September 24-26
Awakening Your Inner Healer
Matt Kahn

October 1-3
Making Peace With Loss
Terri Daniel, Donna Holland Barnes, and Heather Stang

August 13-15
Mary Magdalene Revealed
Meggan Watterson

Live Online Training
Starts August 9
Become a Qigong Healer with Robert Peng

Self-Paced Online Course
Financial Well-Being
Manisha Thakor

Live Online Training
Starts June 11
Ecological Literacy Immersion Program

Online Course

Wild Abandon in Sketching & Watercolor

  • Jun 15–Jun 15 2021
Online Course

Narrative Collage: Telling a Story Piece by Piece

  • Jun 22–Jun 22 2021
Online Course

Abstract Collage

  • Jun 29–Jun 29 2021

6-Minute Exercise to Cope With Tragedy

05:56 minute watch

The Practice of Artistic Creation

04:49 minute watch

Breaking Race & Gender Barriers in Plumbing

TEACHER Harriet Fink Harriet Finck is a full-time artist, an adjunct professor of art, and an art center instructor. After graduating from Harv...
TEACHER Sebene Selassie Author of the best-selling book You Belong: A Call for Connection and a popular teacher on the Ten Percent Happier meditat...