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Reiki is a therapy that focuses on healing energy, specifically to help reduce stress and promote wellness. During a session, a Reiki therapist works to channel energy into the patient by means of touch, helping to activate the natural healing process in both the body and the mind.


Find out more about this practice and then explore Reiki programs at Omega.

  • What Is Reiki?

    What does the word Reiki mean and how can this healing energy help you? William Lee Rand—who has done extensive research on Reiki and taught Reiki classes for more than 30 years—explains.
  • Take A Magical Approach

    Magical Awakening energy healing is not about fixing anyone. It's about listening intuitively to the energy itself and playfully engaging with it, says creator Brett Bevell.
  • Shifting Energy

    Modern day shaman Llyn Cedar Roberts, cofounder of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide, explains how you can shift energy to promote healing for individuals and communities.

Reiki Programs at Omega