To-Do List Watercolor Detail

August 26, 2022

To-Do List

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Water, Color, Words & Action by Carianne Mack Garside


Carianne Mack Garside paints outdoors, immersed in wilderness. Her work is informed by the fragile changing structures that coexist in the natural world. In her expansive open-air studio, meaning and metaphor co-join as she captures animated moments with water, paint, and brush.

Her medium is watercolor. Translucent and spontaneous, watercolor carries with it a sense of innate freedom. In describing the medium, Garside states “Watercolor has a mind of its own, creating incidents as it pools and dries that are more graceful than I could consciously draw. It’s a unique force, affected by wind, gravity, and temperature.”

Garside’s large-scale watercolor paintings become spaces — open fields of sensory communication.

“No matter what chaos and challenges may be going on in my home, community, and country, the trees are always there and despite all the noise, there’s always a gorgeous little nugget of earth to be found.” In these tumultuous times we are living in, we often find respite in being with art. By engaging our senses and feeding inspiration, art almost always opens new perspectives allowing solutions and ideas to emerge.

Right now, we need inspired action. TO-DO LIST invites viewers to interact with beautiful waterborne spaces as a place to brainstorm individual solutions to the challenges we collectively face. How will you engage with a solution? What commitment will you make? Within these painted spaces observers can reflect on their relationship to the conditions of the world around us.

Guests are invited to participate by adding a personal commitment directly onto one of the fluid environments.

Kathleen Laucius 
Senior Director of Creative & Art Curator