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Roshi Joan Halifax

Strong Back, Soft Front

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On this episode of Omega's Dropping In podcast, Roshi Joan Halifax offers a 14-minute meditation on her core teaching: strong back, soft front. 

By Roshi Joan Halifax

Today, Roshi Joan Halifax offers a stirring 26-minute lecture on being a "war baby," early lessons in unconditional love, and what it really means to be of service, all from Omega's 2013 Women and Power Retreat. Later, she leads a 14-minute mindfulness practice (starting at 27:38) and shares her core teaching: cultivating a strong back, soft front.

This episode is part of Season 2 of Omega's award-winning podcast, Dropping In. This season, we're bringing you teachings from our treasure trove of audio archives.

Season 2 is curated by Omega's digital media director Cali Alpert. Join her for new episodes of Dropping In to explore the many ways to awaken the best in the human spirit.

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