November 29, 2021

December 2021 Horoscopes

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This month features a solar eclipse, the winter solstice, and Venus in retrograde. Find out how these events and more will impact your sign in December.

By Rachel Lang

Aries (March 21-April 19)
You were born under the first sign of the Zodiac—a fire sign at that—a pioneer whose courage inspires others. Are you going to let fear quell your fire? Your passion? Of course not! The solar eclipse on December 3 kicks off the month with surprises that could restore your faith in what's possible. The way to activate courage is to move through fear with heart. You have logistical questions about what to do and where to go, but you must feel your way through by trusting your instincts.   
Adventure through travel expands your mind and broadens your worldview, especially on December 19. Even if you're returning to a place you've been before, you could have a fresh perspective. Mars enters Sagittarius on December 13, motivating action and movement. Embrace spontaneity. 
Venus goes retrograde on December 20, slowing things down for the holiday season. Avoid hot-button topics at the dinner table; everyone feels sensitive when the personal planets go backward. We're more nostalgic, too. Perhaps choose sentimental gifts for loved ones, like photo albums or digitized videos. For extra points, share an experience for quality time with someone you love. 
On December 30, Jupiter enters Pisces, beginning a year-long cycle of accelerated spiritual growth. Remember, we manifest more from opening our hearts and trusting in goodness than from the mental exercises of intention-setting or affirmations. Allow the brightest planet in our solar system to shine on subconscious drives that keep you from feeling whole. Then, relax and allow love to surprise you through synchronicities, relationships, or miraculous encounters.  
Taurus (April 20-May 20)
The solstice on December 21 is the darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, and we tend to pull inward for reflection. So, your thoughts might turn to the inevitability of life's endings, especially as Venus goes retrograde on December 20. This cycle stirs nostalgia, inspiring gratitude for those you love. Can you appreciate loved ones without feeling obligated to spend every moment with them? Tend to your needs for time, space, and rest. Then, the moments spent with others will be more therapeutic.
We have transits of catharsis this month, and your sign is right in the mix. On December 24, Saturn, the planet of law and order, challenges Uranus, the planet of progressive change. Your urge for stasis gives way to the unfolding storylines of cultural and economic shifts and changing family constructs. You see it all—the microcosm and the macrocosm. You might experience this through the competing needs of family members. 
With Venus going retrograde, make time for simple pleasures—read a good book, bake pies from scratch, or buy yourself a holiday gift you love. Avoid restricting love, affection, or generosity, as like energy attracts like energy. Model goodness in your relationships, and it will ripple out as goodness in your life.
Giving versus withholding are significant themes with the eclipse on December 3, and circumstances could loosen your fear around vulnerability. If you face a financial strain, reach out for support. You're not all on your own. The same message applies to emotional stress; trust in the goodness of others. 
Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Eclipses shake things up, and there’s a solar one on December 3. Think of the dramatic way they move ocean tides. Then, consider the earth and the tectonic plates at the ocean floor. Living in California, I have an earthquake predictor app that warns seismic activity around each eclipse. What shake-ups are possible for you? This one falls in your opposite sign, Sagittarius, suggesting relationship shifts. As you unearth new information and discover truth, you have new choices. As Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better.”
In addition to relationship breakthroughs, you could also have professional ones. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters Pisces on December 30, signaling the start of a 12-month cycle of career growth and visibility. Focus will be your keyword as we head into 2022, as it would be tempting to say yes to all invitations you receive. Think long term when making commitments. Jupiter loves a big dream, and work that’s out of alignment will lead to overwhelm.
As we head into the holiday season, you could feel more sentimental, thanks to Venus going retrograde on December 20. You might be more reflective of past relationships as you seek more meaning in your connections with others today. The sun enters Capricorn on December 22, pulling you inward to explore existential questions and undergo a healing process. Love equals commitment, thanks to Saturn’s placement in Aquarius, and you’re ready for the spiritual growth that comes from standing still despite fear. Next year will open for adventure; finish this year by grounding through gratitude.
Cancer (June 21-July 22)
This month's astrology offers insights to overcome life-path confusion or perceived misdirection. We are heading into a new year with a cluster of possibilities. Spend time in reflection assessing what worked for you in 2021 and what didn't. See if you can do this exercise guilt-free, letting each experience be your teacher. 
A solar eclipse on December 3 activates your sector of health. Be mindful of how you designate your energy, what foods you eat, and how much activity you're giving your body. Though this can be a time of indulgence, enter the season with care. 
Venus, the planet of love, begins its retrograde cycle on December 20, allowing you space to question relationship dynamics and make adjustments if anything feels off. We experience significant soul growth through committed partnership, and romantic love is a catalyst for change. Yet, change starts as an inside job. How can you shower yourself with love? The concept of self-love is sometimes ethereal, hard to ground in everyday practices. Love sometimes means making hard choices like setting boundaries with family members or declining invitations if you need rest. Venus retrograde teaches us that if we don't prioritize ourselves, we attract mirror work through people and circumstances that trigger us to change.
