve you in a new moon ritual on September 17.

On September 6, Venus, the relationship planet, moves into Leo and shines on your love life. This influence encourages magnetic attraction, and you could see your current partner in a more positive light. If you are single, this influence suggests it's time to work through intimacy fears and open yourself to experiencing more love in your life. 


Celebrate your Piscean qualities this month, especially your sensitivity. You have a gift for being in tune with others' emotions and energies, which allows you to be a lightworker, counselor, artist, healer, and caring friend. While at times you may wish you had thicker skin, realize you might not have full access to your creativity and intuition if you did. This month offers you the chance to experience your gifts to the fullest. You could receive a sacred calling to share them with the world, especially at the time of the full moon on September 1. 

Relationships are a focus for you this month up to September 22, when the Sun enters Libra at the autumnal equinox. How can you be autonomous and feel free without compromising intimacy and connection? Explore this theme at the end of the month. Mars goes retrograde on September 9, helping you reassess what boundaries you need to honor. Throughout the month, you will find ways to gracefully assert yourself, despite the fear of upsetting or disappointing others. You're a master at compromise, but this time, prioritize your needs and desires.  

You could revisit financial goals and reassess priorities at the end of the month, especially September 29. Now that you have greater clarity, you can revisit past decisions and make changes to your budget. If you remain optimistic, you can be open to fresh ideas and insights about how to experience more abundance.

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