Workshop & Events



  • Oct 15 - Oct 22 2017
  • Rhinebeck, NY

Radical Remission

  • Oct 06 - Oct 08 2017
  • Rhinebeck, NY

Become a Qigong Healer

  • Oct 15 - Oct 29 2017
  • Rhinebeck, NY

Online Learning


Being Fearless Live Online

  • Oct 13 2017

An Online Weekend Retreat With Pema Chodron

  • Available until Sep 17 2017

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

  • Available until Aug 27 2017



The Nourishment of Mindfulness


Joy & Stability


Reconnect With Yin Yoga


TEACHER Roxanne Myers Nikki Myers, MBA, E-RYT 500, is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, somatic experiencing practitioner, and certified addiction...
TEACHER Alberto Villoldo Medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo, PhD, has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and Andes for more ...

Engaged Spiritual Practice

00:03:48 minute watch

Conflict Resolution & Mindfulness for Teens

00:03:37 minute watch

Young Feminists in Action

00:02:58 minute watch

Let Your Light Shine

00:02:39 minute watch

Our Unique & Collective Power

00:00:51 minute watch

Empowered Youth & Sustainable Leadership

00:01:29 minute watch

A New Generation & World View

00:03:08 minute watch

Calling All Grand Mothers

00:01:47 minute watch

Use Your Voice

00:05:32 minute watch
TEACHER Gabrielle Bernstein Gabrielle Bernstein uses the power of the web and media to inspire people around the world to find peace through meditation...
TEACHER Kevin Berry Kevin Berry, MD, the vice president for Military Medical Research at Samueli Institute, has served 30 years with the Navy,...
TEACHER Michele Bertran Michele Bertran, MS, JD, is the former director of the Omega Women's Leadership Center. Before joining the Omega staff, sh...
TEACHER Anne Berube Anne Berube, PhD, author of Be Feel Think Do: A Memoir, is a modern-day shaman, coach, and teacher who has made it her lif...
TEACHER Robin Berzin Robin Berzin, MD, is the founder and chief executive officer of Parsley Health, and cofounder of the physician...
TEACHER Brett Bevell Reiki master Brett Bevell is author of several books, including The Wizard’s Guide to Energy Healing, The Reiki Magic Guid...
TEACHER Ketan Bhagat Ketan Bhagat is a senior IT manager in the investment banking industry. He was introduced to the Art of Living programs in...
TEACHER Nityda Bhakti Nityda Bhakti, a vinyasa and restorative yoga teacher and licensed psychotherapist, founded The Yoga Wellness Space to make...
TEACHER Shyamji Bhatnagar Shyamji Bhatnagar is founder of the Chakra Institute in New York City. He began studies in the rare oral tradition of nada...
TEACHER Carl Big Heart Carl Big Heart’s work and visions have been blessed and approved by elders from the Abenaki, Muskogee Creek, and Iroquois ...