On December 24, you reach a decision that bears influence on your future. Saturn solidifies structures, challenging Uranus, urging progress to break free from limiting beliefs. Is it possible to create new systems in your work and family life? Loosen the ego's reins and be willing to venture into the unknown.
Leo (July 23-August 22)
Get ready for a dynamic end to 2021! This month's astrology feels like the wild climax of an indie film—twists and turns, surprises, and maybe even a love story. It begins with the solar eclipse on December 3. Eclipses catalyze change. This one introduces a new beginning in the way you share art, knowledge, and wisdom. You were born for this time, and you have nothing to fear; shine brightly, you star!  
Mars enters Sagittarius on December 13 as a motivator for romance. I'm talking about heart-warming conversations, affection, and passion. Embrace spontaneity as a form of creative expression. 
Expect surprises as Saturn, the planet of commitment, challenges Uranus, the planet of change, on December 24. Freedom is a theme, but you don't have to shake up relationships or work to attain liberation. It's an inside job. The limiting circumstances in your life might be projections of cultural constructs or beliefs hidden in your subconscious mind. Start with internal improvements to see life circumstances shift. 
Venus goes retrograde on December 20 in time for a nostalgic holiday season. Practice radical acceptance for people and circumstances that have changed over time. Each person who comes into our lives brings an opportunity to grow and learn. This year, Saturn in your opposite sign has shown you the value in commitment, and it's allowed you to be more discerning in relationships. Venus retrograde reminds us we must generate love if we don't feel it; we need to create beauty when we don't see it. Pleasure can lead us toward the good if we're brave enough to follow it.
Virgo (August 23-September 22)
A solar eclipse on December 3 shakes things up in your relationships. The sun and moon meet up in Sagittarius, which means developments in your home, family, and career. Take a deep breath and give your yes to the universe. You have manifested forthcoming changes, and you're more than prepared to meet challenges and opportunities with grace. 
Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters stable Capricorn on December 13, helping you take practical steps forward to accomplish your goals. Meanwhile, Neptune goes direct this month after its retrograde journey, and you can be more objective about whether current plans and projects are worth the investment. It's as if your intuition is back online. 
The full moon on December 19 highlights your public and professional affairs, leading you to break free from limits and up-level your work through focused creativity. Don't let the perfect stand in the way of the good, or you'll feel stuck, especially on December 24, when Saturn's pull toward commitment challenges Uranus's urge for freedom. Imagine liberating yourself from worry.
Venus goes retrograde on December 20, introducing nostalgia as the holidays draw near. You'll likely feel waves of emotion as you reflect on the past. Venus shines in Capricorn, helping you feel more secure in love. When you feel triggered because of fear, find safety and comfort in the truth so beautifully articulated in A Course in Miracles—"The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite." (A Course in Miracles, p. 83. Foundation for Inner Peace. Kindle Edition.)
Libra (September 22-October 22)
Venus, your ruling planet, relates to desire, pleasure, and our physical senses. On one end of the spectrum, Venus themes include relationships, harmony, and balance. It's the impulse to mediate conflict through diplomacy and dialogue. On the other end of the spectrum, Venus shows where desire leads to indulgence. As Venus transits through hard-working, practical Capricorn and goes retrograde on December 20, you must make an effort to incorporate enjoyable activities into your schedule. Carve out time for rest, play, and rejuvenation, instead of filling your time with activities that feel like chores. 
On December 3, the solar eclipse unearths words and ideas from deep inside. It's time to share your truth with the world. For some, this means teaching a course or developing more of a social media presence. Or you might decide to become more involved in your community. You have important things to say! Don't hold back for fear of what others might think. You're both intelligent and charming—a winning combination! 
On December 24, Saturn challenges Uranus. Think about the ongoing pressures you've faced this year. In what ways have you challenged work or family systems and grown? How did you overcome people-pleasing and stand in your truth? These are the kinds of tests you'll experience as the year draws to a close. You have started a new chapter and are evolving through relationships. Remember this after December 30, you are independent, brave, and strong, but you don't have to do it all alone. Draw upon others for support to move through the season with grace. 
Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
As 2021 draws to a close, reflect on how you've stretched yourself beyond your comfort zone. Good job! Reflect on what intentions you have yet to manifest before Jupiter enters Pisces on December 30. Your astrology for next year emphasizes bringing ideas to fruition. So, dream big, but act with practical precision, staying focused on your goals.  
On December 3, a solar eclipse encourages you to shake the money tree, allowing you to see if lack-based beliefs predominate your mindset. Strategize how to feel more in charge of your long-term wealth. You're a powerhouse when it comes to creating opportunities. You're downright magical! Own it and transmute fear into action.
Family and relationship conflicts could weigh down on December 24 when stern Saturn challenges Uranus, the planet of progress. Loosen the threads of the fabric of your hopes and expectations. Create space for what is, and you'll witness the miracles unfolding in your family—ones you couldn't see before this year. You spoke your desire into the heart of the divine, and your prayers are being answered. 
