Workshop & Events


Messages from Spirit & Postcards from Heaven

  • Oct 27 - Oct 29 2017
  • Rhinebeck, NY

Inside Resources for an Outside World

  • Oct 20 - Oct 22 2017
  • Rhinebeck, NY

Mindfulness Tools

  • Oct 22 - Oct 27 2017
  • Rhinebeck, NY

Online Learning

Closed for Registration

Being Fearless Live Online

  • Available until Dec 14 2017

An Online Weekend Retreat With Pema Chodron

  • Available until Nov 16 2017

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

  • Available until Nov 25 2017



Path to the Courageous Heart

00:01:52 minute watch

Resilience & the Yoga of Recovery


Cleansing the World, One Juice at a Time

00:01:52 minute watch


TEACHER John Holland John Holland, author of the best-selling The Spirit Whisperer, is one of the top psychic mediums and spiritual teachers in...
TEACHER Caroline Myss Caroline Myss is an international workshop leader, lecturer, and the author of several best-selling books. She is a though...

Finding My Voice

00:03:10 minute watch

Redefining Boldness

00:04:39 minute watch

Empowerment & Expression

00:02:42 minute watch

Choose Truth Over Comfort

00:03:20 minute watch

The Roles Men Play

00:04:16 minute watch

Listening to the Whole Self

00:02:47 minute watch

Exercise for Connecting

00:05:34 minute watch

Shattering Myths & Stereotypes

00:03:52 minute watch

The Boldest Revolutionaries

00:02:11 minute watch
TEACHER Susan Agrios Susan Agrios is founder, president, and chief executive officer of Training by Agrios. She works with schools, corporations,...
TEACHER Nadia Al-Sakkaf Nadia Al-Sakkaf is the first women to be appointed as Minister of Information in Yemen.  She is the first Arab to receive...
TEACHER Laurie Lico Albanese Laurie Lico Albanese is a journalist and award-winning novelist and poet. Her powerful memoir workshops begin with the...
TEACHER Pilar Alessandra Pilar Alessandra, author of The Coffee Break Screenwriter, is director of the writing program On the Page®. After working ...
TEACHER Eben Alexander Eben Alexander, MD, was an academic neurosurgeon for over 25 years. He authored New York Times bestseller Proof of Heaven ...
TEACHER Basia Alexander Basia Alexander is coauthor of Tree Whispering and cofounder of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance. She invents new ...
TEACHER Teo Alfero Teo Alfero is an associate Tensegrity® instructor and founder and director of Wolf Connection Conservancy. Born and raised...
TEACHER Marc Allen Marc Allen, author of The Magical Path, cofounded New World Library in 1977 and has guided the company, as president and...
TEACHER Carol Allen Vedic astrologer Carol Allen’s methods are a unique marriage of East and West, combining her training in Vedic astrology w...
TEACHER Karen Allen Karen Allen is an actress known for her signature role as Marion Ravenwood, the feisty, hard-drinking ex-love of Indiana...