Venus, the planet of relationships, goes retrograde on December 20, ushering in a time of reflection regarding people, investments, and possessions. Focus on building community in your city or town, and build bridges with those you've considered adversaries. 
Jupiter shines on your love life for 12 months, starting December 30. Be honest with yourself and your partner, expressing your feelings without holding back. There's a new beginning for you in love, and you'll discover more about what that means throughout 2022. 
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
We start the month with a powerful solar eclipse in your sign on December 3, signaling a time of rapid and necessary change. Look for the gifts and opportunities in every situation unfolding in your life. Each upset is a call to adventure; each blessing is a pathway to expansion. 
Jupiter, your ruling planet, moves into Pisces on December 30, marking a change in attitude overall, especially regarding your personal life. Jupiter's light brings opportunities, and for you, these might appear in the form of real estate transactions or investments. For the next 12 months, you will experience more interest in home-related activities, like decorating or building an addition to your home. It is also a favorable time to enjoy time with family or rekindle fractured bonds. 
You have a month of social activity leading up to this transit; it's a busy time! Think of yourself as a hummingbird moving from one flower to the next, stopping only to refuel and recharge. Realize you're not obligated to say yes to every invitation; you get to be choosy at this crucial time. 
Mars enters your sign on December 13, offering extra energy until the end of the month. By the solstice on December 22, you'll know how to spend that energy in the way it will best yield a return. Because your generosity is at a high point, keep the rule of three in mind. That which you send forth into the world comes back to you three times. Give with heart-centered awareness, and allow love to return threefold.  
Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
The root of the word Venus—wenos—means desire, wishes, wants, and cravings. The astrological significance of Venus runs along those same lines. We associate it with love, pleasure, and possessions. This month, Venus is in your sign and goes retrograde on December 20, indicating a heightened pursuit of pleasure and desire for love. Here's a challenge for you. Can you live in the discomfort of want this season? Hold space in your heart for both gratitude and dissatisfaction? Can you accept that some things never manifest in physical form? If so, you will breeze through the retrograde cycle and understand the significance of living in the present moment. Don't worry! You'll master any lessons in detachment to open space for miracles on the other side.
With Venus in your sign, you have extra confidence, making this a time for self-promotion. With this influence, your personal life might be your top priority, as Venus plucks at our heartstrings and rekindles romance. Date with relaxed ease. We learn our soul lessons during retrograde cycles, often through our partnerships. With Neptune going direct, you have more clarity about your patterns in love and how to move beyond the ones that no longer serve you.
On December 22, the sun enters your sign. You could feel caught in a crossfire between the cozy past and the excitement of the future. Be willing to stand still in reflection before making a move. A new door of opportunity could appear from out of nowhere; you don't have to know where you're going to be safe. 
Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
Your schedule fills with social activities, travel, and the busyness of the season. So, make time for reflection and rest. After all, you've felt the pressures of choice, possibility, and change during 2021. You've recognized there are no perfect paths. How do you make decisions about an uncertain future? Follow your joy to find meaning and purpose, notwithstanding the unknowns. 
Professionally, you feel more motivated. Any sudden shifts or unexpected job changes will offer pathways to new beginnings. Stay focused on your goals and be aligned to the life you aspire to live. 
On December 3, a solar eclipse spotlights the potential for new beginnings in your friendships, suggesting there's an opportunity to expand your community. Eclipses can shake things up, and this one falls in your sector of leadership, urging you to become more involved and make a difference. Start by assessing your values and priorities. Could you add one more donation to your monthly budget? Could you volunteer an hour of your time each month?
Relationships offer keys to self-discovery this month, especially around the time of the solstice on December 22. The holiday season amplifies your generous spirit. Studies show that giving is good for increasing happiness, and with Venus going retrograde on December 20, we could all use a few more good vibes. So, in giving, you receive. On December 30, Jupiter enters its sign, Pisces, inspiring gratitude and hope. It's a time to start to see the manifestation of the intentions you've sprouted this year. 
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
Jupiter enters your sign for a 12-month cycle on December 30. Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, and abundance. Jupiter says, "Go big or go home!" You will start to see the manifestation of some of your dreams, but it's important to stay focused. Take time to outline your goals and priorities. State your intentions with simple words and big feelings!
On December 3, the solar eclipse closes a chapter of rapid change in your career and family life. You have learned to separate the wheat from the chaff, but you could have some shake-ups as you adjust. You're ready to focus on what imbues a sense of purpose rather than thinking only of the bottom line. Adjust your mindset from fear to faith after December 22. 
Rekindle friendships with people from your past and reach beyond your social network to connect with new friends. One suggestion: become involved in an organization. Be careful, though, not to make too many commitments or get steeped in organizational politics. Venus goes retrograde on December 20, and its placement could lead to a feeling of entanglement in a social structure that's bigger than you. 
As Venus goes retrograde, we are all going through a relationship reevaluation, assessing our dynamics. True love starts with a true love of self, which means accepting your past and the choices you've made without spiritually bypassing any pain you've experienced. Have you ever considered speaking your love language to yourself? The full moon on December 19. invites you to come home to yourself.